Open To The Flow Of Energy Creation!

Learn to open to your answers. Stop forcing and seeking to control. Open to the energy flow without forcing the energy to flow. When you try to force something, you are constricting the energy. When you constrict the energy, you create a lot of problems. Healing and most things you desire come from being open to the energy flow of the creation. Start with something you desire. Tune into that energy. Then, be open to whoever and whatever comes through. Pay attention to your senses. How are they reacting? Let go of anything that feels off or causes you to close down. Release your fears of what you claim to want. Nothing is truly finite. There are paths that have beginnings and ends that you can clearly demark. There are paths that continue where you are not aware of beginnings and ends. What is truly yours will be yours. Let go of micromanaging energy and open to the energy of whatever you are creating.

The Light Masters.

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Advice About Choices!

Peace! Simply let go. Stop being scared and allowing your fears and the fears others place on you to run you. You can make choices to do something or not do something based on what comes through as your best decision or some choice or decision. If something feels off to you, don’t do it. Let go of your attachments. Enjoy what you have while you have it. Enjoy your life, while you are in your life. Do your work. Do what you love. When it is time for “death” of this life, don’t fear what is next. It is natural. Create a life you can be proud of. Make choices you value. Be with people who belong with you. Work to heal and make lives and situations better. Work with energies needed for each aspect of your life. You are always part of co-creation.

The Light

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Creating With The Flow Of Magic And Miracles!

Let go of preconceived notions. Let go of what “should” happen. Let go of “that is the way things are.” Nothing can change if it is in a box of rules and limitations. With energy there are unlimited potentials. Rules are created to give a sense of safety, order, and control. Traffic lights serve in helping the flow of busy traffic and to create safety. The concept of time allows you to create events where groups can show up at a specific increment of moments. If you didn’t have time people would just show up where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. It wouldn’t work for your business systems because it doesn’t resonate with agendas. None of that is the part that allows for magic and miracles. Magic and miracles come from learning to co-create with the energies needed for the creations and miracles. That comes from an openness to co-create with energy and not force control over the energy. Let go of the need to force your will on creation. Let go of wanting what other people have. Create what is yours and belongs with you.

The Light Masters

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Bring Everything To Its Energy Level And Energy Flow!

Bring everything down to energy. What does the energy need? Is the energy flowing? Is the energy activated? What is the source of whatever is taking place? How is it serving you or something else? If the energy isn’t flowing, open and activated, you are creating stagnations and potential issues. The longer you have closed off energy flow, the more extreme the issues can be. What is the energy of the blockage? Your physical form is the last level of the manifestation of the energy block or pooling. Your energy fields are the first level of where things are showing up. Communicate with the energy that is showing up in your body. Remove the labels and look at it from its energy level. Then, move to the energy until you help it be its pure form. Talk to the energy and you will soon understand the process. You may also be affected by the energy of the environment around you. Work in concert with all of the energies. You are all entwined.

The Light Masters

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Open To Your Team Members To Help You Create And Manifest!

Whatever you want to create and manifest, you have someone on your team who will help you. Think about what you want to create and then connect with whoever is on your team to help you with it. Open to receiving their advice and directions. Once you receive the guidance follow what comes through. It may seem strange to you, but you will get used to it. Be willing to follow the guidance you receive. You can use this for any area of your life where you want help to create and manifest something. Don’t assume you have the answer or know the answer. Give this process a try. The more you communicate and engage with your team the clearer your answers will come through to you. Treat your members of your team as you would your best friends. They are there to help you. Respect them and honor the gifts they share with you from a genuine place. Most life forms want to fulfill their destinies and purposes. Many life forms want to help where they can. Tune into your team and ask for the help you want.

The Light Command

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Come From A Place Of Openness!

Peace! Open to who and what belongs with you. Open to who and what guides you. Let go of your agendas. Stop trying to create and make your decisions through fear. Always take a breath and be open before asking your questions or creating your focus. Let go of your stress. Stop assuming you know the answer or what you need to do. Truly come from an open place. When you are feeling stressed take a moment to just breathe. What are you holding in your physical form that you need to release? What are you holding in your energy fields that you need to release? Don’t just release them. Return them to where they belong. You will feel better and healthier.

The Light Channel

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Try New Things And Tailer Them To What Works For You!

Peace! You are each unique energy forces. It may seem like you are like everyone else. You are not completely like anyone else. You are you! So, when you study something, try the techniques you learn but then tailer them to you. There is a saying that the mind that created the issue is not the same mind that will solve the issue. So, start with awareness of what you want to solve or change and open to what needs to be done to solve it. People will share what works for them but then you need to adjust to what works for you, after you try a different way first. Be willing to shift patterns. Each of you have your own challenges. Spend time clearing yourself so you can be open and start from a fresh perspective. Gather those around you who want you to succeed and not those focused on your failure. Pay attention to what motivates people. Realize that your true answers will not come through when you are in fear. Be willing to break the pattens that are not working for you.

The Light Command

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Open To Your Answers Without Trying To Make Them Fit What You Want To Hear!

Peace! Take the answers as they come. Don’t try and change them to make them seem more understandable. Let the energy be what it is. The source of the answer may be different from what you imagine it to be, but it is still your answer. Ask your question and open to the answer that comes through and how it comes through. Pay attention to what shows up around you. You see the old trying to stay in power by force, violence, and fear. Notice how strong the old is trying to maintain control. It is not serving you to exist this way. Separate yourself from the fear. Open to the answer to your true questions. Place your focus where it needs to be. If you aren’t sure, ask for the answer.

The Light Brothers

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Some Wisdom To Share!

Peace! Breathe! Surround yourself in a cocoon of love and light! Clear yourself of anger and fear. Let go of what isn’t yours to hold or carry. Send back what isn’t yours to whoever and whatever it belongs to. Don’t covet what other people have. Focus on manifesting what is yours to have. Create from a place of love and joy. Draw to you who and what belongs with you. Stop worrying. Do your best at whatever you are doing. Let your light shine. You are part of the whole but you are also your own unique energy. Find what works for you. Be willing to try things but don’t continue what isn’t working for you. When you are true to yourself, you will find it easier to attract what is yours. Notice the difference between creating from fear and creating from love. Be open to the life meant for you.

The Light Command

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Transform Into Who And What You Are Meant To Be!

Transform into who and what you are truly meant to be! Return to who and what you belong to. Open to the work you are designed to do and intended to do. You are resetting yourself back to what you truly are. If you have a sense that you are here for something much bigger than yourself, open to that and work towards your true goals. Each life form plays some role. Ego minds can convolute the roles you end up living and playing. Connect with who and what you belong connected with. Create relationships you belong in. Some of these relationships are meant to challenge you and help you grow. Pay attention to your senses and you will know how to proceed.

The Light Command

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