Be Who And What You Are And Make Decisions Right For You!

Beliefs and practices are a matter of conditioning. People teach you various ways they do things. You learn from people who show you what works for them or what they have learned. You get to find what works for you. You know you better than anyone else. You may need to create a way for you to do something that works better for you. You can listen to the suggestion and then take time to assess if that is right for you. Don’t make decisions based on your fears. Most people have good intensions and want to help. People are advising you by what they believe or think they know. You are responsible for your decisions and life. Choose what is right for you and you can include your spouse, children and anyone who is impacted by your choices in the equation. When you don’t need to rush, take time to research and tune into what is the best decision for you and those who are affected. Don’t let anyone pressure you and force you to do what they want you to do. When you know better, do better. Also, be who and what you are meant to be. It creates problems, when you try to be what others want or expect you to be.

The Gatekeeper