November 2023

Changing Patterns!

Patterns are changing. Your patterns of energy are changing. Your ways of being on the earth are changing. Your connections to people, energies and the planet are changing. Allow yourself to form these new connections. Allow these changes to occur. Pay attention to where you are drawn. Pay attention to what is taking place internally and externally. We are not asking you to focus on the violence or the destruction of life and cities. The violence and destruction are symptoms and distractions. Be where you need to be, when you need to be there. Open to your part in what needs to transpire. Open to where your focus needs to be. Be who and what you are instead of what you think other people want you to be. Then, do what you need to do and be what you need to be!

The Light Command

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New Phase and Need For Conscious Awareness of Everything!

You are each in a new phase of life on your planet. Each must make their own choices about who they will be and what they will do. Be vigilant in your choices. Be willing to make different choices. You can always make a different choice. Stop allowing fallible people to make decisions for you and stop allowing them to control you. Tune into who and what you belong to and with and your true reason for being who and what you are right now! Pay attention to the work you are here to do, what you are here to experience and what is meant to be done through you! Draw to you only who and what belongs to you and with you. Find ways to do your true work. Raise your conscious awareness. Bringing conscious awareness to everything will help you out with what is now to be.

The Light Command

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Choices and Decisions!

Each of you have choices. Everything you do, think, act upon are all choices. Everything you are and believe come from your choices. Sometimes the choices are easy and sometimes they are difficult. Each moment affords you the ability to confirm what you choose or to make a different choice. Love and hatred are choices. Kindness and compassion or judgment and derision are all choices. Who you choose to love is a choice. What you do with your time in your current life are choices. Think about who and what you want to be. Assess what choices you need to make to be that or what you are meant to be. Open to the guidance for your decisions. The guidance will help you know how to be with the guidance and decisions. Your choices and decisions create ripple effects. Every decision you make holds some impact. We leave choices and decisions up to each of you. The collective choices and decisions are impact each of you. The collective choices and decisions hold greater impact because of the collective energy. Each of you individually is powerful. One person can change the trajectory of an outcome. Think about that and choose wisely.

The Light

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Process To Create Authentically!

Today, we have a process for you. Release all of your attachments. Release what isn’t yours and what doesn’t belong to you or with you. Then, send what isn’t yours to where it belongs. Next, retrieve what is yours and what belongs to you and with you! Recharge your energy and your core energy! Don’t recharge yourself by taking from anyone or anything else. Learn to recharge yourself from within yourself. Create and manifest only what is yours to create and manifest. This process will simplify your lives and what you have been carrying. This is not a process that assigns what you should want and have. This process will allow you to create and manifest authentically. That is the goal. Many life forms collect without assessing if what they are collecting belongs with them. Allow yourself to release what isn’t yours and only replace it with what is yours. Nourish yourself and your physical forms you reside in with what they need. You will notice great changes in your lives.

The Light Command

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How Can We Help With Transitions and Transformations!

When I channeled this, Israel had just been attacked by Hamas and the Russians were continuing the attacks on Ukraine. The question was: how do we help?

Dear Ones,

We feel for what is transpiring on your planet. Those of hate will not change. You can’t negotiate with those who want to harm others. The best you can do is contain violent humans. Those who want a different path must choose to be what they desire to be. Pay attention to the motivation someone is working from. Stay in your power. The physical vessels you reside in are only shells. Your souls continue on and will continue to exist. Those who are captured, harmed or killed by those of violence have agreed to something in the experience that doesn’t seem apparent at the present moment. It could be to help the souls around them or to teach some lesson. It could be the way a soul contracted to leave this planet. Whatever transpires needs to be looked at on a soul to soul level. It is vital that you learn to only show up where you need to be and when you need to be there. Pull the ego out of the decisions. No matter what transpires around you, explore your choices. Stay in your power. Breathe and connect with your guidance. It can be difficult to do this but it will help you navigate the situation. Connect to higher vibrational energy for guidance. Many physical forms are leaving their current lives to help with the transitions and transformations you are all experiencing. Those of hate and violence are accelerating the end of humanity and don’t realize it is also the end of their existences on this planet as well. New life forms will enter in to take the place of the dominant species on this planet. They will make their own mistakes. Not all humans will leave but most humans are on their way out. For those willing, ask how you can help. Open to how you can help what needs to be. Proceed from there.

The Light Command

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Choose What You Want To Create And Manifest Consciously!

Peace is something you must learn to cultivate, if you desire peace, it must come from within you from a place of openness and receptivity. Happiness, kindness and love always exist but you must constantly choose them. You can also choose a life of abundance over fear and suffering. We are not saying go out and buy large amounts of belongings to be abundant. We are saying choose the energy of abundance and prosperity, if that is what you want to create. You can choose whatever you desire. Create your life from the energy you desire. You are all powerful creators. Most of you create through a veil of suffering and fear so you create fear and lack. You need to create differently to manifest something different. Ask what you are meant to have and create. Then, tune to the energy of what you are meant to have and create and open to it. Get comfortable with the energy you are meant to have and create. Your life will change.

The Light Commander

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For Those Of You Who Know There Is Something More, It Is Time To Be Reconfigured!

Those of you who are drawn to something more than day to day life, this is a call to change into what you are meant to be. If you feel there is something more, I am communicating this message to you. Allow whoever and whatever is in charge of you to reconfigure you into what you need to be to do your real work. Open yourselves for this transformation. It is hard to watch violence and not step in. Life forms, beings and energies these spirits need to help them are with them. It is vital that you show up where you need to be, when you need to be there. Allow yourselves to be vessels for good things and miracles to manifest through! By keeping those thoughts, you set the stage to only do high vibrational work. It is time to link with the higher reals you belong to.

The Light Keeper

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You Can Always Help In Some Way!

Peace! Well wishes to you all! Acceleration of change is taking place. Your land masses and planet will alter and reconfigure. Life on your planet will alter and change. Spirits will come and go, as they need to. Open to where your energy and focus need to be. Often, there are people who deflect your energy and attention to their causes. Step back. Clear yourself and see where you need to focus your energy and attention. Find time to quiet your mind, relax and be open. See what comes through to you. Anger and fear can often get in the way but you need to move beyond them. Focus on letting your answers come to you and through you. You need to let go of your controls and open to the flow. Wherever you are, you can help in some way.

The Light Command

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Variety Of Views and Interests Make Life Interesting!

You can disagree with someone’s viewpoint without vilifying them or wanting to harm them. You don’t need to ban books. If you don’t like the content of a book, you don’t need to read it. You don’t need to stop other people who are interested in the book from reading it. You each get to learn and study information you are interested in. It is also good to be open to various thoughts and ideas so you can find what resonates with you. Holding a variety of ideas, thoughts, beliefs and interests makes physical existence interesting. Dogmatic ways only come from fear and a need to suppress and control anyone different from you. Squelching energy flow only leads to problems. Help support each person being who and what they are. You each have your own journey and you will meet those who belong with you along the way. Think about what you want to do to contribute to the matrix you are part of. Work towards how you can help in some way. What are the tenants that guide you? Start from that place.

The Light Command

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Shift To High Vibrational Energy So We Can Work With You!

Peace be with you! Humans are escalating danger that will impact many worlds and creations. The propensity for violence is rising, all in the name of keeping control and power. We need to have ways to come in and assist but the lower vibrational beings are creating blocks from us helping. We need those of you willing to step out of fear to bring love, kindness and compassion through you. Love is a higher vibrational energy and gives us ways to work through you and with you. Those committed to fear are not avenues we can work with. Fear will not register us. To work with us, you must detach from the fear. You can’t keep repeating the same patterns and shift what is taking place. Your need to release the hold that fear has on you. It allows us to help you. Stay in your power. Those of Fear can only harm those who relinquish power over to them. We realize that weapons can harm your physical forms but we also know you can focus on surrounding yourself in shields of high vibrational energy. Reclaim your power and open to your guidance. Choose to say no to fear, violence and the bullies.

The Light Command

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