May 2024

Take Time To Clear Yourself From The Harsh Energy Around You!

There is a lot of harsh, violating energy in your world. This energy has always existed, but it has intensified with your internets and social media sites. People post opinions as if they are facts. People leap to conclusions without evidence and don’t give people a chance to research the truth of what happened. This barrage of energy is taking its toll on all of you. It seems worse for those of you who are sensitive and energy aware but it impacts those who don’t appear sensitive and energy aware. You are not designed to always be on edge. It is vital that you take time to have some quiet time and find the energy you need to surround yourself with to protect you. This may vary for each of you. Be willing to find what works for you. Let go of the anger and fear that you carry. You will find it will help you heal.

The Light

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Be Aware Of Agendas And Motivations Of Yourself And Others!

Peace! Welcome! Breathe!

Where do you need to place your focus? What do you actually control? Where you have control, do your part. Be open to learning. Pay attention to the love, kindness, compassion test. Are you coming from love, kindness, compassion? Is the person you are connected to coming from love, kindness, compassion? What are the agendas that you and other people are coming from? What is your motivation and their motivation? When you understand the answers to these questions, you understand how to better make your decisions. You can also see from a clearer perspective what your choices are.

The Light Commander

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Take Time To Be In Quiet!


Ask for what you truly need to appear in your life. Ask how you can be of help. Simplify your life and thoughts. Give yourself some quiet time. If you live with other people, find some time to just be together without stress and agendas. Send love, support and appreciation to those you love. Find time to just sit and breathe. Then, you are ready to focus on what needs to be done. Rushing around and being in stress all of the time is not healthy for anyone. You need time without noise and distractions. Allow yourself the gift of some peace and quiet. This quiet time will allow you to better control yourself, when you join those who don’t find time to be in quiet and peace. During the day, take time to release whatever you hold and carry that isn’t yours to hold and carry. Return things to who and what they belong to.

The Light Teachers

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New Phase Of Existence!

Peace, Beloveds!

Know you are loved. Embrace your true self and your true essence. Connect to what is true. Connect to your source. Let this process be simple. Embrace your true path and your true destiny. This world you reside in is only one form of reality. You are adaptable to be in many forms and existences. You must be willing to open to the flow for this next piece. Develop your true gifts and talents. Rediscover your divine spark. Allow yourself to be who and what you truly are. Humanity is about to experience a huge evolutionary shift. This process of rediscovering your divine spark will help you with this next process and transition.

The Light Givers

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How Can You Help Some Higher Power?


Blessings to you! Start each day with asking how you can help in some way. Look for ways to help whatever higher power you work with. Focus on coming from love, kindness, compassion. Remove your desire to fix others or to decide what another person should do. You are not in charge of telling people what to do. You can help others find the path that is right for them. If you need to force or manipulate someone, you are not on the right direction yourself. There is probably some force you need to return to. You must first return to where you belong and what you belong doing before you can help another being. A good starting place is to come from love. Come from a place of unconditional love. Allow people to be who they are and draw to you who and what belongs to you and with you. Realize that not everyone belongs to you or with you and that is okay. Everyone has their own journey to pursue. All of you will have what you need, when you are on your true path.

The Light Creator

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Start From A Place Of Peace And Breathing!

Peace! Breathe!

Start everything from this place of peace and breathing. Open your perceptions. Open and expand your awareness. Check in with all of your senses. Pay attention to what you feel and experience. Back away from those who use fear to motivate and then talk about you giving them total control over you. If it feels off, it is off. Look for the people who are inclusive and realize issues work out best, when you work as a collective to solve issues. There is no them and us. You are all part of we. Do not seek to harm people for being different from you. Look for ways to connect with those you belong with. You have the ability to do great things, when you move beyond yourself. Look at how to help on a large scale. Seek to help others be their best.

The Light Maker

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Create From Alignment!

Peace! There are many levels, dimensions, realms. All that is exists in many different ways and on many different levels. You each have forgotten much so that you can focus on your current life and experiences. It is like multidimensional chess. Much is happening on multiple levels simultaneously. Open to the flow of energy. Work with the aspect of energy that presents itself to you. Don’t impose your will or manipulation on the energy. Be with the energy. Hold space for the energy you are meant to work with. Let go. Be present. Be aware. Then, you are able to manifest with better alignment. We are helping you create with better alignment. It is time to discover new ways to create. Help is around all of you and all you have to do is ask for it.

The Light Masters

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Let go! Reset! Release what isn’t yours to hold or carry. Clear yourself of toxic energy, toxic thoughts and toxic behaviors. We know we gave you this same piece yesterday. It is important. Breathe! You have created constructs about your life and what you “need to do.” Much is changing now. It is time for each of you to return to who and what you truly are. Awaken and stand in your true power. You each hold programming of what you are here for. It is time you get back to your true work. You will be activated as the time is right for each of you. You need only open to how you can be of greater service. Open to how you can help and do the work you are intended to do.

The Light Masters

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Release The Toxic Energy!

Peace Beloveds!

Release the toxic energy, toxic thoughts and toxic beliefs that you are holding and absorbing. Fill yourself with high vibrational energy. When you release the toxic energy, it will dissipate. You don’t need to neutralize it. You are making the choice to not hold the energy. When you make the choice to fill yourself with high vibrational energy, you are creating a dissonance with low vibrational energy. The two spectrums don’t blend well. You are able to allow yourself to heal from the disruptive vibrations by choosing the vibration you wish. You are making a conscious choice to release what isn’t serving you.

The Light Masters

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What Is Yours Will Be Yours Perfectly!


All that is yours will be yours. All that belongs to you and with you will find its way to you in perfect timing. You don’t need to force or manipulate to manifest what is yours to be yours. That applies to everything. If you need to work too hard to create something, you may need to step back from whatever you are doing. Be who and what you are. It doesn’t mean you don’t work at developing skills needed for your work and continuing to learn about your work. It doesn’t mean you don’t work hard at whatever you are do. It means if you are struggling to make something workout and it doesn’t no matter what you are doing, it might not be right for you or the right time for you to do it. Forcing something to manifest will never truly work out. You must learn to work with the energy. Create through cooperation with energy. Allow the creation to be what it needs to be and manifest as it needs to manifest. Hold space for your aligned creations.

The Light Brothers

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