September 2022

Find Your Resonance!

People collect things.  They equate more things with abundance and prosperity.  People allow other people to determine what they should want.  We have told you that this world affords you the sense of individuality.  How can someone else determine what you should want?  People can expose you to experiences, which then allows you to try on various things and see what fits.  You ultimately need to determine what is right for you.  Follow your path!  Surround yourself with things that have meaning for you.  Find the style that reflects you. Come together with the people who belong with you and fit with you on your path. All of that comes together, when you are honest about who and what you are.  Your focus, thoughts, intensions and attentions hold great power.  Be who and what you are meant to be. You are responsible for creating and living your life.

The Light Master

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Destiny and Journey!

Peace!  Providence!  Each of you have a destiny and a journey that you need to embark on.  It may vary from lifetime to lifetime.  Suffering is optional but it seems many of you choose suffering.  If you look at the experiences from a more open, detached place, you can observe the experiences from what you need from them.  Seek experiences that make you feel good. What you focus on will bring more to you of what you focus on.  You self-perpetuate.  There are many choices that are up to you.  You decide.  Allow yourself to make your own choices.  You are part of the collective but your planet’s existence allows you to feel like an individual.  This is not a punishment but a gift.

The Light Masters

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Power: Take Responsibility For Who You Are!

Peace!  It doesn’t matter what choices people make for themselves.  You need to make your own choices.  Decide who you will be.  Make your own choices.  The world needs more people willing to do what is right.  Violence and domination are not right ways to evolve and handle things.  That shows leaders who are separated from their power and seek domination to feel powerful. The world needs more people willing to be kind and compassionate.  Make sure your words and actions match.  Create through vibrational matching.  The anger, fear and violence are growing because people thirst for power at all costs.  But truly powerful people don’t need to harm others to be powerful.  When you all retrieve and generate your own power, you don’t need to make anyone else small.  Power isn’t an either or proposition.  You can each be powerful and utilize your power for your own path and work.  There are plenty of resources for all.  You don’t need to take from others or feed off of others.  You each hold your source energy and power within you.  Develop and utilize that.  Come together with those who belong with you.  Be who and what you are meant to be!

The Light

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Vibrational Matches and Your Energy!

Peace Brothers and Sisters!

You reside within physical forms, which are designed to self-heal and live long lives.  Then, you start to ingest energy, which is not a vibrational match.  You use products, which are not vibrational matches.  You accumulate people, who are not vibrational matches.  You live in environments, which are not vibrational matches.  All of this gets in the way of your body healing itself.  You may have similarities to those around you but you are your own unique energy combinations.  You need to discover what works for you and go from there.  You need to realize that you are the expert about you.  No one else knows every nuance of your reactions and feelings.  You are responsible for caring for your physical forms.  From there you can do a better job of your true work and your experiences.  You can come together with others who are your vibrational matches and continue to build your life with more vibrational matching.

The Light Giver

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Working with Energy!

Peace!  Creation is working with energy to manifest.  All is energy.  Bringing your focus to what you wish to create is powerful.  Work with the energy instead of trying to control it.  You will find everything works better.  It isn’t about mastering control but mastering cooperation.  Forcing something into submission may work in the short run but not in the long run.  All energy is always working at finding its way back to what it truly is.  That is why it never works making people into what you want them to be instead of recognizing what they truly are.  You can work better with something, once you truly understand it.  There is always an ebb and flow to all energy!  Learn to work with that also.

The Light Master

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Be What You Are Meant to Be and Find Your Passions!

Most life forms are what they are.  They don’t need to focus on being something different from what they are.  They evolve and transform naturally.  Humans are always trying to be different from what they are.  It is a waste of energy.  Simplify your lives and creations.  Look at what adds value to your life.  Be as you are designed to be.  Create the life that feeds your soul.  Find what you are passionate about.  Study what interests you.  Look for ways to add value, love, kindness and compassion to your life.  Pull away from hate and fear.  Work together with those you are drawn to work with.  Bring people into your life whom you enjoy and they enjoy you.  Life will alter for the better from this process.  Let your feelings and senses guide you.  Your guides will often communicate subtly with you.  They start with the way you perceive through your senses and will build from there.  Look for what feels good to you.  When you create what feels good, you raise your vibration, especially when you come from love, kindness and compassion.

The Light Brothers

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Working With Your Higher Power and Energy!

You have been taught to pray a certain way and to call in various energies, when you need help or want something.  Some of you study various cultures and borrow deities or various energies they use.  Each of you have your own beings and energies around you to help you.  You also have your own power to work with. Take time to build your relationships with those meant to work with you.  Tune into the energy meant to be with you.  You can build on that and see how it changes your life.  Tune into the energy you want to develop and ask who or what helps you with that creation to come in.  It I might be different for each of you.  Allow it to be what belongs with you.  Find your own way to pray and work with your higher power.

The Light Source

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Today, we would like to discuss affirmations.  An affirmation is something you state to help you shift the energy.  All sentient beings have some form of self-talk.  This self-talk is done consciously and unconsciously.  Affirmations bring the energy to a conscious level.  It doesn’t matter that something isn’t in your life right now.  This is an energetic process.  You manifest through energy alignment.  This process will help you energetically align with what you desire.  You create the affirmation by stating in the present tense.  Here are some examples of affirmations:  “Everything always works out perfectly for me!”  “All of my bills are paid easily and in a timely manner!”  “I am with my ideal spouse now!”  “I do work I really enjoy that builds on my gifts, talents, abilities and skills!”  “I love my life!”  “I live in my ideal home now!”  “Amazing and wonderful people always show up in my life to experience things with me!”  You can tailor the affirmations to anything you want to create in your life.  Work at eliminating your negative self-talk.  The idea is to reprogram your thoughts to what you truly desire.  See how your life changes!

The Light Brothers

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All is Energy!

All that exists is energy.  We have said that all that exists is energy many times before.  All energy takes a form to serve some purpose.  Nothing is a mistake.  Elements come together to create a form, vibration and resonance.  Once energy exists it always exists.  It might mutate or evolve into a different form, vibration and resonance but its base energy will always be.  By virtue of creation all that exists are energy workers of some sort.  Your thoughts and feelings are energy.  Once you take this message in, you can understand how you create.  Envision what you want to form and the appropriate energy will start to form and comply.  You may need to step back from your assumptions and beliefs to create your desires.  You are constantly creating consciously and unconsciously.  Your thoughts, focus, intentions and attentions are quite powerful.  Be aware when someone uses your energy for their desires and make sure it is in alignment with how you want to use your energy.  Learn to step back and assess what you contribute to and how.  Make decisions that are right for you.

The Light Keeper

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Life and Existence!

Peace!  Life and existence are not as complicated as mankind tries to make them.  You exist, you make choices and you have experiences.  Your energy transmutes and repeats the cycle.  You interpret what you perceive as good and bad.  Some of you retain memories of other lives and other realities.  Some of you view this as all there is.  It is all part of experiences.  Your souls have asked for specific experiences and they may appear different from what you expected.  What you think and interpret is part of your make up and experiences.  You can choose kindness, compassion and love.  You can choose fear and anger.  You can create variations of feelings and emotions.  You can decide who belongs with you and who is not a good fit.  You can bring awareness to your feelings and reactions  to the energy that is around you and surrounds you.  Your senses provide information about what to move towards and away from.  Pay attention.  Invite help in, when you want help.

The Light Keeper

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