September 2023

There Is Always More To Everything Than You Realize!

Even black and white are not truly black and white. There are very few absolutes. There are many ways to accomplish similar results. You are machines but you are also not machines. Your individual systems have requirements to maintain your functioning but what you need might vary. You need fuel and you need more than work. There are constant changes taking place and in the works. You might need to experience something for a reason. Allow creations to come and go, as they are needed. There is massive shifting going on right now that is part of what needs to be. It seems that many are out of control right now. They are out of control because that is their reaction to change and feeling separated. The sense of separation allows you to feel autonomy but it also can make you feel alone and isolated. You hold beliefs that there are only enough resources for a few and you better grab what you can get. That is a total disconnect from creation and energy. You will always have whatever you need for whatever you need to do. Open to the answers and to where what you need comes from. Remember there is always more to everything than you realize. Everything has its own source and when you want to create something, you must work with the source of that creation.

The Light Commander

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Open To What Is Right For You!

Be open and aware. What are you interested in? This is different from what you think you should be interested in and what you think you should pay attention to. Take time to breathe and be open. Let go of your beliefs in should. From this open place ask where your attention and focus are needed. What best serves your gifts, talents, abilities and skills? What do you truly need to be happy? Those of fear are loud. There is a difference in fear and a need for where your attention and intention need to be. Instead of closing down, try to open up. Create connection where you need connection. Allow your energy to flow and be what it is. Be in this moment and breathe. Pay attention to what comes through to you.

The Light Creator

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Awareness and Choices!

Peace! Look at what is around you. Who are the people and life forms that share your space and your community? How do you interact with the energy that is around you? What do you feel? What does your body and energy experience? Pay attention to the answers to those questions. What makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad or angry? Look at those committed to making you angry. Look at those you feel good being around. Today’s assignment is about awareness. Some work on a subtle level but you have some reaction to everything that is around you. This is not the end of the line. This is the moment of transition and transformation. There is a line being drawn and you each need to decide on a side. Make a conscious choice. Will you follow those of hate and fear? Will you follow those of love? Open to the side that is right for you. Some of you are choosing through the dominant feelings inside you. You are allowing those feelings to take over. We are not judging you. We are only asking you to make this a conscious choice and to keep consciously choosing what is right for you. We are looking for those we can work with.

The Light Catcher

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Open To Your Daily Instructions!

We would like each of you to open to the instructions for each day. These instructions will come through to you from your guides or some other energies or beings. What you receive each day may seem contradictory. It might be something completely different from the day before. You are aware things are changing and shifting . Things are accelerating. We are still working to see where each of you will be needed and the best fit for you. We also pay attention to who among you are open to our instructions and who seek to argue with us. You always have your free will. Don’t hold onto anything from an ego perspective. Don’t judge what comes through based on appearances or who you perceive to be the ones around you. Go beyond the appearances. Just because you haven’t heard of some energy or group of beings doesn’t mean anything. Who or what shows up around you only needs to work for you and your path. They are not around you to impress anyone. You may receive different guides and protectors or you may continue to have the ones you have had in the past. Just be open and respectful. Whoever or whatever is around you is perfect for what you need to experience.

The Light Giver

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Imagine, Focus, Hold Intensions and Allow Energy to Flow!

Open yourselves to what you are and where you truly belong. Don’t worry about trying to get to your true place. You are where you are for a reason. All that you are, feel and experience serves a purpose. Humanity is on the brink of extinction. But souls will morph and grow as they need to. Each will go where they are needed to learn, grow and experience. Some will go where they are needed to help. You have created lives and now it is time to see where you need to go from here. How can you help? Where are you needed? Ask your questions and be open to your answers. Don’t force anything. Allow your answers to reveal themselves to you. Allow all to be in perfect timing, which is not necessarily your timing. Try and create with clear intentions. If you are not sure about something ask. Don’t impose your will. When we ask you to create through thought, focus and intentions, you still need the energy to be open and free to flow. It gives room for the creation process to work. Force and manipulation may create something but not in the way something might need to be. Imagine, focus, hold intensions and then allow the energy to flow!

The Light Seeker and the Light Finder

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Pay Attention To What I Around You And Where Your Attention Needs To Be!

There are things taking place in the world around you. You don’t need to be aware of everything. There is always someone or something seeking to grab your attention or convince you of something. You start with certain premises that might or might not be true. But, as someone shows you who or what they are, believe them. Stop pretending that they are what you want them to be. That is not their job. Each of you have your own job and purpose. When you see people clearly for who and what they are, you can make much better choices and decisions. Open to your work and purpose. Nothing of high vibrations needs to covet your attention or energy. High vibrational beings and energies are secure in what they are and they trust that those who belong with them will find them. There is no need for force or manipulate. Those who need to force and manipulate are coming from fear. Pay attention to what is taking place around you.

The Light Messenger

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Changes and Divisions!

Much is about to alter and change in your world and lives. Many will leave your world and your planet will change. Mankind is accelerating the timeline. The divisions are accelerating between you. Humans are forming sides of those who seek to heal and those who seek to tear things down. The vibrational separations are being enhanced. Those of fear will no longer be able to hear anything else. You will not change them. You must decide who and what you will be. Help is around you. Invite it in. Open to what needs to come through you. Be clear about what you want. This is not your time to straddle any fences. This is a time for you to be who and what you are meant to be. Follow the path that is right for you.

The Light Master

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Thoughts and Focus Become Things and Manifestations!

Peace! What do you want to see in your life? What do you want more of in your life? Open to what you need to do to help your life move in the trajectory you want it in. Ask if there is a direction you need to move towards. Open to your answers. This is about learning to work with your intensions and focus. Always leave room for the energy to flow. Focus and intention are not meant to stifle movement and flow in creations. Create through thought and focus, which generates reactions and actions. Each piece gives you something to build on. That is what life and creation is about. Thoughts and focus become things and manifestations!

The Light Creator

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When You Come From Love, You Create Space For Your Answers!

Peace! Breathe! Be open! Tune to the energy that is around you and communicating with you. What is touching your soul in a good way? What brings out the best in you? What allows you to shine? The answers to those questions tells you where you need to focus your life and attention. Mankind was given choices on how to react to stimuli. Many people follow fear. You can always choose love. We hope that more of you will choose love. Fear makes you feel disconnected and disempowered, which leads to people feeding on your discontent and fear. It then allows fear to grow and expand. The issue is this doesn’t allow for you to heal or find your answers. Notice those of fear have no answers to help or improve anything. They just sow discontent. When you come from love, you create space for answers. You will be at a different vibration. You won’t change those of fear but you will create space for other things to manifest in your own life. Not matter what happens in your life, know you are loved.

The Light Creator

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New Pathways and New Assignments!

There are gateways opening to many different worlds. Many life forms have chosen those among your human world for various assignments. Be open to your assignments and new paths. Don’t worry about when this will take place or how various things will occur. You are not going to need to wait long. Shedding the old allows you to work on the new. Pay attention to the interests you develop and what you are no longer interested in. This is a time of transitions and change. You each have various tasks you need to do to prepare yourself for what is next. Let go of the noise and claim your power. It is important that you tune into your guidance. Then place your attention where it needs to go. You are nearing a massive shift among all of humanity. This is something to embrace. Come from love and kindness in all you are and all you do.

The Light Creator

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