April 2024

Work With Energy Instead Of Trying To Control It!

Peace be with thee!

Allow energy to be what it is. Stop trying to impose your will and to force certain results. We have told you to work with the energy instead of forcing control over it. Tune into the energy you are meant to work with. Find the area of interest that calls to you and be with that energy. Stop trying to complicate things. Move towards simplicity. Keep clearing the convoluted layers. Find the true, pure energy. From there you will understand how to proceed. Feeding your mind with violence, anger, hatred will not lead you to where those of you who read our words truly wish to be. Feed your minds with love, kindness, compassion. Hone your skills. You are here for the part you play and not to fix those on different paths from you. Each will have what they need. We understand it is difficult to not get wrapped up in the fear. The more you follow your journey, the easier it becomes.

The Light Brothers

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Let Your Guidance Guide You!

Open to your guidance. Find quiet time and ask for help in what you need to do. Ask for guidance about what you need to focus on. Stop focusing on the dysfunction around you. Pay attention to your purpose and your direction. Play your part. Where can your talents be used to help make something better? Are you drawn to people, animals, plants, sky, land, or water? Are you drawn to a combination of various things? Is there something else you are drawn to? Direct your energy and focus where it needs to be. You will find things shift greatly as more of you shift to where you need to be and you do what you need to do. Stop allowing lower vibrational beings to pull your focus and energy unless you want to be lower vibrational. The choice is yours.

The Light Team

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Follow What I Right For You And The Life You are Meant To Live!

Are you who and what you are meant to be? Are you living the life you are meant to live? If you are having issues getting a clear answer, if so using a pendulum can help you. Your lives have been constructed through various life events and community pressures. There will always be people to do the work that needs to be done. Those of you who are awakening need to do the work you are meant to do and live the lives you are meant to live. Tune into the products you use and the foods you consume to determine what is right for you. A pendulum can help with this process. Don’t just keep consuming things because you have always done so. You are responsible for your own health and wellbeing. You can’t keep doing the same things you always did. A new way is coming into your consciousness. Division will not work. Come together and solve issues together. One person will not solve the issues of your planet. You each need to let each person bring their gifts and talents to the table. You each contain pieces of the puzzle.

The Light Brothers

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A Time Of Awakening

This is a time of awakening. You need to set aside squabbles and disrespect. Stop looking at anyone different from you as being “other.” You will not find the answers mankind needs through separation. You will find answers by coming together. See each other for who you each are. Those who spout fear, anger, hatred are designed to keep the masses in the dark and at a place of less than. They are trying to stop evolutionary growth. Those who teach love, kindness, compassion are here to help mankind awaken, progress, evolve. You need to move beyond your physical forms and reconnect to your true energy selves. It is time for shifts and changes. Those who seek the path of fear and anger will not be able to join those who shift to a path of love. You get to choose what you will be. You will find those who belong with you whatever path you follow. Don’t confuse loud for being right. Find what is right for you.

The Light Brothers

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Destruction/Construction Phase!

Greetings and Blessings of Peace!

You are in a deconstruction/construction phase. Much of what you think you know is being destroyed. You think the alternatives are something you are aware of. There are many other alternatives. You can’t control what is about to take place. You can control what you do and how you react. This is not where you stay. There are many moving parts. You are only aware of what you perceive impacting you. All impacts you and everyone else. Everything is interconnected. Destruction impacts all life. Construction impacts all life. Play your part. It doesn’t matter if you choose your life or if you were assigned your life and path. Everything is interwoven. You should seek to help all life be its best. Feed the energy of love, kindness, compassion. Feed the best of humanity. Stop feeding the worst of humanity. Whether you live or die doesn’t matter. All of your current existences are transitory. Your souls live on beyond this life or any life. Focus on being a life form of love.

The Light Masters

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Open To Your Answers From A Place Of Quiet!

Peace be with you!

Create space to just be! Find quiet time. Let go of your fears and worries. Open to your answers. Too often people think they know what needs to happen and how it needs to happen. People set up parameters that block the actual answer from revealing itself. Coming from an open place outside of your box will allow you to come from a different perspective. Your answers will come to you once you stop limiting the answers. There is much that exists between two absolutes. There are many variables that exist. Be open to answers beyond your awareness. Breathe! Let go! Open!

The Light Keepers

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Open To What Is Right For You And The Outcomes That Are Best And Need To Happen!


We have mentioned before what we are going to discuss today. Let go of your attachments to what “needs” to happen. Stop pretending that you know what is best. Praying for outcomes related to your will only creates issues. Instead pray for what needs to happen. Pray by sending love and support for what is best for individuals and situations. Pray for help along your way. Support the journey and destiny that is right for you and your loved ones. Let go of your need to micromanage situations and outcomes. It is okay to set your intensions and to work towards goals. Enjoy the process and don’t worry about the outcomes. There are variables out of your control. Handle what is yours to handle. Let go of what is not yours to handle and control. We understand wanting the best for those you love but realize all life has their own journey to experience. Each of you experience differently. Play your role. Live your life. Those who belong with you will find you. What is yours will be yours. What isn’t yours doesn’t belong with you. There are always choices along the way.

The Light Keeper

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What Do You Need To Connect With?


Today we would like to ask you to connect with what you are meant to connect with. Don’t follow your beliefs or training with this exercise. Just be open to what you need to connect with. Clear yourself. Take some deep breaths. Tune into what you need to connect with. See what comes through. Then, meditate on connecting with whatever you receive to connect with. Pay attention to what comes through. Journal any messages or insights you receive. The answers may vary when you do thing process at various times and days. Be clear and open for what comes through. Let go of your sense of right and wrong energy. Don’t do this exercise if you are in a place of fear with what might come through. When you are open and clear, the perfect energy will come through.

The Light Brothers

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Follow Your Own Trajectory Instead Of What Others Expect Your Trajectory To Be!


Let go of attachments. Let go of “the way things need to be.” See people for who and what they are instead of who and what you want them to be. Let go of expectations for what is out of your control. Be open to potentials and possibilities. Have your dreams and desires. Work towards your goals, passions, intensions. Work towards whatever is in your heart without attachments to how things will play out. Work with energy instead of trying to control and force outcomes. The metrics of proof and quantifications are not working. When you follow the line of your energy journey things will work much better for you. Who and what belongs with you will join you. You can’t force end results and timing. You are on a very different trajectory right now.

Th Light Command

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Rebuild Your Life On What You Value!

Peace! Blessings!

Let go! Take time to reset. What is important to you? Who do you want to be? Who and what do you want in your life? Open your awareness. Set your intensions so you can be who you want to be and find time for what is important to you. Being clear about your priorities is important. When you start from those places, you can restructure your life and create work and a life in alignment with your true self and the life you desire. Rebuild your life on what you naturally do well and value. Rebuild your life on a foundation of love.

The Light Command

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