March 2023

Endings, Beginnings and Transitions!

Each ending is a new beginning. There is an exodus of much life on your planet. Mankind has been the architect to this acceleration of this transition. If you wish to help soften the transition, find your connection to all life and all that exists. You are interconnected to all life and you need to work together. All life is intertwined. Pull your focus from the noise. Find your inner peace. Open to where your focus is needed. Keep bringing your focus to where it is needed. Ask to be made aware of what your work is and your part in the plan. You are each needed to play your role. Return to your path. Keep resetting yourself, until you are in alignment with your true mission and purpose.

Azna and Anubis

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Productive Ways of Creating!

Creation is within all. Most use a form of passive creation where they just take what shows up. There is an active form of creation where people consciously focus on what they want to create or a variation of it. They start from a place of lack of something and expand on the lack. They try to manipulate and force the creation of something. This rarely ends well. It feeds something other than what they say they want. It is better if you can learn to work in concert with what you want or desire. Become friends and partners with the creation and the energy. How does the energy feel? Pay attention to all of your senses. What is blocking the energy flow? Are you stifling the energy and creation? Do you have a voice in your head telling you why something won’t work? This is different from a guide telling you that something isn’t for you. Talk to the energy and the creation. See what it wants to share. Ask if something is right for you. If you hear no, be willing to move on. If you hear yes with changes then make the changes. If you hear yes then form a bond with what you want to create and work with the flow! If something you specifically think you want is a no, ask if there is a variation that might be right for you. You are learning your own personal way of creating. You are never in this alone.

The Light and Osiris

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There is quickening of souls leaving their physical bodies. Don’t think of this as death. It is merely transitions. Spirits return to their place among spirits, where they are prepared for their next assignments. Each culture and religion have their rituals for sending spirits of loved ones on their way. You mourn and grieve your loss. Some cultures celebrate the life lived. The same types of rituals take place when spirits are placed in bodies in your world and other worlds. There is love on both sides of the equations. Follow your paths and destinies. Enjoy your loved ones for the times you are together. You are escorted to your realm and from your realm. Each experience will add to your soul’s growth. Let go of your fear of death. Your bodies are on loan to you so you may traverse your physical place. You inhabit your physical forms but they are not what you are. Bring your focus to your work. When something shows up, tune into how to handle it and work with it.

The Light and Anubis

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Take Back Your Power!

Your planet is only a speck in all of creation. It is your world and home but realize you are only a small piece in the vastness of creation. The egos that rule do damage to life on your planet. Their greed will cause the destruction of life on your world. They are arrogant enough to think it won’t impact them. Every life that is harmed is interwoven into the fabric of the all. To judge some lives as valuable and others as worthless is a mistake. You need all of creation working to find answers. You need to value all life on your planet. It is part of life and existence.

Each of you need to take back your power. Be active participants in your life and choices. Each decision you make or don’t make goes into your matrix of your life. Your thoughts and focus are the keys to your power and your creations. Do not take them lightly. Find your true vibrational matches. Let go of what aren’t vibrational matches. You know the answer to what is and what isn’t a vibrational match through your senses. Don’t dismiss them. Something might look perfect for you but feels off. Something might look off but feels right. Don’t just engage one sense in this process. They are all important in the equation. Utilize your intuitive energy and guidance. Trust your process.

The Light Keeper

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Where Does Your Focus Need to Be!

Peace! Prosperity to you all! Your focus is powerful. Yet, most of you allow others to distract your focus. There are always various things trying to deflect your attention and focus. There is much competing for your focus. The base of fear is used to motivate you. Media and politicians use fear to make you engage. It is exhausting to always be in fear and outrage. You need to stop looking for “the others” and realize you are all connected in this journey. You look different from each other and may have different like and dislikes but you share something at your core levels. You have your own paths and journeys but there are times where you all intersect. Your cores are the source of your life force and power. You need to heal your cores and regenerate, recharge and rejuvenate them. What you have been creating isn’t working. You need to shift course into a place of love, kindness and compassion. Tune into where your focus needs to be. Practice your focus and bringing your mind back to where you focus is truly needed.

The Light Command

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Committed Relationships!

In marriage or any committed relationship, you are entering into a contract with each other. You have some agreed upon rules for the relationship. If something changes, both parties need to agree upon the new rules. That only can happen when you are honest with each other. Lies breed contempt and can create ugly situations and consequences. With honesty each party can choose to stay or go or find something that works. You can’t, in good faith, take away the choices and decisions from your partner. If something doesn’t work out, there is something else on the horizon for you. You must be open to your options. In a healthy relationship, you choose each other daily and you choose to work out life together. It is best if you can do this from a place of love and nourishing the relationship. Be honest and see things for what they are. Make informed decisions.

Goddess Hera

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Give Yourself Time in Quiet!

Peace! What do you do in the moments of quiet, when you don’t receive information? How does quiet feel to you? Is it comfortable or does it make you feel uncomfortable? Quiet can be the breather that you need where nothing is required or asked of you. It is a place to regroup. Breathe! Relax into this space. Allow it to be just as it needs to be. Be open and unattached. Allow this quiet to be what it needs to be. Breathe! Pay attention to what you feel and experience in this place without any judgment. Keep breathing! Relax! When you let go, how do you feel? All that exists needs time to regroup. Give yourself permission to be in quiet and experience it.


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Connect to Your Original Creator!

Reconnect yourself to your original Creator. You need to reconnect to your core source. It is time for each of you to reset your energy and remember what you truly are. Next, tune into how you can help, at this time from where you are. There is a process of resetting the planet you are on. There is a revival of your energy and the life force of your current planet. We are not calling your planet Earth because names can be arbitrary. Go back to the essence of each life form. You have conjured pasts, which all feed the present and future. Let go and find your authenticity. Allow yourself to reset. Build from within. Build from your core energy.

The Light Matrix

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Find Your Connection To Your Core Energy!

Each life force has created many layers around them. There are layers of learning and indoctrination which all color beliefs. Strip down to your core foundation. Find the place where you connect with your core energy. Find a place of simplicity. From this place, assess your life, dreams, desires and aspirations. What belongs with you and what doesn’t? What resonates with you and what doesn’t? Find your core values. Create from this place. Your authenticity is invaluable in your life process. Rediscover what is yours and what you value. What work brings you towards your true purpose? Some work may be needed to get you where you need to go. Your journey and path may need twists and turns to bring you where you need to be.

The Light and the Progenitor

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Find Your Own Way of Creating!

Peace! Providence! Connect yourself to the grid you belong connected with. Find your own way of creating. You can study the way other people do things. They may only be showing you the way other people say to do something or they may be teaching what worked for them. It is important that you find what works for you. We refer to working with energy and creation. There are some processes and rules you might need to adhere to in some aspects of your life for your safety and the safety of those around you. When it comes to you creating, you need to find your own personal connection to the energy. There is no one size fits all approach. You might need help in accessing your connection to your power source but after that, you need to experiment and find your own way. Even accessing your power source may vary. Be open to trying various techniques. We suggest you create from a place of love and with the intention of making something better or out of alignment. As you play with the energy, this advice will become apparent. Work with the energy in concert. Try to avoid forcing control and manipulation because forcing control and manipulation will always come back at you in some form.

The Light Keeper and Progenitor

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