October 2023

Define What You Truly Value And What Adds Value To Your Life!

Peace! This is a time of transition. You are not light or dark. You are part of the all. Your actions and beliefs color how you present yourselves to all. Your constructs form your sense of reality but they are only constructs. Everything stems from the choices you each make. Good, bad and indifferent are from your choices and constructs or what you have adopted from others. You can’t always be charged and on high alert. Work with energy instead of trying to force and control it. You are part of the whole. Your thriving doesn’t depend on anyone or anything having less than you. You don’t want and desire the same things as others. You each have your own definitions of success and thriving. You don’t need to accumulate possessions to be abundant and prosperous. Redefine your perceptions. Create your own joy and happiness. Your focus and intensions are powerful and valuable. This is a time to evaluate your values and your truth. See what feeds your soul and your energy and look to that. Let go of what you don’t value.

The Light Messenger

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Remember Who And What You Truly Are And Your True Purpose!

Peace! The walls between different worlds and realms thin and will help souls move to where they belong. The egos make you believe you are separate and in control. Centuries of incarnations cause souls to forget the truth of who and what they are. Allow your souls to remember the truth of who and what you are. Remember why you are where you are at this very moment. Let go of the noise and fears. Your physical shells have served their usefulness and they are not you but only a way to have you in your current world. This is not where you shall remain. You are helping with this world’s experiments. Allow yourself to awaken and remember what you are here to be and do. Let go of your ego attachments. Your lives are altering now. Don’t fight this shift.

The Light Commander

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Open to What You Truly Are!

Open up to what you truly are. Don’t identify with what you perceive yourself to be. Instead be who and what you truly are. As you shed the false façade, you can return to what you truly are. From this authentic place, you are able to do your true work. The constructs you have been working with will no longer work. It is a time of new beginnings. You must release the past to open yourself to what is next. The gifts, talents, abilities and skills you have without force or manipulation will lead you to your destiny and purpose. Stop trying to be what others want you to be and instead be what you truly are. Being what you truly are will attract to you what belongs with you. When you create false parameters, it is very difficult to create authentically. Be open instead. You near a time of great change.

The Light Creator

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Flow Of True Abundance!

Stop stock piling things. Use what you have and only replace what you need right now. It is time to clear yourself of the extras. This is not about deprivation. It is about lightening the load. Travel lightly through this world and recognize you have what you truly need. Abundance is not about collecting and hoarding things. It is about connection to the all and knowing there is plenty for all to thrive. Know you will have what you need, when you need it. Abundance and prosperity is knowing you are always well provided for and cared for. Your society has equated abundance and prosperity with having more things than someone else. People are stuck in deprivation and suffering with the promise of something better in the afterlife. We would rather that you come from love and open to the flow of the all. Let go of your attachments and fears. Open to the flow of abundance and prosperity and create from that place. Know you are loved beyond all measure!

The Light Captain

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You Are Not Separate and You are Rarely in Control!

This is a time of transition and transformation. You feel the angst and it translates into feeling unsettled. To add to this, those of ego are fighting to hold onto power. They don’t care what they topple, as long as they maintain control. Many seek to stay in control at all costs and it isn’t working. You must be willing to let go of control and be open. You are not releasing control to just anyone. Turn control over to whoever or whatever you are meant to turn control over to and we are not talking about humans. Allow the higher realms to guide you and help you in your adjustments. This world was designed for you to experiment with free will, choices and a sense of separation. You have never really been separated. The sense of separation isn’t working. You each need to feel connected and be open to the flow of power and energy. Nothing needs to be coveted. There is plenty for all. Let go of deprivation and open up to prosperity and abundance. Open yourself to all that exists for you. Let yourself be what you truly are.

The Light Maker

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Focus Where Your Energy Needs To Be Focused!

Peace! Allow whoever and whatever belongs with you to join you. Enter into awareness of your new beginnings. There are places you will be drawn to and place you will feel blocked from going to. It might not make sense to you but pay attention to what is taking place. There is a lot of attention placed where you have no control over the outcomes. Awareness may be valuable but constant attention on what you hold no control over is not of value. You each have various tasks and places where you will need to focus. That will be a higher priority for each of you. Focus on what isn’t yours and where you have no control only adds to the issues. Think about what your purpose is. How can you help with your purpose? What can you do to help something be better? Those are better uses of your time and energy.

The Light Teacher

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It Is Time To Release The Old And Have New Beginnings!

Each of you will receive guidance and information to prepare you for whatever your missions will be. This current stage has ended. You need to be cleared of what you have accumulated and be open to new beginnings. Your guides and teachers will show up, as you strip away your pasts. You each will receive what you require. Old friends will leave and new friends will come into your lives. Open to what you need now, as you let go of what you no longer require. Your power and energy do not require things. Feed your bodies what they need, instead of consuming blindly. Stop buying the newest and shiniest things. People who sell things are focused on getting you to buy what they are selling. Make sure it is right for you. Look at where your resources have been going and decide where they truly belong. Awareness is important. Look at your resources as precious gifts and us them wisely. You can still be abundant and prosperous in this way of creating and working. This is about intention and awareness and not just repeating patterns of wants and needs that no longer serve you.

The Light Keeper

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The Forces Gathering Around You and Working with Energy!

Forces are gathering around each of you. You will each be affected, as you need to be affected. You each can be exposed to energy and take away different experiences and interpretations. Open yourself to receive the energy and power meant to flow through you and work with you. Work with the energy and power instead of trying to control and manipulate it. Allow wisdom and knowledge to connect and share with you. Enter into the flow of the energy your desire. All is about collaboration in the creation and manifestation process. You will find this much more interesting than manipulation and force. Be one with the flow!

The Light Keeper

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Open Yourself Up!

Let go of your preconceived notions. Open yourself up to what is yours and belongs with you. Imagine yourself with a blank canvass and new beginnings. All you have accrued is on loan to you. Release your attachments. Allow yourself to be free floating. Release your fears. Breathe and be. Release labels and be with energy in its pure form. Allow things to come and go without the need to control anything. You will find something will show up just as it needs to. New things and events will form. You will find what you resonate with and new energy will take shape and form around you. You have no need to force or control this process. Work with energy without labeling it. Let it be what it is. If it desires a label, it will let you know.

The Light Keeper

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Find a Quiet Place and Quiet Time!

Find some quiet time and a quiet place. Sit in silence for some time. Imagine yourself in some place. Open to what comes in to join you. Ask whoever or whatever shows up whatever questions you have for them. Listen to what they say or share. Open the door for them to work with you and join you, if it feels right to do so. You are safe in this place. This is a time to strip away everything and just be. You might recognize who comes through or you might not. You can ask them anything. You can ask them about the work you do together and your purpose together. Whoever or whatever shows up will serve some purpose in your life or to you. This quiet time is a time for you to reset and regroup. It is a time to return to your authenticity. Quiet time will recharge you in many ways.

The Light Keeper

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