January 2024

Authenticity and Resonance!


Return to your true power. Reclaim your true power, gifts, talents, abilities and skills. Be who and what you are meant to be, instead of being who and what you think others want and expect you to be. You will always make a much better you than a copy of someone else. Assess your life and what is aligned and in resonance with you. Recreate your life based on your alignment and resonance. When each of you create through your true alignment and resonance, you will still find ways to get everything done. It doesn’t mean you will be in bliss all of the time but you will attract people and experiences that are in better alignment and resonance with you. You may be connected to everything but not everything is aligned and resonant with your journey and life purpose. Work with who and what you are meant to work with. Be open to who and what belongs to you and with you. Let go of anything that isn’t yours to hold and carry.

The Light Catcher

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Importance Of Release Of What Isn’t Yours!

Peace be with you!

Let go of anything you are holding onto that isn’t yours on all levels. Send what isn’t yours to hold onto back to where it belongs through all directions of time, space and realities. Be open to what is yours and what belongs to you. Something may show up in your life or in your body. If it is yours, you need to process it and work with it. If it isn’t yours, you have nothing to do with it, except to release it. Life forms often collect familial traits through their DNA and training. Some of those traits serve and some of those traits don’t serve. So, you have an experience show up and you respond similar to your ancestors but it may no longer serve you to carry this response or belief system. Let it go and return it where it belongs. Start discerning what is yours to work with. Then do that work. You may also hold energy from past lives that no longer serves you. Realize you have many lifetimes where you have surrendered your power to other people. If you were sent to help, you did this because you assessed mankind wasn’t ready for what you were sent to do. You can let go of the trauma that you are still holding from this and other lifetimes.

The Light Brothers

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Stand In Your Power!

Peace! Greetings!

Let go of everything. Let go of all attachments. Be open. You can’t consume chaos and noise all the time. There are many distractions that are designed to keep you disconnected from your power and inner guidance systems. Societies expect you to constantly be on the move and doing something all the time. That isn’t healthy for anyone. You need time to reset and find your balance. You need time to align yourself and find your true resonance. When you are in crowds, your energy automatically tries to mesh with the energy of the collective around you. That is why we want you to find what truly is aligned and resonant with you. You need to be aware when your energy is shifting to mesh with others. You need to be aware of how your energy feels while that is taking place. Unscrupulous beings will use this to their advantage. When you learn to stand in your power, those who would use you can’t use you without your consent. You get to choose how to use your power and energy. That is part of free will. See and understand who each being is. Stop projecting onto others what you want them to be or presume them to be. Assess if they are beings of fear or love. If they are of love, they won’t need to manipulate or force anything. If you gather things around you, check to see if those things are in alignment with you and in resonance with you. Check to make sure people and the food you ingest are in alignment and resonance with you. You will find your life shifts in miraculous directions when you do this.

The Light Teachers

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Return To Your Alignment and Resonance!

Instead of constantly building layers on things, strip everything away. Go to the source and foundation. People react to what they see without truly evaluating what is before them. That is not effective. You can see humanity holding onto hate, hurt and grudges. There is no path forward when you do that. When you go back to the source and foundation, you can rebuild and discover what is out of alignment. You can see where the resonance is out of whack. It is easier to make the adjustments at the place where something is forming. Learn to let go of what isn’t yours to carry and experience. Learn to let go of dysfunctional karmic loops. Find your place of clarity and new beginnings. When you are in alignment and resonance you easily attract and manifest what is yours.

The Light Seeker

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Focus on Solutions And How You Can Help!

Most people focus on problems. Most people are not focused on solutions. Most people blame others for the issues. People like to play a game where they are the victims. People might receive information but then they manipulate the information and convolute the information to be what they want it to be. People move to countries looking for a better life but are stuck in their victim story and wonder why things don’t change. Most of your planet’s inhabitants are stuck in poverty consciousness. How do you expect to create something different, if you stay in your same loops? Look for the people who work to make something better. Look to the people who see an issue from the perspective of a challenge. Many experiences will show up in your life. What do you do with these experiences? Help is around you. Open to the help without manipulation. Sit with the answers that come through to you. Move towards the steps you need to take. Know you are powerful creators. It is fine to start with the issues at hand. Then, pay attention to where the energy is and how it wants to develop. Open to potentials and possibilities. Keep opening to the energy. Whatever needs to happen will happen. Allow situations to be simple. Come from love, kindness and compassion. Realize that little is on your timing. All happens how and when it needs to. Open to your role in solutions to whatever you are passionate about. Follow your paths and destinies.

The Light Creator

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Discovering Who Is Really Holy!

There are many people who espouse to be holy. Are they really holy? Pay attention to those who protest to be holy. Do they quote doctrine at you? Do they live a life of love, kindness and compassion? Do they espouse dogmatic control over people? Do they seek to force others to live the way they think others should live? Which of these questions and answers strike you as holy? Pay attention. There are many seeking to control others, while saying they speak for God or they are some type of savior. God gave you each free will to learn by creating. Yes, there are consequences for your choices and actions. If something isn’t working for you, you can make a different choice. At the end of your lives, you will be shown what you did and you will have to understand your decisions and behaviors. How do you think someone who is holy truly lives their lives? We would always advise you to live from a place of love, kindness and compassion. You don’t get to judge others and what they are going through. Helping someone find what is right for them is a loving action. Telling someone what they need to do is not a loving action.

The Light Giver

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Work On Yourself Before Helping Others With Their Paths!

Peace be with thee!

Cultivate peace within you. Focus on your peace growing. Release your fears. Let go of your need to control outcomes and other people. Be open. Pay attention to where your mind went, as you read those words. It is time for you to reset yourself. You can’t do that while you worry about what others are doing. Focus on what you actually have control over. Vote for the people you truly believe in and see them as they really are. Research their true beliefs and actions before you give them your vote. Do work that holds meaning for you. Follow your path and destiny. Trust all the pieces to work out as they need to. Look at the bigger picture. Help create the world you want to live in by supporting the energy you want to see grow. You near the end of one phase of existence and move to a new phase of existence. Start with cultivating within you what you desire to expand in your life. Before you can truly help others, you need to work on yourself. Then, you can help others with their paths. Realize that much that takes place around you has little to do with you.

The Light Bringer

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Rebuild Everything From A Place Of Love!

Peace! Welcome!

Be open to the expanses. Be open to miracles. Stop thinking that what you see and perceive is reality. You are living in a construct you believe is real. Each of you was gifted with free will. You create layers of fear and wonder why you feel disconnected from the divine. How can you connect to the divine through fear? What you seek comes from love. You must return to love to connect with what you truly desire. Fear creates the disconnect. The need to harm, destroy, dominate and manipulate come from fear. It doesn’t serve anyone. You need to break the loops and patterns that no longer serve you. Find your place of love. Make your decisions through love. Your lives can’t help but change. Stop looking at hoarding as desirable. Know you always have what you truly need. If something you need isn’t showing up, it is because you aren’t looking in the place where it is. Be open and expand your authentic self and energy. Great changes are manifesting in an accelerated fashion.

The Light Giver

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Stand In Your Power And Take Responsibility For Your Creations!

Peace be with you!

Let there be light! Open yourself to see through the dark, the fear and the ego of mankind. That is the energy that keeps taking hold among you. Mankind is built on a foundation of fear. There is a fear of everything. You each were given free will. Instead of using the free will and your own power, you allow others to decide for you. You may complain about what these people do with their power but you, in the collective form gave your power to them. Few of you are willing to take responsibility for what happens and what you create. You are not victims but you are great at playing victims. Rebuild on a foundation of light and love. Stop being scared. Make better choices. When someone and something shows you what they are, believe them. If you are paying attention all things give you signs. Find what resonates with you. Find what is in alignment with you. Turn on and activate what you need to turn on and activate. Turn up the volume on the energy you need to turn up the volume on. Stand in your power and take responsibility for your creations.

The Light Giver

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Pay Attention to Energy Alignment!

Peace be with you! Greetings Beloveds!

It is now time to awaken. We have allowed you to hide and observe. The time for hiding and observing has ended. Focus on awakening. Focus on being turned on and activated. Allow your energy to flow. Breathe deeply. Follow your journey and destiny. Stop taking things at face value. See people and situations for what they are instead of what you want them to be. Be honest. Stop expecting people to be brave, when you see no sign of them being brave. Stop expecting those who lie and are of fear to be trustworthy. You near the end of this phase. You are in a place of new beginnings. Time, space and calendars are not what marks divisions and increments. Look to energy alignment and how energy forms to understand what is taking place. Energy constantly forms and flows. Energy can stagnate. Understanding the energy and what it is doing is a better predictor of what is forming and taking place. It is also a better predictor of when something will show up.

The Light Keeper

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