April 2023

Your New Energy Convergence!

Peace be with you! Let yourselves open to your energy convergence. You will be joining forces with other energies soon who will help you on your way. You will help each other. There is an energy shift forming among you and all life. The energies needed to help you on your way will connect with you and work through you. Keep bringing your focus where it needs to be. Allow yourselves to go with your energy shifts. Those of you willing to engage with this process will experience an evolutionary change and shift. You will experience an awakening. Those who choose to stay asleep will continue to sleep. Humans are at a pivotal moment. Your survival is on the line. Stop allowing those of fear to sabotage you and deflect your attention from where it needs to be. Take back your power and focus on what you need to do with it. Your real work is upon you.

Sylar and the Light Angels

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Adjust Your Energy and Frequencies! Work from Your Heart Center!


You will help heal your planets and societies by working through your heart centers. The hatred and fear are meant to stoke divisions, when you need to come together. Accumulating more possessions will mean nothing, if you destroy the environments you live in. War and domination are about destruction for the sake of domination and greed. What good does it serve, when the land is no longer livable and you have caused death and destruction? You should be further along on your evolutionary path. Man is still focused on domination, power and ownership of more. What do you truly need to thrive and enjoy life? The answers may surprise you. With your time on your planet, what can you contribute to be of service and improve the quality of life around you? What are you drawn to? Find your answers before you help others find their answers. Your true answers will not be about controlling or fixing others. Adjust your energy and frequency to what they are meant to be from within and they will change your life, desires and creations!


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New Day and New Moments! Venture Forth!

This is a new day and a new moment. Open yourself to what this day and moment hold for you. What is your new assignment? Open yourself for what comes through. In this new process, you will find that you pull more and more away from the societies of mankind. You will gravitate to those who are meant to be with you and work with you. You will find you no longer desire to be part of fear and hostility. Let go of the burdens you carry. Let each take on their own mantle. You are nearing a cosmic shift where you no longer feel the need to play games of manipulation. Follow the path that reveals itself for you. Whatever you need will show up along the way. Those who belong with you will also show up. Each journey starts with one step. Each successive step will take you along the way. Twists and turns will be part of your journey. Hold true to who and what you truly are. You are your own constant energy. Throughout all lifetimes, your spirit is with you and will always be with you. There is no manual to cover everything but help is always with you. Be brave and venture forth.

The Light Maker and Sylar

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The World Shows You What Needs Healing!

Peace Brothers and Sisters!

Your current world is in need of healing. What is showing up in your bodies and through behaviors around you shows you what needs healing. Those who lash out are expressing their pain, fears and what is broken within them. What someone lashes out against is what they need to heal within them. Many of you confuse power with the need to be in control. Power is your energy flow. You can use your power to create what you are meant to create. It is not a show of power to harm others. You all need each other. You have no control over what another person does. What you see that is dysfunctional is the broken or hurt part of others and it shows you what to look at within you. Focus on healing the energy that is out of balance. Your bodies and the energies around you show you where to start and what to focus on. Pay attention to what is showing up around you. Keep asking questions and open to the answers. If you don’t get answers, change your questions. Realize that the answers will come to you in ways you will understand but they are in symbols, sensations and through your senses. The way other beings communicate with you is ever changing. Stay open and aware!

Sylar and the Star People

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Bring Your Focus Where It Needs To Be!

You are in a place where dimensional worlds collide. The mistakes of your dimensions are repeating themselves over and over again. The need to dominate, control and suppress people will portend the extinction of humans. Other life forms will regenerate. Unless you stop doing what you are doing and choose a different path, you are setting a course of ending humans on your world. Power for the sake of power serves no true purpose. The few hoarding the power and resources have never been successful. Each life form holds power within it. Your answers exist in each of you waking up and doing what you are truly meant to do. You can no longer play the victims. Don’t allow fear and anger to rule you. Perpetuating violence will hasten your destruction. Tune into where your focus needs to be and then proceed from there. Stop allowing deflections to keep your attention. If you get stuck, ask for help. Help is always available to you.


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Find Ways to Make Something Better through Love, Kindness and Compassion!

Instead of focusing on those who seek to harm others and your earth, look for ways to help make things better. Look at those who work to make the world more loving and kind. It seems that more and more people are gaining power through fear and suppressing rights. The attention is being focused more and more on that. There are good people seeking ways to help the earth and its inhabitants. Stop your focus on destruction. Focus on something you are passionate about and your focus goes there. Build your passion on a foundation of love, kindness and compassion. Use products that don’t harm the environment and your bodies. Stop trying to harm others who might be different from you. If it doesn’t pass the love, kindness and compassion test, stop giving it power. You each have choices. You can continue on the path of fear or you can choose the path of love! Make your choices wisely! Don’t fear endings and new beginnings. Start by choosing who you will be!

The Light Commander

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Messages Through Our Bodies!

When you pick up that something isn’t yours but you still feel it within you, ask it for more information. Something or someone might be trying to get your attention or give you a message. Ask for the information to be clear. If something is showing up in your life, there is a message for you. Your body is a barometer showing you where to look. The messages will get louder in your body, until figure it out. The problem is most of you will try to get rid of the message or deaden the pain without working on figuring out the message. You can save yourself a lot of pain, if you keep opening to the messages coming through you. You can return what isn’t yours to work on or work with. If something keeps showing up, you have some work to do with it. It will persist, until you figure it out. Once you figure it out, it will release or shift.

The Light Keeper

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What is healing? Most of you have an expectation of what it means to heal. Most of you have an experience that shows up and you perceive it as wrong. It might be an illness, a fractured relationship, a fracture of an object. What you perceive as wrong or in need of fixing, you would construe as needing healing. This is where a different perspective comes in. All that you have and create is part of a process. You have cause and effect. Energy forms through singular and collective thoughts and actions. It is all part of various processes. Your thoughts and experiences generate other thoughts and experiences. Your bodies and energy respond to your every thought, what you feed in your bodies, what you feed your minds and what surrounds you. When you focus consciously on what you desire, pay attention to what shows up. Tune into your options and open to the path leading to the desired creation. As things show up, ask them what they are there to show you and teach you. Feelings in your bodies are your teachers and promote your learning. Healing and its process are great teachers. Each experience will lead you to something valuable. If you have a broken bone, get it set and then process its creation. It is fine to seek medical attention for ailments. It is fine to repair things that are broken. We want you to add process of communicating to the creation into the mix, so you have a better understanding of what is forming, being created and how it serves you.

The Light Creator

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Work with Forces of Nature!

Humans look at the forces of nature as working against them. They perceive a struggle with nature as them versus us. Man has accelerated many things that will hasten their demise on this planet. Man seeks to control and force nature to man’s will. That will never be successful. Nature constantly provided signs for those paying attention. Greed will never win out. Everything you have from your physical form on are only on loan to you. They help you with each piece of your creations. Nature doesn’t care about your religion, your race, your political beliefs, your sex, your sexual orientation or your social economical condition. You are in nature’s path. Nature is not in your path. You will not be successful trying to force nature to your will. You must pay attention to what nature does around you. Work with nature. Work with all and help each other. Come back into your power. There are a lot of deflections of attention around you. Return your focus where it needs to be and go from there. Stop enabling those who don’t belong in your leadership positions. Each of you must work together to make things better for all life.


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Welcome to a New Chapter in Your Life!

Peace! It is time to clear away what you are holding onto that no longer serves you or your world. Your energy systems are changing. What you are used to consuming will no longer work. You need to rediscover what nourishes your bodies and your energy systems. What do you actually need to thrive? What feels good and what no longer feels good? What do you only do because you think you should do it? Are you inviting guidance in? When you receive answers do you listen to the guidance or do you ignore it? What is your life trying to tell you? Breathe. Breathe again! Keep breathing. You are in a new chapter of your life. Be willing to see where it takes you. Be willing to let go of what isn’t working for you anymore. Each day is a new chance to create. You are loved and valued.

The Gate Keeper and the Sisters of Light

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