Open To The Flow Of Energy Creation!

Learn to open to your answers. Stop forcing and seeking to control. Open to the energy flow without forcing the energy to flow. When you try to force something, you are constricting the energy. When you constrict the energy, you create a lot of problems. Healing and most things you desire come from being open to the energy flow of the creation. Start with something you desire. Tune into that energy. Then, be open to whoever and whatever comes through. Pay attention to your senses. How are they reacting? Let go of anything that feels off or causes you to close down. Release your fears of what you claim to want. Nothing is truly finite. There are paths that have beginnings and ends that you can clearly demark. There are paths that continue where you are not aware of beginnings and ends. What is truly yours will be yours. Let go of micromanaging energy and open to the energy of whatever you are creating.

The Light Masters.