Try New Things And Tailer Them To What Works For You!

Peace! You are each unique energy forces. It may seem like you are like everyone else. You are not completely like anyone else. You are you! So, when you study something, try the techniques you learn but then tailer them to you. There is a saying that the mind that created the issue is not the same mind that will solve the issue. So, start with awareness of what you want to solve or change and open to what needs to be done to solve it. People will share what works for them but then you need to adjust to what works for you, after you try a different way first. Be willing to shift patterns. Each of you have your own challenges. Spend time clearing yourself so you can be open and start from a fresh perspective. Gather those around you who want you to succeed and not those focused on your failure. Pay attention to what motivates people. Realize that your true answers will not come through when you are in fear. Be willing to break the pattens that are not working for you.

The Light Command