Let Go of Fears!

Peace!  Let go of your fears and the need to control outcomes.  What you are seeing around you are various processes.  You are seeing transitions and not outcomes.  Nothing is truly ever finished.  It is in process and development.  Energy should be constantly moving and flowing.  Blocks may show up but eventually they melt away. Each of you will need to decide who and what you want to be.  Think about what is important to you and create a practice of cultivating those thoughts, ideas and behaviors.  That is how things change and grow.  You can’t be in failure, if you are in process.  Energy may change from one form into another.  It is still in process.  Keep that in mind, when you look at the world around you.  There may be consequences in the moment but that is only in that moment and it is germane to the experiences or final outcomes.  Death is not the end but only a transition.  There is much that takes place beyond what you are aware of happening.  Keep the faith and work on what you need to focus on.  

The Galactic Forum

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Pay Attention to Energy Around You!

Pay attention to the life around you.  How does it make you feel?  What comes up for you?  When you are in nature or a city, what do you feel?  What is your connection?  Bring awareness out into the world.  How do you fit in or not fit in?  What is raising your vibration and what is lowering your vibration?  Bring awareness to how your energy is affected by the energy around you.  Open your awareness.  Expand your awareness.  You don’t need to let others control you or manipulate you.  Step into your own power.  Pay attention to what is the right course of action for you.  Allow those who belong with you to join you.  You will not be doing any of this alone, even if you feel alone.  You have beings around you to help you through this process.

The Gate Keeper

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Remember Who and What you Truly Are!

Brothers and Sisters,

It is time for you each to remember who and what you truly are.  Reclaim your true powers, gifts, talents and abilities.  The time for your hiding is over.  Man has reached a critical point.  Those you recognize as your brothers and sisters are your brothers and sisters.  You each have had your missions with mankind over many centuries.  Each soul has their paths and you exist to help with potentials.  You can only do this, if mankind is ready for this.  Many of you have always been aware that you don’t fit in or really belong.  You have watched mankind with confusion.  It is because you aren’t with your true energy beings and true families.  You are not alone in this.  

The invocations that will help you now are:  I remember who and what I truly am now!  I reclaim my true gifts, talents, powers and abilities now!  I attract the energies and life forms who truly belong with me now!  My energy shifts back to its true energy signature now!

The Galactic Forum

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Time for Metamorphosis

The time has come for a metamorphosis. Those of you hidden in your human shells are being prepared to awaken and take your place.  Some of you might be asked to stay and others of you will be relocated.  There are other ways for us to help with what is taking place.  Mankind is not really willing to evolve.  Those of you who are feeling called to evolve come from some other dimension or realm and are feeling drawn to come home or do your work in some way.  That is not the same as humans evolving.  You are among them but are not one of them.  Invoke:  I awaken my true self now.  See where it leads you and what gifts and talents awaken through this invocation.  Keep the invocation simple and direct.  Allow your energy to respond.  You are more than your human bodies!

The Norads and the Light

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Be in the Present Moment!

Peace!  Be in the present moment.  Let go of what is next.  Be here and now.  There is no planning right now.  Be your true energy self!  

By doing this, you will be in energy alignment.  As this takes place, you will be able to create authentically!

The Light and the Galactic Forum

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Open to New Systems of Reality!

While humans hold onto the systems they are familiar with, it will be difficult for us to do much to help them.  We are not allowed to interfere with free will.  As you become more open to different ways, we will be able to work with more of you to heal your planet and the various life forms.  Open to different ways.  Let go of the need to control everything.  You are not really in control.  Tune into the flow of energy the way it needs to be.The Light and the Galactic Forum

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Separate from Fear

Peace!  We know you see turmoil and humans focused on keeping people in fear.  That is what we ask you to separate from.  Detach from those who create chaos and work to keep others in fear.  Focus on expanding your love.  Focus on expanding your own energy.  You are not burying your head in the sand.  You are working on the solution, instead of becoming part of the problem.  It doesn’t mean that you are not aware of what is being created around you.  See others for who and what they are.  Don’t pretend they are different from what they are.  You are separating from the lower vibrational energy.  Tune in!  Open your awareness!  Expand your consciousness!  Do this through your focus.  It will help you in this process and every process!

The Galactic Forum

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Our Views on Vaccinations!

There are a lot of people who are worried about the COVID 19 vaccinations.  What would you say to them?  

We understand that many of you are skeptical of vaccinations.  That is your choice.  However, you then need to deal with the repercussions of what will happen with the virus and its aftermaths.  We don’t see issues with taking vaccinations.  Some of you may have some problem with it but it will be less than you will have with the virus itself.  Your human bodies have not shifted to a vibration that isn’t susceptible to illnesses.  That is not a fault.  It is just a fact.  There are viruses forming on your earth that will wipe out large populations.  Some COVID 19 vaccines are better than others.  Tune in and ask your guides: which are the best vaccine choices for you?  Do this from a place of love and not fear.  You can also muscle test or use a pendulum to find your answer of which is best for you.  There are still many more humans who will die through COVID19.  Vaccinations are the best way to cut down on the death rate and mutations forming.  We also don’t see issues with those who do their transitions through having COVID19.  We take issue with those not willing to get a vaccine and are willing to place other lives in danger.  We work as a collective and do things to help our brothers and sisters.    

The Galactic Forum

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Who is the Galactic Forum

We are a group of beings and energies who help worlds, realms and dimensions.  All of time and space exist within a fabric or matrix that connects all that is.  There is an interconnection with all life and energy.  We step in when balance and alignment are off, to prevent the ripple effect.  Mankind is losing its way.  You follow leaders who advocate division instead of union.  You follow leaders who use fear to retain their power.  The divisions they create will not end well for humanity.  The scale of this division is growing quickly.  You help rebalance by finding ways to connect and work together from a place of love.  Find ways to align with your Source.

The Galactic Forum

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Open to the New

Prepare thee the way.  For the shifts and changes are accelerating now.  The tide will not be stopped.  There is much out of your human control.  Connect with your soul.  Rediscover the wisdom within your soul.  It is time for the new sense of reality to come through.  What you have done in the past will no longer work.  Open to the new.  Things may not make sense to you right now but they soon will.

The Galactic Forum

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