Open To Your Team Members To Help You Create And Manifest!

Whatever you want to create and manifest, you have someone on your team who will help you. Think about what you want to create and then connect with whoever is on your team to help you with it. Open to receiving their advice and directions. Once you receive the guidance follow what comes through. It may seem strange to you, but you will get used to it. Be willing to follow the guidance you receive. You can use this for any area of your life where you want help to create and manifest something. Don’t assume you have the answer or know the answer. Give this process a try. The more you communicate and engage with your team the clearer your answers will come through to you. Treat your members of your team as you would your best friends. They are there to help you. Respect them and honor the gifts they share with you from a genuine place. Most life forms want to fulfill their destinies and purposes. Many life forms want to help where they can. Tune into your team and ask for the help you want.

The Light Command