December 2023

Observe What Is Around You And Pay Attention!

Peace! Observe those around you. Who is willing to say anything to get their way? Who is willing to destroy everything to hold power? Who lies to convince others of what they are trying to get them to believe? When someone is lying, what do you sense? Those who lie tend to convince others to not believe anyone else but them. Liars tend to tell you to not believe sources that verify information. The masses tend to fall for this until it is too late. They think authoritarian leaders care about them and will take care of them. Authoritarians live in fear and need to destroy anyone or anything that would challenge them. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. They will destroy followers as quickly as those who see them for who and what they are. The masses always have the power to get out of the cycle. To break the cycle, you must reclaim your power and you must be willing to seek verifiable truth and verifiable information. The direction mankind is heading towards will lead to the destruction of mankind. Even authoritarians are not immune to death. Without clean air, clean water and clean land, you can’t sustain life as you know it. You are all stewards of some aspect of life and existence. It is time you take care of your charges and your duties.

The Light Commander

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Embrace Your Journeys And What You Are!

Peace beloveds! Your world may implode but you are each unique beings and bits of light that will endure. Whatever you are, embrace your journeys. Whatever journey you embark on you need to follow it. Make your choices but don’t decide for others. Each must make their own decisions. When people show you who and what they are, believe them. Stop pretending they are what you want them to be. Step back and take a beat before you make your choices and decisions. Assess what is right for you. You are responsible for what you are creating. You are responsible for your choices. Blaming others for what you do will not work. What you do will come back on you. It is important that you choose wisely for yourselves. Many choices can run their courses and you can make different choices. If something isn’t working for you, make a new choice. Own your power. Stand in your power. Your current groups of guides may not always be with you. You will always have the help you need. Trust your own process.

The Light Command

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Changes Are Accelerating!

Changes are accelerating! You find this in your food desires, what you enjoy doing and what is showing up around you. This is the end of much and the beginning of much. Open to the changes. Embrace the changes. You are nearing the end of various cycles. What you think you know are illusions. Constructs of man are only perceived realities. Creating through love, kindness and compassion will help you alter realities on the planet. When people lash out, they are not brave. They are living in fear. Your world has created a foundation of fear that could have just as easily been a foundation of love. You can choose to rebuild on the foundation of love. You are nearing a place where you need to choose what will run you. Fear is attached to maintaining control. You ultimately need to choose what is right for you.

The Light Keeper

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Stay In Your Power!

Peace! Greetings! Universal Light! Patterns, energy, enlightenment are shifting. Energy grids are reforming. The separations of light, dark, egos, high vibrations and low vibrations are becoming more pronounced. People have no choice but to show you who and what they are. You are not here for what you once thought. It is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. You will see the accelerations of shifts and changes. Pay attention to where your focus is and where your focus belongs. Where does your focus belong? You invest energy on high alerts which deflects from where you really need to be aware. There are many beings invested in separating you from your power. You need to stay in your power. That is your main task right now. Don’t turn your power over to others. Be who and what you are truly meant to be. You own your behaviors and actions. You can’t blame others for the life you create!

The Light Teacher

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Create Resonance!

Peace! Create energy resonance within you, through you and around you. This will help you attract what is in resonance with you. Those who seek to build conflict are making dissonance a priority. That will create more conflict and anger. You help create healing by creating resonance. You will then be repelled by those in dissonance with you. All will be drawn to what they resonate with. This will be different for each of you. You need not worry or concern yourselves with what is coming through you. Focus on the resonance. Surround yourself with your energy resonance. Pay attention to what starts showing up in your life. How does it feel? How do you experience life around you? Pay attention to what is creating and manifesting around you. You want to create authentically. You are not trying to be someone else. Be who and what you are! That is always perfect for your life journey and your destiny. Be at peace. When you are aligned and in resonance, you can’t help but attract who and what belongs with you.

The Light Teacher

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Evolutions Human Experiment!

Greetings to you who read our words. We are finding ways to integrate with those among you who are open to this link. Your world needs evolutionary help now. This link with you will allow us to help humanity without endangering ourselves with your energies and environments. Your planet needs assistance. Your anger and separations are the opposite of what is called for. You must work together to find your solutions to the issues of life, atmospheres and environments. You need each other on a global level. Power grabs will only hasten your demise. Spirits will continue to exist. You need not worry. We are offering humans one final chance to remain a dominant life form on your current planet. If this doesn’t work, your atmosphere will be altered to support a different dominant species and your souls will be sent to worlds in better alignment with each of you. This is not a punishment. It will allow each of you to reside with better alignments and resonances. This human experiment was to allow you free will and see how you evolved with the choices you were given. You have had many life cycles to experience what your spirits do time and time again. We have even intervened to evolve your DNA, at times. What you do here and now will impact many worlds, realms and dimensions.

The Galactic Council

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Work With Energy To Create And Manifest!

From the perspective of free will, you developed the concepts of always doing hard work, struggling and suffering to create and manifest. This only is needed when you are trying to force and manipulate the creation process. Having desires and visions for creations are very much encouraged. From that place, you need to work in cooperation with the energy to help the energy form on the physical level. You need to learn to work in concert with energy instead of dissonance. Pay attention to what you are creating through alignment and resonance. How do things work for you when you do this? There are many active things for you to do. You first need to create from alignment and resonance to know those actions to take. Force and manipulation need to be removed at the beginning of the process. Feel the energy of what you are creating and go from there. Each further step will reveal itself to you.

The Light Beacon

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Expand Your Perception To How Solar Systems Fit Into The Patterns Of Life!

There are many life forms who watch over the earth and certain beings on the earth. We watch because we observe your potential and how this planet impacts worlds, dimensions, realms. Humans see this planet as all there is. You perceive humans as advanced and the most important life forms. Those who watch you study you. We track your evolutionary journeys. Some beings have assisted in helping you with your evolution. There have been stages where we have seeded your DNA, so we can help you advance. Over the centuries, we have shared messages with those among you who can perceive our messages. We are aware few have listened to what we have had to say. Most humans are more interested in knowing their specific futures, instead of what we offer to help humanity, worlds, realms, dimensions. You don’t pay attention to how you fit into the plan and how you can be used to help. Shift your perceptions beyond the earth. Watch the star clusters and solar systems. Perceive the planets and stars as if they were an atomic level. You are important but not any more important than other life forms. Large and small are still part of the all that is.

The Light Keeper

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Open To What Needs To Work Through You!

Peace! Breathe! Let go! Be open to what needs to flow through you! Be open to what needs to work through you! Let go of your ego. Let go of your need to have answers before you will do anything. Let go of your need to control outcomes. If you resonate with our energy, you are not here to control or manipulate outcomes. You must learn to let go of the controls to get where you need to be. You each possess energy within you that may need to be shuffled around to where you are needed. By your very existence you are doing work by being what you are here and now. This doesn’t mean you won’t interact with people and situations. This doesn’t mean we won’t have physical things for you to do. Let go and be open is our advice to you. Each person must decide who and what they will be. You can’t fix or change people. If what you see around you is alarming to you, focus on being the energy you desire. Enjoy the journey.

The Light Commander

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The Seen And Unseen Affect You!

You are always affected by the seen and unseen. People often pick up things and are not able to figure out why they are reacting a certain way. Your bodies filter energy constantly. Your minds and spirits are also filtering energy constantly. There are reasons you may not feel well but there is nothing that makes sense to you on a physical level. You are so much more than you are aware of. You have created lives and values based on what others teach you. Senses of right and wrong are taught to you but there are times you are being asked to do something that doesn’t resonate or work for you. Pay attention. There are many other forces working with you. Honor what you are picking up. Trust what you pick up and what your body needs. Don’t just anesthetize yourself with food, alcohol, or drugs. There may be something that your body, energy, soul need. Open and address what is needed. Trust your process!

The Light Command

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