July 2023

Awaken Your True Selves!

Peace! You have been trained to go to outward sources to fix you or take care of you. You have forgotten what you are and where you come from. There is a spark of your Source inside you. Awaken your true selves. Awaken your creation energy and remember what you are here to create. Don’t imposed or try and control what your process is. Be open. Enter into a place of expansion. Rejoin with your true self. Your world doesn’t need those content to follow. If you find something is lacking, create what you are missing. Let each be responsible for what they create. Help those you feel drawn to help. Trust what is within you. Know you are loved. Help is always around you. Open and receive what is yours. Learn to let go, when you need to. We send you much love!

The Light Bringers

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What Is In Your True Self!

Reset your energy. Your bodies are physical shells to help you exist on your current planet. Your societies are constructs but they are not what you are. Your DNA and energies are programmed with what you truly are. Each of you holds the genetic codes for what you truly are and where you come from. When abilities and traits show up that are not considered normal among mankind, know they are normal among what you truly are. Mankind looks at these traits as mutations but they are part of what you truly are. You will develop what you need for each piece and phase. Don’t close down. Open up. Allow the energy to flow, as it is meant to. Those of fear are trying to get you to shut down, so they can maintain control. The world needs you to open up and stand in your power!

The Light Keeper

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Know Thyself!

Peace! Know yourself. You can’t truly help others or find your way, until you know yourself. It seems like you should already be at this place. There are aspects of yourselves that are innate and won’t change. These aspects are ingrained in you. There are many more aspects that you have adopted based on the families you grew up with and communities you live in. You have adapted to what you need to do to survive among those you are with. Take time each day to rediscover your authentic self. Be brave and come from love. Give back to others what belongs to them. Pay attention to how you feel around others. What brings out your best and what brings out your worst. Pull yourself away from what brings out your worst. Pay attention to what you are picking up and reacting to. Let each being be responsible for what they create and are creating. The help you need is always around you but it might not be what you are thinking or expecting.

The Light Messenger

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Bring Light into Everything and Look For Miracles!

Peace! Bring the Light into everything you do and say! Instead of focusing on the lowest denominators, raise the vibration. Raise your thoughts and focus. We have spoken before about paying attention to what you feed. Think about what you want to promote and expand. Let those who seek to do other work do what they do. Pay attention to your work and your purpose and the aspects of your work and purpose you need to do. Don’t take on responsibilities of others. Let each be responsible for their own creations. People often create and want others to take what they create and fix it or take responsibility for it. That is not your job. Your job is to create and work with your creations. You can always choose love, kindness and compassion. You don’t need to be stuck in fear. You have choices. Things are the way they are because of the choices you each make. When someone shows you who and what they are believe them. Stop imposing what you think they should be on them or imposing what you want to be on them. Be open and aware. Stop playing games with each other. Be present and real with each other. You can still have fun and be happy and joyful. You believe drama is what makes things interesting. There are miracles in everything. Seek and find miracles. That is much more interesting. You can’t experience something fully, while you seek to ignore it.

The Light Catcher

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Open and Find Your Answers Beyond Your Constructs!

Peace! You have created constructs of who and what you are, based on what surrounds you and what others have told you. All life requires food or some sort, rest and some form of shelter. Most life requires connection with others of their kind. Life innately desires procreation in some form to keep their own life forms regenerating. Some have higher cognition and others work on instinct. Even those with higher cognition have instincts. Don’t convolute your instincts through fear or putting information in that doesn’t help you make decisions. Pay attention to what you feel around others and in situations. Most things are much easier than you imagine them to be. You have no need to convolute. Look at what motivates others. Most people come from fear and worry about consequences. Awareness will help each of you find your way and how you fit in or don’t fit into various situations. Pay attention to the way you feel and experience. Your body is good at helping you understand what is working or not working. The answers lie within you. Open to your answers and find what truly works for you. You will know the difference as you practice and pay attention.

The Light Keeper

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Rebuild Your Focus and Awareness!

Peace! Tranquility! Prosperity! Focus on these three words. What happens when you focus on these three words from an open place? When you tune in, see if there are other words you need to focus on. Don’t do anything or force anything. Just place your focus on whatever comes through for you to focus on. There will be a stage where you do things but you must rebuild your focus and expand your awareness. This is a time of new beginnings. Let each handle their work and responsibilities. Stop worrying about what others do or don’t do. You don’t get to control them. It is your responsibility to find what is right for you and your path. Let others take responsibility for their own creations. Help those who come to you for help. Guide those you are drawn to guide. Allow each to make the decisions right for them.

The Light Creator

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Awaken Your Dormant Energy and Rebuild From Your Base Energy!

Peace! Tune in and rediscover the energy within you that has been dormant. Awaken that energy. Call to you the memories, wisdom, knowledge, abilities and skills you need to fulfill your destiny and path. Awaken the light within you and allow it to shine. Your time of hiding is over. Come from a place of love, kindness and compassion in all things. Release attachments and what you no longer require. Learn to let go of what you don’t need. Lighten the load. You assume that because you have done something in the past that you still need to do it. Rebuild from your base and only keep what you need and what belongs with you. Rebuild your life and work from this place. Find jobs that resonate with you and are aligned with you. Let those who are still on the human path take the jobs that they are aligned with and let them follow their path. You need not concern yourself with what each person does. All that needs to get done will get done.

The Light Keeper

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New Phase Upon You!

Peace! The world is entering into a period of chaos. People make decisions without facts. They pick sides and real information you can verify means nothing to them. Place your faith where it belongs. If you don’t know where your faith belongs, ask your inner source for guidance. Loud is rarely the answer, unless you have been ignoring what is coming through for you. You will know the difference. Your world and lives are in transitions and transformations. A new way will soon appear. Enter where you belong here and now. You will come together with those whom you belong with. Your tribes may no longer be those you were born into. The seeds were scattered and now you must find those who truly belong with you. Find your way back to your true home. You near the end of your current reality. New doors will open. Don’t be afraid to step into them. The new that you belong in will also feel familiar to you. Be open and aware.

The Light Teachers

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Experiences and What Energy You Feed!

Peace! It is good to experience the earth and areas from different perspectives. Each of you have free will as a way of experiencing and interpreting stimulus and information. Your perspectives and beliefs are affected by the sources of information. Not all sources are reliable. People want to innately trust others. It is important to know who to trust. If someone is a proven liar, stop expecting anything reliable from them. If someone slips up, verify the information from reliable sources. Better yet, cultivate your intuition and tune into Source! That will help you find how you fit into a scenario and help you navigate information. If something is about attack and harm, stay away from it. If something is about love and compassion, pursue that. Those who feed off of fear are invested on keeping the fear going. If you are invested in love, feed that. Whatever you feed, do it consciously. Your feelings and senses will help you understand what you are feeding and helping create.

The Light Keeper

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The Great Awakening For Those Willing To Do So!

We work with you and on you at various levels. There is no singular place that we exist with you. We are multidimensional. We exist in different dimensional levels. We have respected this separation for many centuries but now we need to enlist the help of some of you. There are repatterns taking shape. Your grids and your energy circuitries are being rewired. We will not interfere with free will. We need permission to do this work with you. Your planet is going through a very different evolutionary shift. We need the help of those willing to help us with this process. We respect your choices, if this feels wrong for any of you. It is time for a great awakening to occur. We can only awaken those truly willing to awaken. We pass no decision on those who say no to this or any other process we offer you.

The Light Council

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