February 2023

All Aspects of Existence!

Life, death and rebirth are all part of existence. There are many realities. You pass through existences. All experiences are shaping in the moment. They are not punishments or rewards . They are manifestations of your life and focus. Energy may feel solid and fixed but it is not. All is what it needs to be to help you further your experiences. When you feed anger and hate or accept anger and hate, it foments energy within you. Be willing to release what isn’t working in your life. If you don’t like an experience, be willing to learn from it, release it and move on. If there is something you need to work through, the experience will keep showing up, until you learn what you need from it. All are moments put together. Everything is a gift. You just may not see it, at the time. All spirits agree to various experiences and interactions but things look very different on this plane of existence. Forgive those who cause you pain. Release them and move on. You get to decide what is right for you. You don’t need to carry trauma into future lives.

The Portal Guardian

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New Beginnings and Fresh Starts!

Today is a fresh start. Today is a place of new beginnings! Let go of everything you think you are and everything you think you know! Let go of what you assume your work is. Be open and see what energy wants to flow through you. Do this without judgement of what you think you know. When your team gives you information, take it as it is. Don’t add to it or make it an intellectual pursuit. All is what it is. You each have your path and where it takes you is up to you. You have free will. You each have experiences your soul desires. Each fork in the road will take you where you need to go from the direction you choose. You can always make a different choice. If you desire a certain experience, you can ask for that path to make itself available to you. That is why we ask you to perceive each moment as a new beginning and a fresh start.

The Forces of Life

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Nature and Life Forces!

Peace be with thee! Everything in nature has a life force. All have some energy or being watching over them. The vibrations vary. Treat all that is with respect and honor. Sentient and non-sentient beings deserve love and respect. Life and death are merely transitions into different forms of reality. All life has cycles. All is connected to your perceptions. Your perceptions aren’t necessarily right or wrong. They are your perceptions. Open up the way you connect with what surrounds you. Bring attention to your interactions with all life and all energy. Unite with your source and allow your source to flow through you. That will help you with your transitions and transformation right here and now.

The Light Keeper and the Guardian of the Earth

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Welcome! Greetings to thee. You each have an inner beacon. It is time that you focus on your beacon being on and activated. This beacon is a sensor that will call in and attract those who are mean to join you. Those you are connected with needed your beacons off, so you could blend in. It is time to have them on and activated. You no longer need to blend in. You will attract those who belong with you and become what you truly are. Your lives are shifting. It is time! Be at peace! All is what it needs to be.

The Light Giver and the Malik

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Shifts, Transitions and Transformations!

Peace!  Enter the realm you belong to!  There is much that is about to take place on this earth plane.  You will find that many leave your current planet on a large scale. The method for their transitions will differ.  Those of you who remain will be given various tasks to perform.  There is nothing to fear.  If you remain, you are meant to remain and help those who are here to help.  There will be a convergence of many life forms on your planet during this transition and transformation.  Do not participate in the chaos that is about to ensue.  Pull yourself out of that energy.  Focus on your core and ground yourself through your inner energy.  Your outer world is about to shift and change on a large scale.  You who hear our words will be taken care of and utilized to help us with what is about to take place.  Those who leave will also be taken care of but in a different way.  Do not get wrapped up in what appears to be.  There are many forces at work with what is about to take place.

The Light Keeper and the Gate Keeper

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Awaken Your True Self and True Energy!

What manner of being or energy are you truly meant to be?  Ask this question and open to the answer that comes through.  Don’t try and impose what you think or assume the answer is or should be.  Truly be open.  Much is changing and altering around us all.  There is a huge shift.  It may seem like people are losing their minds and forgetting civility.  The energy is affecting all life in your world.  Many who exist on your planet are only borrowing human genomes and human forms to be able to be in your world, at this time.  Many of you are waking up to your true lives and purpose.  It starts with remembering what you are truly meant to be.  We suggest you truly let go of what you think you know and what you assume is true.  It is time you awaken now to your true selves.  The truth lies within your energy.

The God Light and the Barak

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Shifting Energies and Beings!

Peace!  Welcome In!

We enjoy our connecting with you.  Each of you have some being/beings or energy/energies who wish to connect with you and work with you.  Welcome them in.  Allow them to communicate with you.  They will seek the easiest way to get your attention.  Pay attention.  You will develop your own way of receiving their communications.  At first, it might seem like 20 questions or guessing but you will eventually figure it out.  The energy gets stronger, until you give them your attention and figure out who is communicating with you and what they want to share.  You will find that you figure things out easier, once you start paying attention and getting in the groove.  You will find your flow with those working with you and around you.  It is past time to develop your connection with those communicating with you and connecting with you.  The reason we are bringing this topic up is because you are in a place where many of you are working with energies and beings who might be new to you and you need to refigure out how to do your work with them.  Each time things shift in this way, you are starting over with new beings and energies.  You need to get to know each other and the best way to work together.

The Light Healer

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Seek Simple Pleasures and Be Open!

Peace!  Let the light shine upon you.  Seek simple pleasures.  Truly show up and connect with nature.  Be present with the cycles of nature.  Celebrate the cycles of nature and life.  All are merely transitions.  All energy is vibrations and in constant flow!  All that exists hold its own vibration and frequency.  Stop thinking of attacking issues.  Instead be with whatever shows up from a place of love.  Be open to receiving!  Create a flow of giving and receiving.  Bring your full self wherever you are.  You are your own unique compilation of energy and vibrations.  Your thoughts are energy and vibrations.  All are perfect for your journey and creations.  If you see something missing, be willing to create it.

The Light and the Basheet

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Seek Authentic Desires and Creations!

Drop pretensions.  Let go of seeking status.  Be authentic and true to who and what you are.  It is fine to have nice things around you that you value.  It is fine and preferable that you surround yourself with what you enjoy and value.  What holds meaning to you?  That is what you want around you.  Don’t worry about impressing other people.  Those who truly love you and belong with you will love you just as you are.  Those you seek to impress who don’t care about you will never see your gifts.  Place your energy  and gifts where they truly belong.  Be who you truly are.  Learn what you are drawn to study and learn.  Place your energy and gifts where they truly belong.  You will know where they belong by how you feel.  Seek joy and to feel good.  Yes, things happen in life that elicit other feelings and you might need to go through various things that don’t feel good.  When you bring love into every experience, you will know how to navigate whatever life brings into your experiences.  You want joy and feeling good to be the larger part of your experiences.

The Baca

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Go Back to Basics!

Peace be with thee!

Return to basics.  Every thought and every desire need to start from some place.  What is that for you?  Let go of all the noise and the belief in “should.”  Simplify the energy of everything in your life and your path.  Everything you do, say and choose is all part of your creation process.  Is it in alignment with the true you and your life purpose?  When you go back to basics and the base level of your energy, you are able to create authentically.  Find what is right for you from a place of clear awareness.

The Light Keeper

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