November 2022

Energy Flow and Potentials with Experiences!

Peace!  Everyone, take a breath.  Breathe in deeply!  Release your breath.  Do this for a few inhalations and exhalations. Keep breathing. You don’t control other people.  You don’t control what other people do or don’t do.  You can’t fix anyone.  You can help people.  You can do a process.  But, ultimately each of you makes choices, which lead you to who you are and who you become.  Nothing is truly fixed.  Energy is meant to flow and be fluid.  Keep this in mind.  Just because you see a family DNA link to something doesn’t mean you are destined to have the same experience.  Open to understanding how something serves and what it is there to teach.  You are not being punished by having certain experiences.  Experiences are not good or bad.  Experiences are opportunities to work through something showing up.  Learn to process the energy and go from there.

The Light Keeper

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Let All Thrive and Learn to Co-Exist!

Start with “I don’t know.”  Be open!  Breathe! Be present!  Bring your focus and awareness to this moment.  What needs your attention in this moment?  Can you allow yourself time to tune into the energy around you?  How does it affect you?  How do you affect the energy around you?  This helps to raise your awareness .  All energy affects all energy.  There is always an ebb and flow.

You are not here to control others.  The earth will continue with or without mankind.  Some other species will take over in the dominant role.  Mankind is proving to be quite destructive to the planet and each other.  It is helpful to clear toxic energy and dissolve it.  Your planet needs more love and kindness.  All life forms have a base level of survival.  Some life forms are able to focus on thriving.  However, thriving doesn’t mean you thrive and others need to be in lack and suffer.  There is a way for all life to thrive and co-exist.  Thriving will look different for all of you!

The Light

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Shift Your Vibration To What Your Vibration Is Meant To Be!

Peace!  Focus on shifting your vibration to what your vibration is meant to be!  You might think it is already what it is supposed to be but many of you are influenced by energy around you that should not be vibrational matches for you.  Those energies alter your vibrations and your energy.  They can also create illness in you from their unalignments with you.  Next, look at what you see in the world and what you feel is missing.  Tune in and figure out of that energy what is within your work.  If it is part of your true work, then radiate that energy wherever you feel guided to project it to.  You are not focusing on changing people.  You are focusing on working on an energy level. You are helping to add the energy you are drawn work with. You each need to re-align your vibrational selves and do the work you were brought on this planet to do.

The Light Keeper

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Messages Around You!

There are messages all around you.  Your body is constantly speaking to you.  Your home speaks to you.  Your land speaks to you.  There are signs all around you.  Be aware of how all things work together and in alignment.  When bodies speak to people, most people try to block or anesthetize the messages.  When homes and land speak to people, most people are preoccupied to notice.  Something has to be huge before people pay attention.  Then, many play the victim card, after something huge happens.  Energy starts with subtle messages and then progresses to more or bigger messages until people take notice.  Pay attention to other animals.  Most life forms respond to the first signs.

The Light Giver

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Openness and Receptivity!

How does “I don’t know” feel to you?  What is it like to be in a place of openness and receptivity?  Many of you are focused on doing something and fixing what you perceive as broken.  There are times when this is important.  Your earth is on the precipice of change in a big way.  You need to learn to be with energy without attachment.  You always create through your alignment.  Recognize people and energies for what they are.  It is important.  You can make better decisions for yourself, when you see things for what they are.  Simplify everything.  Once you are at your foundation, you can build from there.  There will be a large exodus of life forms from your planet through various means.  It is what needs to be.  All energies will be where they need to be and what they need to be.  You need only open to your path and your energy.

The Light Giver

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Allow Energy To Form and Create!

We are going to repeat this.  Allow energy to form and create instead of forcing it into being something specific.  Hold the thought of something you desire and then allow the path to creating it reveal itself to you.  Hold the thoughts without blocking the energy flow.  Create what gives you joy.  Create from a place of love and passion.

There is a lot of cruelty in your world and people think the only way for them to thrive is to strip anyone different from them of rights. Each of you can create what is right for you without taking away the rights of others.  There is plenty for everyone.  If you are creating authentically, you each get to create from joy without harming anyone.  You create authentically by working with energy and allowing it to be what it is and form as it needs to.  All will still manifest as it is meant to manifest beautifully.

The Light Brothers

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Energy Needs To Be Able To Flow!

Start with peace!  Then be open!  Allow the energy to flow without the need to force it.  Allow the answers to your questions to come without you forcing them.  We know you want what you want, when you want it.  It is time to move beyond manipulation.  Focus on the energy but don’t try to hold so tightly that it can’t move or flow.  Hold space for the energy of your thoughts to form and flow.  What is yours will always show up perfectly.  Trust the process and the energy.  Forcing your will on something will rarely give you the outcome you wish.  Energy is what it is.

The Light Giver

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Be Polite!

Peace!  How would you politely ask for something?  When you work with energy and your guides, speak to them politely.  Ask for things politely.  Realize the answer can always be no but you are more apt to get the energies cooperation through being polite.  Don’t demand.  All that exists also has choices.  Energy forms beautifully, when spoken to beautifully.  Nothing that exists has to follow your commands.  You will always get farther with love, kindness and compassion.  Remember that and act accordingly.

The Peace Maker

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Always Start with “I Don’t Know”

Always start with “I don’t know.”  Even with experiences, you might not know what is truly happening or why.  When blocks show up, you can’t always push through them.  You may need to understand what the block is sharing with you.  Blocks show up for various reasons and you can’t always assume that you know what the block is telling you.  Be open!  Ask for information.  Some blocks are there because you need them to stop you from doing certain things or the timing is not right.  You can’t fix something, when you don’t know how it serves you.  Breathe!  Be patient and open.  All that is holds a purpose, even if you don’t understand it.  Find your part in what needs to take place!

The Arnog

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