May 2023

Preparing For Your Missions!

You each have a mission now. Your work has changed because of the current needs that are manifesting throughout many realms. The exponential growth of anger and fear compounded with the weapons of mass destruction have necessitated the call to help shift the energy. Awareness without attachment will help you with this current phase. Your human existence nears a precipice. If it was just one species, we would not concern ourselves but when it impacts so many other species and worlds, we need to step in. Open to the guidance coming to you and through you. The challenge is to change what is taking place without getting in the way of free will. Each of you must decide what you are and what you will be. Start with yourselves. Start with the energy you wish to be and bring through you. Attacks don’t work on people of hate and fear. It only feeds their narrative. Detaching from the energy of hate and fear allows you to come from a different place. Not holding fear doesn’t block awareness of cause and effect. You are still aware of danger and sound choices. Come from a place of logic and love.

The Gate Master

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Your Thoughts and Focus Affect What Shows Up Around You!

Mankind has always looked for ways to dominate and control “others.” There are groups who focus on them and us. They silence those whom they perceive as different. There are those who seek to keep groups in fear and hatred. People think conflict is interesting but peace is dull. This behavior has always existed among various life forms and societies. You have always had choices. We have watched these behaviors for many of millions of years. We realize that is within your natures. When you step away from those behaviors, you need to reframe who and what you are. You each were given free will. You must respect free will for all life. You get to decide who and what you will be. Your thoughts form the energy around you. Your thoughts and focus shift what shows up around you. It can take consistent refocusing to see the changes around you appear physically. That is up to each of you to reframe the energy around you. We will not tell you what you need to focus on. Start with something that is important to you. Then, you can expand and add new pieces from there.

The Light Command

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Stop Giving Your Power and Choices to Others!

Peace! There is much anger and attacking going on. There are many who seek to grow fear, anger and hatred. Instead of embracing the differences among you, there are those who seek to force beliefs and their sense of morality on all of you. This will hasten the destruction of mankind. Your variations and differences are where the answers lie. If you destroy the pieces that add to the rich tapestry of life, you destroy your world. You could instead choose love, kindness and compassion. You could choose love and support of each other, instead of trying to knock each other down. You have free will. Stop giving your power and choices away. You hold your breath hoping that people in leadership will make the right choices to help people and society but instead you watch them deflect from the piece that will actually help your communities. Stop waiting for leaders to help people. Help each other. If the masses reject hateful behaviors to instead help those around them, your leaders will no longer have the power to harm others.

The Light Keeper

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Beings and Energies Seeking To Channel Through Humans!

Brothers and Sisters,

Many of you have some being or energy who wants to channel inside you, through you and work through you. You will be conscious of this process. Your human physical structure will allow this to be possible. Your energy and spirit will act as the bridge to allow the channel to take place. Whoever connects with you will guide you in this process. We all hold a consciousness but we may not have physical forms and we may not have names you recognize or understand. We are working on an energy level. You will not be lost in this process. You will be conscious, aware and in control of your human forms. You will perceive differently, depending on who or what is connecting and joining with you. We have tried many things with humans. We are working at preventing the destruction that is forming. The beings and energies who become your partners by joining with you are peaceful, loving beings. We seek to help but we need to enlist your help. This process will not be harmful to you or those around you. It may feel uncomfortable, while you are in the midst of the transition. Breathe through the process. We will help with as much of the process as we are able. We appreciate and value those of you willing to unite with those working with you. We need to work in concert. You have the option of saying no to this and we will continue to seek others who say yes to this proposition.

We send blessings to you either way!

The Galactic Star Council

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Energy Getting Your Attention!

When something shows up and keeps showing up, there is a message for you or something you are connected to. It will keep showing up until you work with the energy and understand its message. You might see patterns in the people who are showing up. You might see patterns in what you experience. Pay attention. It will not leave or change until you understand it. Some experiences will be quick and others may take longer. Everything around you is communicating with you. Not all messages are yours but energy will keep looking until it finds someone to acknowledge it and work with it. You are not alone in working though anything. Open to the help available to you. You might not understand something but keep opening to it. It will make sense eventually. The energy can get intense, when it is getting your attention. There are more intense messages right now because the shift is upon you and you can’t keep deflecting your attention.

The Light Keeper

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Pay Attention To The Energy Around You and What You Align With!

Take time to be with energy within you and around you. Breathe and experience the energy. It is time to step back from the noise and chaos. Pay attention to the energy. Where is the energy flowing and where is it stagnant? What energy helps you grow and thrive? What energy is now toxic to you? Each of you is ready to evolve or devolve. The energy you are aligning with will move you towards your next piece. The schism is becoming more pronounced. There are those accelerating the destruction of life on your planet. There are those who are accelerating evolution of those ready to evolve. There is no straddling the energy sides. There are those who try to heal the rifts but that will not be successful. Each must follow their own paths. Spirits will be assigned to where they need to go now. Each of you have your work to do. It starts with awareness of energy and learning to work with it instead of against it. Discern which energy belongs with you and which energy isn’t right for you. You will get a sense of this quickly.

The Navon

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Open to Your True Missions!

What you each are and where you truly come from is not the important piece here and now. Why you are here at this time and how you need to help is the more important piece. What can you do to be of help? Ask for guidance so that you can understand that answer. You are nearing a time of great change and evolution. Those of fear are fearful of not being in control. Your work doesn’t need you to hold their hands. Many of you will be able to hold day jobs and still do your real work. Others will find other ways to do the work assigned to you and take care of your earthly needs. Keep opening to what your missions are. Follow your paths laid out for you. The forms you reside in are designed to allow you to exist on your current planet but they are not who and what you are. Source your true selves. You will gain a much better understanding of why you are here at this time. Your time of blending in is at an end.

The Gate Keeper

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Your Physical Bodies and Missions

You are each in physical forms but these are merely shells, which allow you to experience the physical reality. You have real bodies but they are not most likely where you currently are now. The bodies you currently inhabit are on loan to you. You take care of them the best you can but realize they are not who and what you truly are. Your bodies in whatever form you reside in absorb energy and respond to the energy. Toxic energy, words, actions and deeds will be absorbed as toxins. You can help counter this by generating positive, loving energy. You don’t get to control others. You don’t get to fix who others are. They are responsible for who and what they are. Stop pretending that people are what you want them to be. Perceive them for what they truly are. Open to why you are here at this time. The form you are in isn’t the important piece. What you are here to be or do is the important piece. Once you get a sense of what that is, you will know how to proceed. The illusions of being part of the human reality are fading now. As you awaken, you will understand more about your missions!

The Light Keeper

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Help Your World Transform!

There is transformational work that each of you will be asked to do. What currently is taking place doesn’t reflect what needs to be. Focus on whatever you are drawn to transform into what it needs to be. Focus on transforming yourselves into what you each need to be. The earth is changing and being prepared for what it needs to be. We need you to help it along. Don’t allow the noise that surrounds you to interfere with what your work is. Utilize your power and energy the way it needs to be utilized. Things designed to make you outraged and are meant to drain you seek to have you join those of lower vibration. They are accelerating the destruction of humanity. Stop pretending their words matter. Instead, look at what they are doing. Perceive through and past the noise and be aware of what is really taking place. Take back your power and stand in your power. You can no longer be passive observers for what is taking place. Start with shifting your focus to where it needs to be. The actions you need to take will come as the energy forms. You will know how to proceed.

The Light Creator

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Decide Who and What You Want to Be!

I know you watch your world and want to create change. You see people imposing harmful rules and you see denigration from one group against another group. Greed and thirst for power causes some to ignore what is taking place. You can’t destroy resources and your environment and expect to have life as you know it survive. However, you each need to decide who and what you are. You must decide your paths. There is much around you both seen and unseen that will add or detract from your experiences. Think about what you are and what you are meant to be and invite that into your life. Cull out what doesn’t match the life you want to create. You can’t continue to do the same thing and expect different results. Start with what you want to create and then ask for guidance on what you need to do. You can’t change others. You need to keep your focus on what you want to create. The energy will find a way to manifest. Those who belong with you will show up.

The Light Master

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