Finding Your New Ways To Do Things!

Peace Beloveds!

It is time to reset. Breathe! You will find new ways to do things that are specific to each of you. We are going to give you a list of things to tune into and sit with the energy until you find how to work with it. What do you need to do to ground yourself? If you need to shield yourself, what do you need to shield yourself with and how do you need to shield yourself? What is the goal or goals you need to work towards? If you are holding energy that isn’t yours, how do you release it, so it doesn’t harm anyone or anything? If you have collected things that don’t belong to you or with you, what do you need to do to send it back to where it belongs? Breathe! We know this process may feel overwhelming. Take each question on its own at your own pace. Simplify the process and find a way with it that works for you.

The Light Masters