June 2023

Repair Energy!

You have been taught to think in terms of healing but we would like you to alter that to thinking in terms of repairing various things. Look at the energy around you and focus on repairing it. Repair the energy of relationships. Repair the energy of connecting with those who belong with you. Repair and rebuild your home and land. Some of these repairs are on the physical level but start with the energy level and build from there. You will help support the shifting taking place by doing this. The divisiveness is rupturing energy. Repair the connection between Heaven and Earth. The connection between worlds, realms and dimensions has been ruptured and needs to be repaired. Think about anything else that needs to be repaired. It is okay for people to come and go in your life. So, that might not need to be repaired. Repair the connections with those who belong with you. If you don’t know what you need to repair, ask your guides. The answer to how to do this will vary. It starts with your focus and awareness! This is not about fixing others or forcing anything on anyone. You are helping the energy by lending your energy to repair what needs to be repaired.

The Gatekeeper

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Time of Great Change and Transformation!

Use your senses to perceive beyond what appears to be. Experience the energy that surrounds you. Parts of your planet are reconfiguring now. Other parts will reconfigure later. A great migration will need to take place. Land masses are shifting and changing. Petty behaviors will not help matters. You are all brothers and sisters. The color of your skin matters not. You must work together and help each other. Having a lot of money will not help you with what is about to be. Source your power and your energy. Be where you are guided to be. Tune into what is being asked of you. Everything you think you know is about to change on a large scale. This is not where you will stay. Your planet is about to be reseeded with new life. Each of you will be assigned where you need to be. This is a time of transformation and change. It is time to evaluate what is truly important to you and what you value. Be authentic. There is nothing to fear in this process. Breathe and pay attention to your inner voice.

The Light Guardian

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Prepare the Way For The Energies/Beings Meant To Join You!

Prepare the way for those meant to join you. Ask them what they need to come in and be with you. Many of you will soon be relocated as this planet is reconfigured. The next phase is forming. The planet will sustain life but in a very different form. An event takes place to hasten this shift. Tune into what your part is and how you can help. When you receive your guidance and direction, don’t add to what comes through. Do what is asked of you. Do not fear this process. Clear yourself of fear and come from a place of love. Feel the expansiveness of this process. There is much more than what you perceive and experience as reality. Each of you know what is right for you. Trust what you are picking up. That is what leads you to your next direction.

The Light Force

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Generate the Energy and Power You Need From Within!

Up to now, we have focused on passive energy and helping you recognize the energy and preparing you for the changes taking place. We have helped you with skills to remember who and what you truly are. You have been guided towards awareness. Start now focusing on generating the energy and power you need within you, through you and around you. Your guidance may be coming from outside sources or sources within you. The protection you require may come from outside sources or from within you. If you don’t know where it comes from, ask! Ask what you are meant to work on and do as your work. Your planet is constantly changing, as are you. You are only victims, if you choose to be. Your spirit chooses experiences. If something isn’t working, make different choices. See people and situations for what they are. You are able to make better choices from a place of awareness. Source your power and energy. You are all creators. Every thought, word, action and focus are constantly creating. You hold the keys for much of what manifests in your lives and experiences. Be aware of that and create consciously.

The Creator

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Transforming Your Life!

Think about the life that you truly want. Let go of the victim energy and instead focus on transforming your life and energy into what you want it to be. Don’t worry about appearances. Check in and see if something is right for you for this current lifetime or some aspect of your current lifetime. If it is, you can transform that aspect of your life into what you desire. This is about being a conscious creator. As a spirit, you made agreements to have various experiences and play certain roles. Once you have completed those pieces, you can transform the energy into what you prefer. Some of the loops you have created are things you are stuck in. In those cases, you can decide to break the loop. If you are not on the path you need to be on, you can ask for and receive help getting on the path you need to be on. There are many who seek to get people off their path for various reasons. Those of ego and manipulation let ego and manipulation determine their behaviors and they will manipulate others to do as they wish. Be clear about what aspects of your life you wish to change and transform. You might want to open your awareness to why you are creating what you are creating and how it serves. When you understand something, you will find it easier to change it.

The Light Keeper

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Work with What You Do Have and Not With What You Don’t Have!

Work with what you have. People often focus on wanting more and they focus on what they perceive as lacking. It is the reverse of what allows you to create. No matter where you are in life, you have something. Start with what you do have and build on that. Possessions are not the answers to what is forming. It doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things that you value and appreciate. We don’t have any issues with wealth, abundance and prosperity. We do want you to be abundant but the definition may be different from what you assume. We see abundance as appreciation for the beauty and wonders around you and appreciation for what you currently have. Appreciate where you are and what you are. Find something to like wherever you are. It might not be the surroundings but it could be someone around you. Be willing to learn and experience. Stop judging each other as lacking. You have the abilities to change circumstances. Recognize others are scared and feel lost. Be there for each other. You need to stop division and fear as ruling you and your decisions. You have much more in common than not. All of you are trying to figure things out and figure life out. You hold your own perceptions and realities but it doesn’t mean you are right and others are wrong. You are a melting pot. You each have free will to create. You don’t need to block the rights of others for you to be successful. In fact, you are going to be more successful supporting the rights of each to figure out what is right for them. Hate and division will not allow healing. In order to promote healing, you must love each other from a pure place. Loving each other doesn’t mean you agree with each other but it does mean kindness and compassion towards each other.

The Light

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The Questions You Ask and The Creations You Manifest!

The questions you ask determine the answers you receive. The thoughts you focus on help create what you have in your life. You also bring in the beliefs of others in the equation. If something isn’t working the way you think it should, you might need to change your stories. Maybe it isn’t meant to work as you think it should. Your thoughts, beliefs and desires all go into what you create and attract. People often think they are creating one thing, when they are creating the opposite. If you are stuck in fear, you can’t recognize unconditional love. Most people try to create wealth by focusing on what they don’t have. Those who seek to harm others are submerged in fear and insecurity. Just because someone is in a power position doesn’t mean they have their act together. You can see insecurity in those in leadership. Adults are just as insecure as children but it is on a different level. When you are ready to create and manifest consciously, ask what you should create and manifest. This might be very different from what you think the answer should be. Ask what steps you should take to create and manifest what comes through. It is okay to approach everything with I don’t know. Be willing to start from a blank place of openness. If you had the answers, you would have the creation. Sometimes you are coming from a place, belief or approach that stops the energy flow of creation. Breathe and be willing to try new things and approaches. Find what works for you.

The Light Giver

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Finding Your True Purpose and True Destiny!

People seek a purpose. Your purpose and destinies are built inside you. Your spirit is programmed for what you need. Find what you are interested in learning and engaging in. Not everyone is meant to be on the high vibrational path. Whatever frequency and vibration you resonate at is perfect for whatever you are here for. The grass is not greener on the other side. You are where you are. There is something for you right where you are. If you are drawn to be somewhere else, go there and see what is there for you or what you are there to learn and do. Some of you seek ways to escape but you will move on, when the time is right and not before. Whatever you need to know will reveal itself in due course. You can learn, study and grow wherever you are. Know and understand this. Open up to who and what you truly are. You will attract what belongs with you from this place. Invite in what belongs with you and to you. That is how you need to create and manifest by focusing on being who and what you are and attracting who and what belongs with you and to you.

The Light Creator

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Let In What Asks for You to Let It In!

Take some time in the morning and evening to let in whatever asks you to let it in. Focus on transforming into what you are meant to be. You don’t need to fear what comes through, unless you are focused on fear and believe in a punishing system. If you are fear based, do not do this request. Breathe and focus on coming from a place of love, when you do this request. Be open in this process. The right spirits, energies, beings and life forms will come in and approach you to be let in. Your transformation into what you are meant to be will be perfect for you and what you need to be and do. Each of you will find your way with this process. Before you can go where you need to go, you must first become what you need to be!

The Light Worker

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The Experiment, Transitions and Transformations!

You are all part of an experiment. You were created and given free will. You have had many lifetimes to play out different sexes, levels of power and scenarios. In each lifetime, you have played many roles and had many experiences. The hope was it would bring you back to the truth of what you are and where you belong. Many of you feel discomfort in the separation and you look for ways to connect. It is time for you to focus on connecting with your Source, the spirits, beings, energies and life forms you belong with. Also return to where you belong by focusing on returning to where you belong. This planet is only one sense of reality. Other planets create other experiences and constructs. It is time to break the patterns no longer necessary. As you return to where you belong, your memories of what you truly are will be returned to you. Each lifetime you come in with a clean slate and you are shaped by the genetics of your form, your environment and people of whatever lifetime you are in. Some of you have memories of other realities. You need to remember now who and what you truly are. Allow new realities to play out. You are nearing the end of your time on this world. Don’t fear this next transition. It will happen gradually. Most of the spirits here at this time have agreed to take part in these transitions and transformations. All will be well. Each will end up where they need to be and in perfect timing.

The Creator

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