March 2024

Don’t Alter The Information You Receive!

Peace! Blessings!

When you receive information, take it as it comes. Stop trying to force and manipulate the information. Let it be what it is. Open to the flow. Just because you receive something doesn’t mean you are meant to change what is about to happen globally. You can always ask questions about what you are receiving. You can ask what you need to do with the various pieces you receive. There is a restructuring on your planet and much disruption is about to occur. Even if you interfere, it will still happen. There are many beings assigned to various parts of this process. It will look violent. It leads to new beginnings. Each will end up where they need to be. Open to your guidance and learn to pay attention beyond appearances. Keep opening to the guidance. Help where you can. If in doubt how to help, ask for guidance on what you need to do.

The Light Teachers

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Always Look For Light And Love!

Peace! Blessings!

Who and what are you meant to serve? What tasks are you truly meant to do? You have many who install thoughts and beliefs in you. You have been brought up with doctrine, no doctrine and many other thoughts but what is really inside you? What are your true beliefs and thoughts? Serving some higher power doesn’t mean you are asked to subjugate yourself. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome in the mix. There are things that may not make sense to you. When you are given an assignment all you need will be made available to you. You will find beings and energies will show up to help and support you. We will all work with you. You have no reason to fear any of this. Each must follow their own path and journey. You can’t alter what needs to happen and take place. Be where you are asked to be. Be open to what you need to do. All that needs to happen will happen. Even in situations that might not make sense there are always beings of light and love around you. Look for light and love and you will know how to proceed.

The Light Masters

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Some Questions To Think About And Answer!

Forget what is happening around you. Let it go! Who and what do you want to be? What do you value? What is important to you? What are your natural gifts, talents, skills, interests? Start using them. Stop hiding your passions. Create and manifest what you truly value. Stop listening to those who tell you what you “should” want. You are here to create and experience. We are just asking you to be aware and conscious of what you are creating and adding to. Hate and fear create harm. Pay attention to what motivates others to do what they are doing. Pay attention to what motivates yourself. What happens when you use love as your motivation? Retrain your mind to focus on what you truly value.

The Light Creator

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Release Anything Toxic From Your Life/Come From Love, Kindness And Compassion!

Peace! Blessings!

Let go! Stop holding on. Trust that what is yours will be yours. Trust that you are loved and in good hands. Pull away from the chaos and dysfunction. Open yourself to the energy that belongs with you. Release the energy that doesn’t belong with you. Trust the process. Reestablish your true alignment and resonance. Create and manifest from your authentic place. Clear yourself of toxic energy and toxic thoughts. Stop focusing on toxic people and toxic thoughts. Open to answers and solutions to issues. Blaming others for something you aren’t willing to do doesn’t help anyone. People in various leadership roles focus on saying “others” are the problem but they never take responsibility for what they are doing and not doing. If you pay attention those who scapegoat have no answers that improve issues. Look for ways to help make whatever you are drawn to better. Most people want to create great lives for themselves and their loved ones. The definition of what that means varies. Hate, fear, division will never lead you to a great life. Love, kindness, compassion will lead you to a much better future.

The Light Keeper

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Let Go Of Your Controls And Stand In Your Own Power!


Let go of your need to control. Be open to the new adventures that await you. Stop giving your power away to others. It is not anyone’s job but your own to hold your power. You can let go of control and sill have your power. You are part of something much larger than you realize. That something larger has nothing to do with the world around you. You are connected to something beyond the physical world. This world is a place to experiment with the physical and various choices. There are scenarios and choices that play out. What do you wish to engage in? Life is a series of stories. You need not worry about the stories you choose. Just be aware you can rewrite your stories. You are here on this world for various experiences that your soul requested and desires. These experiences and desires often look different when you are on the physical plane. Learn to let go of the stories once they play out. Allow the energy to flow.

The Light Keeper

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Let Go Of Your Fears And Focus Where You Can Help Make Something Better!

Peace and Greetings!

Release whatever fear you are holding within you! Let go of the noise and frenetic energy. Take some time to be in a place of calm and peace. Feed the energy you wish to feed by focusing on that energy. You don’t control what those around you are doing. When you feed your mind with constant noise and chaos, you end up becoming part of the noise and chaos. You confuse being informed with being inundated with information meant to make you feel upset and agitated. See who the players are for who and what they are, so you know what you are dealing with. Then, return your focus to where you need your focus to be. You have no control over other people and their behaviors and actions. You can control your behaviors and reactions. What are your intensions? Where do you place your attention? Start paying attention to the impact that has out in the world. Take time to be in quiet. Access your own power. When you release your fears, you can open yourself to higher consciousness. Most people fear what they have no control over. Place your focus where you can actually help make something better, kinder, loving, compassionate. From there you will know how to proceed.

The Light Masters

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Physical And Pure Energy Levels!

Peace and Greetings!

We offer you help for what is now taking place. You are focused on physical energy perceptions. There are also pure energy perceptions. You are in a system where both energy systems are intertwined. There is a juxtaposition of both. When you are looking at where various issue arise you need to look at the physical environment and the energy. Western medicine only looks at the physical and the mechanics of the physical forms. Sometimes that is all that is needed. Healing takes place with awareness of all levels and how they are interconnected. When your planet is out of balance, you need to look at the physical energy and the pure energy levels. Both are important and must be viewed as together. Start tuning in and assessing physical energy and pure energy. The energy of both need to flow for health and wellbeing.

The Light Keepers

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Working Towards The Next Steps!

Peace and Greetings!

Pay attention to what is being asked of you. You may not understand how you need to do it. Help will be there to guide you and work with you. Some of the requests may be a heads up for something about to come to you or where you will be taken. Some steps will be just necessary for the moment. Each step you take will lead you to the next step. You will be guided from the place of here and now. We will not be looking at the distant future but the near future. We don’t perceive a big difference in the types of futures but we are aware it means something to you. You do perceive the delineation of near and far. We view things as simultaneous. You are being awakened and activated to your next piece. We have gathered what we needed from the current human experiences and we seek to create a variation to what has been to gather to collect different data. You are all willing participants to these studies and experiments. You may not remember the consent you granted us. We are not doing any of this without the consent we need.

The Light Council

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Different Realities And Current Focus!

Each life is a story with beginning, middle and end. Your previous and future lives are often blocked from you so you can focus on what you need to perceive and experience in your current life. Other spirits and energies gather around you to play specific roles in your lives. Lifetimes are not linear. Many scenarios are playing out simultaneously. You are usually only focused on your perceived present experience. There are divisions that block most of you from seeing what is playing out on many levels. There are many worlds, realms and dimensions that all come together and separate as they need to. There is much around you that you are not perceiving. Some stories you choose and some stories are chosen for you. You can rewrite the parts that aren’t working for you. The collective energies can be powerful. Remember that you always have choices in any of your scenarios. We also realize that there are those of you who perceive past, present and future for yourselves and others. We also realize there are those of you who communicate with spirits, other beings, different life forms and different energies. The helpers among you have different skills to help as they are meant to and need to.

The Light Keeper

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Perceive Beyond The Facades!

Today’s lesson is to stop looking at facades. Tune into what is beyond the façade. Words and actions need to be in sync. Words without follow through actions are not in alignment. There are beings and energies who may seem scary to you but their core is pure love. There are beings and energies whom you view as beautiful but when you perceive beyond the appearances there is an energy you will be repelled by. Don’t be so quick to judge what you think you are looking at. Be with the beings and energies and know they come from a different place and their perceptions and ways are different from yours. Open beyond what you think is there. Perceive through all your senses and beyond. Pay attention to your alignment and resonance with what is before you. Find what matches you. Seek substance over appearances.

The Light Creators

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