February 2024

Check Your Alignment And Resonance!

Dear Ones,

Breathe! Separate from the noise that permeates your planet. Good and bad are constructs of the ego. The ego needs to control, dominate and manipulate. It doesn’t serve anyone but those who you give power to. Step back from all of the fear and stress. Connect with what you are meant to connect with. Breathe and find your core energy. Open to your guidance. There will always be guidance for those willing to receive the guidance. Whoever or whatever comes to you will be perfect for what you need to do and where you are in your journey. You each have free will and can learn, study and experience what you will. You also have your own trajectories, paths, directions. These are markers that your soul has asked to achieve or participate in along the way. Issues arrive when you are out of alignment or out of resonance. If something feels off to you, pay attention to it and make sure you are in your alignment and in your resonance. You can only create and manifest what is authentic when you are aligned and in resonance. There are other paths you can choose to travel and you will have alternative experiences from those paths. You always get to choose. Before you choose, you can also ask which path leads you to what you say you desire.

The Light Creator

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We Are With You To Help In Some Way!

Peace Brothers and Sisters!

Let us help quell your feelings about what is taking place on your world. Those who are assigned to you are with you to help you. You need to see this union from a place of love and not fear. Fear will block what needs to transpire. We can be connected with God or whatever you consider a higher power and analytical beings at the same time. God and Science are not exclusive to each other. Our desires are to help and to learn about your experiences. We see everything from a different vantage point than you. You always have the right to say no to helping us and working with us. We want to work with those who work with us willingly. We will not force ourselves on you. You might receive information from us that appears to contradict that. It is more because of the translations of intended meanings don’t work. We do not speak your language naturally. There may not be a word in your language to describe the energy meaning of what we are transmitting to you. We are not human and some of us are not humanoids. For those of you who perceive our appearances, don’t let our appearances scare you. If we are around you, we are here to help. Each of you will be given your assignments to help. You will also be given help in doing your assignments.

The Light Mentors

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The Next Level In The Soul’s Process!


We are a group of beings from other worlds who have been working among your world for many units of time. We have helped evolve life on your planet to see how you would react and who you would become. We have helped souls grow who were willing to grow. We have watched each soul learn, grow and experience in their own way. There will be a mass exodus of life on your planet. They will leave in various ways designed to help them get to where they need to go next. New life will emerge to give different life forms a chance to see what they will do with the chances they are given. The souls who leave your world will be assigned to better life and existence matches for their soul’s trajectories. All existences lead to experiences and data. You each help the process of learning and discovery by being willing participants. While you are on this planet, you will be each guided on how you can help with the transitions taking place. Species of all shapes, sizes and realities will help you with what is taking place. You will all transform into who and what you need to be next. You are all assigned at least one being to assist you in this process. You will have no need to concern yourself with worry or fear in this process. You each always create through your thoughts, beliefs, intentions and attentions. This is the next progression in your process.

The Light Masters

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Helping You To Prepare To Help With The Transformation Taking Place!

The planet you reside on is changing in a large way. You each can either help or hinder this process. For those of you willing to help, there are steps to prepare for your ability to help. Open to who and what is assigned to work with you. Pay attention to where your natural focus is shifting to. Is there a specific aspect of life and the planet you are drawn to? Is there some aspect of nature trying to get your attention? This will be different than various groups trying to get your attention with their agendas. You need to perceive beyond the noise. Once you understand your piece of the puzzle, you will know how to proceed. As each of you take your place in this transformational work, we can proceed to the next step and level with the transitions and transformations. We need to get you to the first place before you can move on.

The Light Masters

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Transformations And Changes With Life And The Planet!

Peace be with thee!

Detach from the world around you. Open yourself for who and what has been assigned to you to work with you and prepare you. Allow this being or energy to do what they need to do with you and through you. Your world is about to transform on a large scale. We need to ready those of you who will help us so we can then do the work on your planet. We need to start your transformations before we can do anything else. You will be directed and guided each step of the way. It is nothing for you to fear or worry about. You can say no to what we need to do with you and we will find someone else. You are nearing a phase of great change. Let each life form be who and what they are. You will soon be in a different world and reality. We are not here to harm you or your planet. We are here to help with what needs to take place now.

The Star Community

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Life Forms Coming In To Help Us!


We come in to help you and your planet. We can’t allow mankind to continue on its current trajectory. Your potentials to harm many worlds, realms, star systems and dimensions is too great. There is a growing group of you heading towards creating annihilation of life on your world. We have been observing and testing those in your world who are amenable to letting us work through you to help your planet and life on your planet. We do not come to harm you but to help stem violence and destruction. There are many life forms working in concert to help right now. Some life forms have different agendas. You will be able to tell us apart. We don’t seek subjugation. We seek to work in concert with you. You will see many changes transpiring over the next weeks and months. The old must be released to make room for the new!

The Light People

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Let All Be What It Is And Open To The Flow Of Abundance!

All that is has its own reality and existence. Everything is what it is. Humans constantly try to be something other than what they are. Humans always want more or different. Most humans seek control, challenges, manipulations and agendas. Humans look at resources as finite. Energy is a process of flow and change. Your planet holds potential for all life to thrive. You all need to work together with the planet itself. Instead of taking without giving back, find a balance with all in giving and receiving. This will help stop depletion. The goal is to help all life thrive and be what it is. Abundance isn’t about collecting more than everyone else. Abundance is a state of mind and being. Abundance is a trust that you will always have whatever you need and that you can thrive. We keep repeating the need to come from alignment. Be who and what you are and you are meant to be. Part of this physical experiment is to see what you will do with free will and may choices. Stop labeling other people and seeking to define them. Each of you gets to define yourself. Be open and aware of who someone is. Don’t try and make them into what you want them to be.

The Light Masters

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Perceive Beyond What Appears To Be!

Peace Beloveds!

Little is what it appears to be. Perceive beyond appearances. Stop taking things at face value. See and perceive people for who and what they truly are. Look at their fears, motivations intensions and attentions. When you understand those things, you will be aware of what motivates people and where they are coming from. Information helps you make better decisions. You are looking for what brings you towards your destiny, path and purpose. You are looking for creating through alignment. Each piece helps you fill in your own unique life puzzle. You need to make decisions right for you and who you bring into your inner circle of your life. Let go of who and what doesn’t belong with you. Look at your authentic desires and not what other people expect of you. There is always help around you to help you find your way.

The Life Mentors

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We Offer You Guidance!

Peace Beloveds!

We have been offering you guidance. What you do with this guidance is up to you. We can’t live your existences for you. Our intention is always to give you direction and skills to help you find your way towards your destinies and purposes. It is easy to go off track. There is much around you imposing alternative directions. We ask you to streamline and simplify. When you are on your path all you need will be there with you and for you. Fear not! We love you and wish you success.

The Light Brothers

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Be And Create Authentically!


Stop trying to be anything other than who and what you are or who and what you are supposed to be. Stop trying to do what others think you should do. Focus on what you are called to do from within. Let go of your fears. Are your fears there to help you or hold you back? Only hold onto or work with what moves you towards where you are meant to be. When you create a life and work that you are meant to do, you will create and manifest everything you need to thrive. Creating lives where your energy is drained from you doesn’t work well. Strip away what doesn’t serve you and focus on transforming your life authentically. Let everything that exists be what they are. Stop trying to force things to be what you want them to be. When things are authentic you know how to be with them or if you should be with them. When things are not authentic, you know how your senses respond to them. You can make better decisions when you are aware of what you are dealing with.

The Life Masters

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