January 2023

New Adventures Await!

It is time for you to step through your portal into your next phase. There is no end or beginning.  There is transition and you are as ready as you could possibly be for what is next. Breathe and stay open for the adventures that await and open for you.  There is nothing to fear in what now lays before you.  Tune into the love that has always been around you and with you.  We are proud of you and love you dearly.  New adventures await.  Welcome to your next phase and new adventures!

The Gate Keepers

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New Phase!

Blessed Ones,

The end of one phase is upon you and the beginning of a new phase is upon you.  As doors close, other doors open.  We have been sharing information with you for years and now you must put the pieces together.  The help you have received may have changed over the years but the help has always remained available to you.  Don’t worry about the form the help arrives in.  Just know the help is there whenever you need it.  You are loved and valued every step of the way now and always.

The Gate Keeper

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Open To The Energy Flow!

Peace!  Open to the flow of energy.  It exists all around you. Most of you miss it because you are caught up in your agendas and to do lists.  Take time to breathe and be open.  Let go of your need to constantly do and allow yourself to be fully present and aware.  What you truly need to do will emanate from this place.  You will have a better understanding of what needs to be around you and where to focus your energy.  The world you live in seems to be convoluted.  Go back to simplicity.  Eat foods that are what they are meant to be.  Drink water that has been purified.  Take care of your physical forms and your spiritual selves.  Teach those in your care to do the same.  Be your powerful selves.  Know you are loved!  Bring love into everything you do and everything you are!

The Creator

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Raise Your Vibrations!

Peace, Beloveds!  We ask those willing to raise their vibrations to raise their vibrations!  Look to the Heavens and attune to higher vibrations!  Allow the higher vibrational energy to flow through you!  Release your lower vibrational thoughts and shift to higher vibrational thoughts!  It is that simple.  When you find yourself thinking lower vibrational thoughts make a conscious decision to shift to higher vibrational thoughts and energy.  Your focus is key to this process.  Your awareness is key to this process.  This shift will help you with the transition to your new work.  You are ready to make it so.  We are ready to help you and assist you in this transition.  Some of you will stay upon the earth to help with the earth’s transformation and some of you will be relocated.  You have no need to worry about what happens to those left on the earth plane.  It all works out perfectly.

The Light Major

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Divisions and Earth Transitions!

Greetings!  We are observing the earth and placing life on the earth into separate categories.  This helps with the new assignments each of you are about to receive!  Over the years, we have been transmitting guidance.  Some of you have been open to receiving and following this guidance and some of you have not.  This was our easiest way to divide you.  This is not about punishing anyone but about finding better fits for energies in the future.  The divisions are becoming more pronounced.  The shifts, transitions and transformations are in the works.  Most of you who read our words are in the category of those open for guidance.  We will be helping you through what is about to be.  Just keep paying attention to your intuitive guidance.

The Galactic Council

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Radiate Pure Love!

Peace!  Blessings of love!  Lay down your hate, anger, fears and resentments.  Allow pure love to radiate through you.  There is nothing else but this pure love.  Be one with this energy.  Allow pure love to envelope you and flow through you!

There is a separating of energies.  Humans are choosing their sides.  You each get to choose what is right for you.  This is a crossroads.  Your choices right now will decide your next fork in your path.  Seek those who are aligned with your energy.  Release those not aligned with you.  You can’t bring others with you, when they are on a different path.  It won’t work.  You can no longer straddle the energy.

Many will leave your earth plane.  Each will go where they need to be.  Each will be with those they align with.  Your planet is getting ready to shift and redesign itself for the next phase.  Be at peace!  All is what it needs to be.

The Light Keeper

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Peace and Choices!

Peace!  We wish to speak about peace.  Peace is something we each choose.  It is not something you can expect others to provide for you.  You must cultivate it within you.  Many things in life are choices.  You can choose kindness, compassion, love over cruelty, fear, hate and anger.  You need to practice the energy you wish to develop, until it becomes your default behavior.  When you slide into something you don’t desire, you must reset and start again.  The more you practice your desired feeling the better you develop the behavior.  You are responsible for who you are and become.  You can’t continue to blame others for your life.  It all goes to your choices.  You are each powerful.  Each moment is a process and each moment builds on the previous moment.  You always have the choice to redirect your life through your choices.

The Light Messenger

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Hope, Potentials and Possibilities!

There is always hope.  There are always potentials and possibilities.  It all depends on the choices we each make.  Everything is in process.  So, you never truly know the beginning or the end.  You only experience the pieces, as they come together or come apart.  See everything as it is.  Make the choices right for you.

The Universe

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Transitions! You are Greatly Loved!

Life and death are all energy.  There are doors that bring you to life and doors that bring you to death.  These doors are only portals to transitions.  You are welcomed with love coming and going through these transitions.  You are mourned by loved ones coming and going from different experiences.  You are also celebrated by loved ones through your experiences.  Much life leaves your earth plane.  Do not worry. Each soul goes where they are needed next.  Each soul transitions, as they need to. It may not look like it to you but it is all part of the cosmic plan.  Be at peace!  Love each being as you can.  Know each of you are on your own journey and you get to experience with others, as you need to.  You may only have a moment together or a lifetime.  You are the constant in your own journey.  You are greatly loved!

The All That Is

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Be One With Creation!

Peace and God will!  Be open.  Be one with creation.  Be in the flow of your energy.  Let go of your attachments.  Stop creating what you have been taught you should want and look at what you truly desire.  It is time to refocus on what is authentic to you.  You can transition into work that you love and is authentic to you. You can also bring love into everything you are and everything you do.  You can be courageous.  You get to decide who you truly are.  You hold responsibility for your decisions and your non-decisions.  So, choose wisely.

The Light Consortium

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