August 2023

Be What You Truly Are!

To the Light Brothers and Sisters among you:

Shed your facades. It is time for you to release the trappings of being human. You can no longer hide. But in order to do this safely, you must claim your true power, gifts, talents, abilities, skills, wisdom and knowledge. Be what you truly are. When you stand in your power, nothing can harm you. Release your fear base and replace it with a love base. Release those who need to follow a different path. You are not here for everyone. Be a beacon for who and what belongs with you. Trust who and what belongs with you to find you. Go to where you are asked to be. Do what is asked of you. Your work commences now. This is why you are here. Allow yourself to enter your true destiny. Allow yourself to awaken. Past lives and existences are no longer predictors in what happens now, unless you allow low vibrational beings to continue to hold power over you. Allow yourself to cycle in death and rebirth. You must shed the old and move forward into where you belong now!

The Light Force

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Do Your True Work Now!

Get out of your boxes and return to what you truly are. Let go of the human trappings. Release what keeps you in a stuck place. Open to why you are on this planet at this time. What is your true purpose for being here? What is your work in this moment and this place? This doesn’t mean you quit your day job or become a monk. You can do multiple things at the same time. You might be instructed to quit your job or move to some other location. Most likely, you will be staying where you are and doing a lot of what you currently do. Find time to do the work requested of you. It doesn’t need to be complicated and it isn’t an ego experience. Open to your guidance. Come from a place of openness without judgment. Allow all to be what it needs to be. Know that when you are doing what is asked of you, you will always be looked after and watched out for. If you are concerned, you can ask that you be watched over and taken care of.

The Light Teacher

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Open to Ways of Returning To Love!

You have been taught to believe life is supposed to be a certain way. You are placed as a soul into a family and community. You may be taught a specific religion. You experience through your lenses of beliefs and perceptions. You interact with others and your environment. The lucky ones around you get to utilize their gifts and talents. Many of you are shut off from your gifts and talents. You feel a sense of separation and a sense of them and us. In reality you are interconnected with everything. You will always be stronger working together to solve issues. Look for those who come from love. Create through love. We have watched thousands of years of creations through fear. It never gets any better. We didn’t expect so many to get stuck in fear. Ask for and open to help returning to love. Your world and plane of existence won’t sustain life too much longer through fear. Love can open you to your answers and connect you to what you truly belong with.

The Light Brigade

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Find Ways To Do What You Love and Utilize Your Gifts And Abilities!

Peace! Many of you have been taught to work hard and struggle. Many teach you that suffering will bring you to God. You do “work” you hate or have been told by others that you need to do. You hide your gifts, talents, abilities and skills. You are told you can’t make a living doing what you love. Yet, there are many who find joy and success in what they love doing. There are ways to make it work. What if you actually switched to a model of finding joy in what you do and utilizing your gifts, talents, abilities and skills? Reconnect to the love that surrounds you. Create whatever you do from a place of love, kindness and compassion. When you focus on struggle and suffering, you disconnect yourself from much that is around you. You cut off the higher vibrational energies. You have the abilities to shift much, when you move beyond fear into love. Allow yourself to disconnect from your fears. Allow us to come through and work with you to create a much more loving, kind and compassionate world. You always start with yourself in any change. Decide who and what you want to be. Shift a thought to believe you can create what you desire. Open up and look for ways to help and be of service. When you create through alignment, you will always have what you need to thrive. Struggle happens when you allow yourself to be disconnected from alignment and your true self. You have soul agreements, which play out. You can always choose love with whatever shows up. You are not responsible for fixing or changing others. Work on an energetic level and you will see changes around you.

The Light Council

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Allow Your Work To Flow Through You!

Many of you are focused on your work and purpose. Many of you are focused on power and control. You think about commerce and collecting things. When you worry about money and how to do things, you are disconnected from your true purpose. Money is a byproduct of alignment. It is part of the energy flow. You were brought into your lives and this planet at this time for other reasons. Open to what needs to work through you. Open to how you can be of service and help. How can you make a difference beyond fear and pain? Use kindness, love, and compassion as your base. Wherever you are you can open for the Divine to work through you. You always have free will. Pay attention to what resonates with you. How do you feel? The unknown may feel uncomfortable. Invite in who and what belongs with you. Trust the process. Don’t try and make someone fit with you. You are not here for everyone. You near a time of great change. Focus on where your focus needs to be. Do the work that comes through you. Trust your process. Trust that you will have what you need. Check in before you agree to anything. The clues are always around you.

The Light Vessel

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Surround Yourself With Vibrational Matching Attraction Energy!

Peace! Salutations! Welcome! Blessings to each of you who read our words. Another chapter of your adventures begins. Some energies come and some go. A new cast of characters will show up to help you with what you are to do now. Stop placing your focus with those who don’t belong with you. You know who will belong with you by how they feel around you. Trust what you are picking up, even when it doesn’t make sense to you. When something or someone doesn’t feel right to you, it only means it and they are not right for you. It doesn’t mean it is bad or they are bad people. You are looking for what is in resonance with you. All is about finding vibrational matches and what is in alignment with you. The divisions are taking place so pronouncedly because you are finding that there are many around you who aren’t vibrational matches for you and you are not vibrational matches for them. It is causing issues. Allow yourself to focus on what are matches for you and let others find what are matches for them. What vibrations feel good to you? Concentrate on surrounding yourself with your vibrational matches. You can surround yourself and your home with vibrational matching attraction energy. If you live with others, make sure you are including them in that energy for your home and office.

The Light Keeper

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Energy Infusions!

Open yourselves to the energies being infused in you. Breathe this energy in. This is not something you need to control or understand. It is something that will help adjust your energy, vibration, frequency and harmonics. Your new work can come in, as you are transformed into what you need to be. There is no reason to be worried or concerned about what is taking place now. You are ready for this next phase. New energies and new beings will step in to work with you. You may have some cross over energies and beings with you. You will feel this shift as it takes place. Breathe and continue to just focus on breathing. Feel the energy infuse you. Just keep opening to what is coming into you and through you. All will make sense, as this process proceeds. From this place, you will receive your new assignments.

The Light Commander

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Matrix and Harmonic Shifts and Impacts!

There are matrix and harmonics shifts taking place. Mankind is accelerating the destruction of life on your plant. Once again those in charge are focused on staying in power and greed instead of what needs to be attended to. Those of you who have been sent to help will have and know your assignments and we will also watch out for your safety. Life leaving your planet will accelerate and you are watching this take place now. Pay close attention to what you are being give and directed to do. Don’t try and add to it and embellish it. We may no longer be able to save humanity but we will do what we can to help other realities and life being affected by what humans are doing. Some of you are posted in areas with huge environmental issues. You are needed where you are. We will watch over you and help you, where we can. Do your work and you will be able to move on.

The Light Council.

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Expand Your Energy, Awareness and Senses!

It is time for you to expand your energy, awareness and your senses. You feel the lower vibrational beings taking over. Your instinct is to become small and protect yourselves but you actually need to expand and become bigger. Lower vibrational beings are loud, violent and invasive but they are not more powerful than high vibrational beings. High vibrational beings are not typically confrontational and they don’t need to be. Hold onto your higher vibrations and be what you are meant to be. Whatever skills and abilities you have are right for you. Don’t covet what others have. Create what is yours. Create a shield around you and your home so that only those who belong with you can come and be with you and around you. It may take a while for those who belong with you to find you but they will. Trust your process and the process of others. It isn’t your job to “fix” others. Let each life form find what is right for them. A new phase and life awaits each of you.

The Light Council

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There Are Many Levels Through Expansion and Awareness!

When we talk about various things with you, it may seem contradictory. You have been trained to perceive everything as black or white/all or nothing. There are many levels and potentials. There is always the possibility of “and” in the mix. You are able to have layers of more than one thing. You don’t need to quantify everything. Not everything makes logical sense. There are energy laws not in your awareness. Expand beyond your limitations and limiting beliefs. You are nearing a new level of consciousness and potentials. Allow the path of mankind to remain with mankind. Allow each life form and energy to follow its own path and journey. Seek to move beyond your perceived limitations. Think in terms of expansion and energy flow.

The Light Captain

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