October 2022

Connect with Your Higher Power and Your Guides!

Who and what is in alignment for you to pray to?  Prayer is a form of talking to some higher power to help you find your answers.  What method of prayer works for you?  Who or what belongs with you?  There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this.  You need to find what aligns for you.  What do your senses tell you is right for you?  Man has created religion to bring people together in community and to provide some form of answers.  There is also a lot of control over others in religion.  There are forces around some of you, which are not connect to the earth or earth rituals.  It is time you rediscovered your answers.  Release all attachments to what you expect your answers to be.  Just be open to working with the higher power you belong with.  Allow those meant to guide you to be with you.  Open yourself to discovering the higher power and guides you are connected with.  Invite in your guidance and allow your higher power and guides to do what they do with you.  You are never alone but often we assign who we expect to be with us and do specific work with us, instead of who actually belongs in that role.  Keep focusing on alignment and bringing in what is aligned with you.

The Light Bringer

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Earth and Life Changes!

Peace!  Your earth is about to reconfigure itself.  Weather patterns are changing.  Man is accelerating the changes.  There will be a purification through heat, fire, water and tornados.  Much life that you currently know will leave and other forms of life will replace what leaves.  The atmosphere is changing around you.  We don’t share this to alarm you but to make you more aware.  Greed has prevented those of you who are aware from providing the corrective steps.  Energy creates what needs to be.  Many of your souls will be reassigned to other worlds and galaxies to align with your evolutionary journeys.  You will find what matches your needs.  A major life change is upon all of you.  Release your fears and trust those guiding you on your journey.  Not everything will make sense but it will be useful.

The Light General

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Seek Truth and Your Path!

Peace!  Seek truth that is verifiable.  Look at what matches your values and support that.  Create a life you can be proud of.  Release your fears and show up where you need to be.  This is only a moment in existence.  What needs to take place will take place.  Massive shifts and changes are upon you.  Know this.  Much is about to alter on your planet.  Focus on the energy you need to focus on and play your role.  We know this many sound ominous but there is nothing to fear in these changes and transformations.  Don’t ever follow anyone who tells you what you must do.  We are offering information to you but you get to decide what is right for you.  You have your internal guidance that will help you navigate your path.  You are not meant to serve human masters.  You may feel an affinity for the earth, sky, plants, water, nature or certain segments of humanity.  Pay attention to what you are drawn to.  Seek that which comes from love and not those who teach fear.  Shift to high vibrational living, if you are drawn to do so.

The Time Keeper

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Follow Your Path and Not the Agendas of Others!

You don’t need to take on the agendas of others.  Just because another person agrees to do something and tries to enlist you doesn’t mean you need to do it.  Each of you must follow your own path.  Each of you gets to follow your journey.  Tune in and see if something is right for you before you say yes or no to it.  People are used to identifying with certain families or groups.  It was a way of surviving and creating community.  Now, you are going through transformation and you need to reimagine your identities and lives.  This will bring you to new families and groups.  Find those who resonate with you.  Find your vibrational matches.  Keep those you in your life who belong with you and you belong with them.  All will make sense shortly.

The Light Captain

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Earth Transformation!

Your current planet is going through a transformation, unlike any humans have experienced on your planet.  Lower vibrational energies are responding in fear, destruction and violence, which seems to be wasted energy.  It will not stop what is about to take place.  Higher vibrational energies are starting to wake up and be called to their work.  Some are fighting what they are sensing.  It is time to wake up and be activated.  Each piece will lead to the next piece.  Some of you are about to receive new assignments.  Be open.  You will be assigned to where you are needed.  This space is only temporary.  Many of you will be assigned to different worlds.  Different beings converge on your current planet to assist its development.  Open to your guidance.  It is vital right now!

The Light Keeper

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Always Leave Things Kinder and More Loving Than You Found Them!

Peace, Brothers and Sisters!

Take some time to appreciate what you have in your life and what you value.  As things shift and change, find ways to look for what you appreciate.  Hold gratitude.  Look at what you love.  Pay attention to your passions.  Create and build a life you love and are proud of.  Cultivate your gifts, talents and skills and utilize them.  Look for ways to leave the world better, kinder and more loving than you found it.  This shift starts with each of you deciding who you will be.

The Light Maker

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Directions, Shifts and Changes!

There are messages you will receive that might not make sense to you.  You might receive directions that don’t make sense.  Know there is a reason, even when you don’t understand it.  You might be asked to expend money or resources for something that you don’t understand the need for it.  It will make sense on an energetic level.  The energy is changing and you need to be open to assisting the energy shift and change.  There is much forming that you are not aware of.  It is important to make space for these changes.  New things are on the horizon for your planet and life on your planet.  Nature is being rebalanced and so are life forms.  It will feel odd for a bit.  Ride the shift.  Approach these changes with love, kindness and compassion.

We would also like to let you know that those who are advocating violence are not part of our energy.  They are from a force dedicated to control at any cost.  We are not seeking to control you but to assist you.  Anyone advocating violence to get their way is coming from a low vibrational energy and they seek to hold onto what they have no control over.  If something is coming from fear, it is not us.

The Life Giver

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Different Ways of Being! Time of Change!

Peace!  Forget what you think you know about the way the world works.  Humans have created rules and regulations, as a way of creating through fear and ruling through fear.  That is how societies were created and run.  Those in power find a group to take power from and then seek to maintain power by any means.  There are other ways of existing and living.  You can create rules through love, where you work together to help each other thrive.  You can move beyond fear-based decisions.  How can you truly create rules, when you don’t know what truly needs to happen?  The Law of Attraction still holds.  You will attract your vibrational matches.  The only way to create non-vibrational matches is when you create through manipulation, which is how many of you have been known to create.  When you create what truly belongs with you, it is much easier.  The energy flows perfectly and the timing is perfect for the creations.  You are constantly being manipulated into believing you should want what others want you to want.  Step back and assess what you truly want.  Create from there.  Be willing to release the patterns that are not working for you.  Find what truly works for you.  Just because you have always done something a certain way, doesn’t mean it needs to continue that way.  Be loving and kind with yourself and with those around you.  Those who belong with you will show up and those who don’t belong with you will find better matches for themselves.

The Light

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Life Plans

There is a plan for each of you for your life.  The plan is constructed to help you with various experiences. You often forget what was decided for you, so you feel like you are winging it.  You may feel alone or that you are struggling.  You may feel like your feelings are off.  Pay attention to the energy you are working with.  Does the energy grow and expand or does it contract?  You have many clues within what you are and what you do.  Part of the physical experience is to allow you to experience everything that goes with your current life.  The information goes into your energy fields throughout time, space and existences.  There are reasons for each creation.  Your reactions are up to you.  How you build on each experience is up to you.

The Light

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Energy Movement and Thoughts!

Nothing is truly stagnant, even when it feels stagnant.  Energy always moves to some degree.  When you feel blocked, the energy is being stifled.  You want your energy to flow.  Focus on your energy flowing beautifully.  Your intention and attention are always powerful.  When you feel disempowered, pay attention to your focus.  You may need to shift your focus to a new direction.  Think about what you want to create and focus on creating that.  The steps to manifesting your desires will follow.  There is a saying: “where the mind goes, the body will follow.”  Thoughts lead to actions.

The Light

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