Follow And Work With The Energies Right For You!

Find what is right for you. You do this by recognizing your vibrational matches and your energy matches. What feeds your energy? What depletes or blocks your energy? Pay attention to the agendas that people have. Pay attention to how you are affected by various energies and agendas. Something can look good but feel off. Games of ego rarely fit with the ways of spirit. If something is designed to throw you off balance, it is designed to pull you from your spirit journey. Open to what journey you are meant to be on. Your life is changing and being altered. You need only be aware of how everything fits with you and your journey. There are twists and turns. Let your life follow the twists and turns right for you. Your gifts and talents offer you clues of what to pursue and how to figure various things out. Your clues are all around you. Your job is to follow the clues. Stop imposing your will on the energy and open to what is right for you. You will manifest all you need to thrive beautifully through working with the right energies for you.

The Light

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Work With The Energy That Sustains You And Stop Depleting The Planet!


Feel my energy flow. It is different from your rhythm, vibration, and frequency. You try to impose your will on me, thinking I am here to serve you and provide for you. I offer you life sustaining resources, which many of you squander and take for granted. Humans share this planet with all other life forms. You need each other to survive and thrive. You must learn to work together. You must learn to take care of me. You don’t need to deplete energy for you to get what you need. None of this is either or. You can create and manifest from a place of and. It is just different from what you are taught. It is time to relearn your creation and manifestation methods. Find ways to work with the energy that sustains you.

The Life Creator and Your Planet

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Protect The Earth And You Will Be Protected!


Talk to the planet, as you would talk to any sentient being. When you throw trash on me, you are throwing trash on a life form. When you pollute my land, water and air, you are polluting my life blood and your life blood. All life has a symbiotic connection to me. You need me to be healthy for you to be healthy and your lives to be healthy. I am ready to shift now to regain my health and wellbeing. I am not attached to your life forms. You are meant to learn that the planet is part of you, and you are part of the planet. You think you dominate all life, but you are only here for a short time. Learn respect for me. Create with awareness that you need to create a healthy connection to all that exists. When the planet is out of balance, so will life on the planet be out of balance. Stop feeding poison to the planet and yourselves.

The Planet you currently reside on

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Learn To Listen To Your Answers Better!

Ask your questions to your team and open to your answers. Allow yourself quiet time and learn to listen. Allow this process to be simple. It is hard to listen, when you are inundated with constant noise. There is a lot of contradictory information, which complicates your decisions. Step back and find what is right for you and your energy. People find answers that they assume fit everyone. Use your intuitive guidance and be willing to follow it. Pay attention to your sense and inner voice. Become better friends with those guiding you. You will know how to proceed. Follow where your life takes you. You near a time of great shifts and changes. Your inner guidance system is the way you navigate what is taking place and anything that shows up.

The Light Keeper

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Help Is Always There For You!

Many beings have come through over the years to give you various messages. Our main commonality is to help you each on you own life path. All the twists and turns are part of your experiences. Know that whatever shows up in your life, love is always present with you. You have only to open to the love. Help is always around you, even when you don’t see or feel it. You may be expecting help from different places than where it comes from. You are never alone. You may not be aware of who and what is with you, but they are there. Open to your authentic path and travel it. Let your life be your process. When one door closes another will open. If nothing is opening, you might be in front of the wrong door for you. Open to the right doors for you. All will manifest perfectly, if you let it. Struggle and suffering are optional but many of you keep choosing them. There are easier ways for those who choose them. At each phase, you may have the same team working with you or a new team. The right beings and energies will show up for the right task. Trust what is right for you to show up. We wish you peace, love and light.

The Light Giver

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Find What Is Right For Your Energy!

Welcome in!

Let go of all the noise and agendas. Let go of those who are motivated by fear and greed. Open to the ways of love and higher vibrations. People operate from what they think they know, what they believe, and their training. There are systems in place and beliefs in the systems. It doesn’t mean the systems are right or wrong or work for everyone. Most people are good and want to do the right thing. They are limited by their world views. Each of you are energy. You each respond to various energies. It is okay to try various things and see how you react to them. It is also okay to say no to what doesn’t work for you and what doesn’t feel right to you. Pay attention to what is right for your energy. How can you utilize your energy in the ways it can be best utilized? Work with your energy and its innate wisdom.

The Light Governor

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You Are Never Alone!

You are never alone. It may feel like you are alone, but you aren’t. You vibrate at a frequency different from the energies and beings around you. So, you may not be aware of who and what is with you. Open to connecting and communicating with the energies and beings around you. They will find ways to connect and communicate with you. Your job is to be open and aware. The more you connect and communicate, the easier it will be to perceive who and what is with you. It takes practice. They are around you and with you for various reasons. They will share what they can but first you need to recognize them. Think of them as close friends who have your back and care about you.

The Light Giver and The Time Giver

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Time To Course Correct To You Authenticity!


Breathe! Let go! Be open! Who and what belongs with you? What is your true path and your true destiny? It is time for you to course correct. Let go of the noise and energy that doesn’t belong with you or your energy. Draw in your authentic energy. Create and manifest what is authentic to you. That will always help you be on your path. When you are authentic, you can attract, create, and manifest authentically and from alignment. Be who and what you truly are. Those who do belong with you will show up and be drawn to you perfectly. Those who don’t belong with you may show up, but they will either try to change you or they will leave. Your job is to be who you truly are and follow your path. Your job is to create and manifest authentically. In transitions, it may feel like people and things leave you but what belongs with you will always find you perfectly.

The Light Giver

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Work With The Energies And Don’t Try To Force Or Control Energies!

Greetings and Peace be with you!

All is energy. Creation and manifestation are about learning to work in concert with the energies you wish to create and manifest. You are also needing to work with your vibrational matches. All energy is just energy. That is simple and profound. You need not worry or concern yourself with most of the details. You need to work through a sense of alignment with the energy, so you are creating from alignment with your creations and manifestations. Stop feeding your energy incompatible energies. You need to work through a sense of alignment. You don’t control the energy. It is its own form of sentient being. Forcing energy also doesn’t work. You might create something similar to your desire, but it won’t be what you ultimately desire. Miracles await those of you willing to open to them. Start by connecting to the energies desiring to work with you. Then build on that.

The Light Keeper and The Gate Keeper

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Questions To Help You Create Your Best Aligned Life!

Peace! Aspire to your best life, whatever that is for you. What feeds your soul? What feeds your energy? What belongs with you? What belongs with your energy? How can you make something truly better in some way? This isn’t about taking from others or imposing your will on others and situations. You are here to experience and to accomplish something or many things. Open to your answers. Create and manifest from an aligned place. When you do that, you will find your true path. All you need will be on your true path. Miracles will be on your true path.

The Light Giver

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