December 2022

As We Say Goodbye to 2022

You are always at endings and new beginnings.  Each moment holds potentials but you need to be willing to release what isn’t working and try something different.  You can cross off behaviors that feel wrong to you from things to try.  As you know better, you must do better. Never lose a sense of hope.  Open the door for opportunities that are right for you.   You always have some choice.  We send you blessings of love, as one year ends and another begins.  You may see patterns forming but you hold the keys to change within you.  Be at peace!

The Light

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Open to Answers to Your Questions!

Start your day by being open and asking for directions on what you need to do for this day. You can end your day in the same way.  Turn off the noise, so you can hear your directions and answers.  When you ask for something, you need to be open to receive answers.  Most people might ask for something but then they impose what they want to hear as the answer as being the answer.  Practice non-attachment to what information comes through.  Be open to receiving guidance.  The guidance may not make sense. Try to not impose what you want to hear.  When you pull out the need to control outcomes or control other people, you can flow with energy and work with energy.  Also, pull out your ego.  Your ego often gets in the way.

The Light Master

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Create Authentically and Thrive!

Peace!  All will be provided that you need.  Switch to thriving, instead of survival. The world has plenty for everyone.  You all don’t need or desire the same things.  There is no need to hoard or live in fear.  What you focus on will expand.  You near the end of a phase.  Manifestation will take place differently.

Don’t waste time and energy trying to convince people of anything.  Focus on those who belong with you.  You are nearing the end of an era.  Each of you needs to be who and what you truly are.  Create authentically.  Don’t worry about the by-products of your creations.  All is always as it needs to be.  You will always have the resources that you require.  The rest is icing on the cake.  We want you to have good lives but that will depend on each of you as to what that means.  Work with energy instead of against it.  There are always endings and new beginnings.

The Light Masters

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Find what is Authentic and Truly Fits with You!

Peace, Brothers and Sisters!

Find what’s important to you.  Find the people who belong with you and in your life.  Be willing to let go of what doesn’t belong with you.  Let go of the attachments you hold to “the way things need to be” or “the way things should be.”  There are no “shoulds.”  There are only potentials and possibilities.  You always have choices.  It all starts with you being your authentic selves.  Return to basics and reset yourselves from this place.  Stop pretending you are other than what you truly are.  To find your authentic self, you must release layers, which have caused you to be something different.  You will create a better life by being your true self.  You will always have what you need from this place.  Realize what you need to thrive is not always what you think you need.

The Light Brothers

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New Beginnings!

Peace, Brothers and Sisters!

Welcome into your day. We are at new beginnings.  This is a time to evaluate what is working for you and what isn’t working for you.  You are at a crossroads point.  Look at your life and your creations.  What is working and what isn’t working for you.  Now is a time for you to make changes.  Release your struggles and your need for combat.  Enter into energy flow.  Release your struggles.  Take back your power and stand in your power.  Be who and what you are meant to be, even if you don’t remember who and what that is.  Your earth is to be a very different place.  Life on your planet is to become quite different for you and for your planet.

The Light Brothers

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New Beginnings

Peace!  Welcome to your day!  Welcome to this part of your life!  You are in new beginnings with new potentials and new possibilities.  All of this is happening while you are in continuation with certain story lines in your life.  Nothing needs to be binary choices.  Yes, you have choices but you are looking at what works for you and those involved with you. There are vast more possibilities than what you know and believe.  There are times you add layers and times you release them.  Life and creation are constantly flowing.

The Light

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Peace and Good Will To You All

This is considered a time of good will to mankind and a time of peace.  In truth, you should always have good will towards each other.  You should always be at peace within you.  Love should be your motivator.  Kindness should be your way of life and daily practice.  There is no need for you to always hold concern and have you watch your back.  You are loved and valued, even when you are not aware of where it comes from.  So today and every day, we wish you love and peace!

The Light Brothers!

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Everything Is A Gift and You Are Loved Dearly!

Peace!  Feelings and sensations show up and you don’t know how to interpret them.  Sit with the various feelings. Experience them.  Pay attention to what shows up.  Be with that energy.  Observe what is taking place without imposing your interpretations.  Ask if what you are picking up is yours or someone else’s.  If it is yours, what do you need to do with it?  If it is someone else’s, what do you need to do with it?  Look at everything through a lens of you are being taken care of and you are loved greatly!  What shows up is not a punishment but a gift.  It may not feel like a gift but it is.  Each experience will lead you to another experience. Everything holds potentials and opportunities.

The Light

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What Needs to Turn On and What Needs to Turn Off?

Peace be with you!  If you start from a place of “I don’t know” and openness, what do you need to turn on and what do you need to turn off?  We are speaking in terms of energy.  Don’t force these answers.  Ask these questions and be aware of what comes through to you.  You shift your energy by shifting your focus.  Be open to your answers.  Once you have some answers try them on and see how you feel.  Pay attention to the changes that show up in your life.  We are offering this process to you.  You can always choose if you do it or don’t do it.  We are helping to prepare you for the shifts that are manifesting around you.  Breathe and open to your answers and what is right for you.

The Light

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You Always Have Choices!

Peace!  Breathe!  All is well!  You are right where you need to be.  There is much happening behind the scenes.  There is much you are not aware of.  Your lives seem to interact with a lot of ego people but that is mainly because of the way you take in various media transmissions and news.  You can easily step back from them and be much happier.  Most people are good and want to help each other.  Your news often focuses on the negative and convolutes what you think you are looking at.  Those of lower vibrations are loud and violent.  The lower vibrational people feed on fear and seek to keep others in fear.  The more you focus on fear, the more you expand it.  The lower vibrational people only have power, if you give it to them.  You get to make your own choices in your directions and who you want to be.  You can just as easily choose love.  Separations of energies are upon you.  Choose the side you wish to be on.  That will help with the decision about your next part of your path.

The Light Worker

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