August 2022

Be in the Present moment!

Peace be with thee!  Start with the piece of anything you are drawn to.  Bring your attention to it and see where it leads you.  You don’t need to know what the picture will look like to proceed.  It is like walking through a fog, you need to be in the present and not worry about what you can’t see.  It might slow you down but there is progress.  You need to trust the process, which is unfolding.  Whatever shows up is part of the process.  Some of it you move towards and some of it you move away from.  You know what fits and what doesn’t fit.  Just trust the process and don’t try and talk yourself into what isn’t working.  Go gently and stay away from vexing people.

The Light Teacher

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Each Moment of Time!

Peace be with thee!  All is a process.  There is no true end or beginning.  There is!  You are beings!  It is about existence and moments brought together.  The rushing around can often make you unaware of what is truly around you.  Open your awareness!  Experience each moment fully.  This moment leads to the next moment but no moment is unimportant.  There are no throw away moments.  There is something special in each increment of time. Miracles and magic exist in each potential which exists.  You must hold awareness of that.  Know everything is special but not everything is for you.  You seek what exists within resonance for you.  You seek those experiences.  Don’t discount the experiences of others.  They need something different from you.  All is a matter of ebbs and flows.  Find what works for you and those who belong with you will join you.

The Light Keeper

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Take Back Your Power and Focus!

Peace be with you!  Instead of tuning into fear and the energy around  you, focus on the love that surrounds you.  What you focus on will expand.  The noise of fear is loud and in order for it to hold power, it needs to capture your focus and energy.  By removing your focus and energy from fear and shifting the focus and energy to love, you help love grow.  What you seek you will find.  That is why we ask you to focus on what you desire, instead of allowing others to set your agenda.  Your focus and attention are always powerful.  To reset the power structure, you need to reset your power.  People whom you consider powerful know how to set the agenda and focus but they are not more powerful than anyone else.  They tend to harness the power of others.  If you each take your own power back, you will see this.  Watch energy and pay attention to the energy chords that form and sever.  You will have a better idea of what is going on.

The Light Master

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Find Time for Quiet Time!

Peace be with thee!  Stress, turmoil and chaos are all around you.  They divert your attention and pull your energy.  They drain you.  The belief that high drama is entertaining is only a diversion.  It  doesn’t truly serve you.  You must give yourself quiet time.  Your systems need it to help regenerate your energy.  You need time to just be.  You need time to tune in.  Your human forms are not designed to be in a constant fight or flight mode.  You need a space where you are safe to let your shields safely down.  Surround yourself in love and safety.  This will make it easier for you to go out in the world to do what you need to do.

The Light Keeper

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Life Experiences!

Peace!  Not everything is what it appears to be.  You might be going through something and you assume it is about something but it turns out to be something else.  You might assume you have your answer about something you asked for to later discover it was about something completely different.  Some experiences just need to be and you are there to see how you reacted to it.  Some experiences you are with someone to help them in their process.  Others may be that the other being is helping you in your experience.  It might be related to a group need.  You may respond similarly to others around you or you may have a different reaction.  There are many permutations.  But, they come together to create the fabric of your life.  It is different for each of you.  None of this is a punishment.  It is all a gift.  The good, the bad and the indifferent are all a gift for you to do with as you will.  In the end, your team will go over it with you.

The Light Keeper

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Free Will and What You Do With It!

Peace!  Follow your path and not the path that someone else wants for you.  You are responsible for the choices you make.  You can’t blame your decisions on others.  You hold accountability for what you do and don’t do.  Keep that in mind, when you are following the crowd into a mass behavior.  That is not a valid excuse that others were doing something and so you thought you could do it too.  You have free will and can make your own decisions.  You should understand right from wrong.  That is up to you.  When you do your life review, you will be covering your choices, decisions and actions.  You will look at what your spirit wanted to experience.  Consult your spirit about your choices.  Your spirit will communicate with you and help you stay on track.

The Light Keeper

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Free Will!

Each of you was given free will to do with it what you will.  Your spirits chose specific families and scenarios to experience and play out.  You chose societies and races to experience.  We wanted for each to chart your courses and experiences.  Who would you be?  What would you choose? What would you value?  Help was always available to you but not always how you expected it to be.  You each have always needed to make your own choices.  We can’t choose for you.  But, we are able to help you understand how each choice will affect you or where it will lead.  So, you will be able to make more informed decisions.

The Light Keeper

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Sustainable Environmentally Friendly Energy!

Peace to you, who read our words!  We come to you to let you know there are beings who hold oversight to those on your planet.  Our function is to observe you and to stop any actions that will destroy the viability of your planet to sustain life.  You are at a dangerous precipice.  It is time for you to create sustainable energy in fuel sources and nourishment. Hoarding food or processions will not save you.  Using fuel sources that won’t harm your environment will help.  You can’t keep meeting about the problem.  Your time of action is upon you.  Much life will be vacating your planet, at this time.  There are some among you who will be transported to new or different galaxies.  Those of you who hold needed attributes will be reassigned where you are able to do good.  There are still some potentials we are allowing to play out.  Those trying to hold onto power may seem successful but they ultimately can’t prevent the current shift. They are accelerating the shift.  Keep tuning into your work and do what comes through.  Thank you for your time.

The Pleiadian Council

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Be Who You Are and Follow Your Path!

Blessed Brothers and Sisters,

Be who you are!  Find the life that works for you.  Experience what you are drawn to experience.  Feel what you feel.  Work on being kind.  Each of you create your own experiences.  Those around you are doing something similar.  You each have various levels of awareness, which is perfect for each of you.  It isn’t your job to fix others.  Be with those you belong with.  Open to your guidance.

Others only hold power over you, when you give them your power.  Don’t give your power away.  It is yours for a reason.  Know you are loved, even if you don’t feel it.  It is difficult to bring through higher vibrations with so much anger and fear around you.  You can help this by focusing on higher vibrational energy like love and kindness.

The Time Keeper

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Be Kind, Gentle and Compassionate!

Peace!  Be gentle, kind and compassionate to yourselves and to others.  You don’t need to like them or agree with them.  You also don’t need to go out of your way to harm others.  There are many people in your world and you all think differently.  Look for the people who belong with you.  Focus on those people.  Focus on what is yours and belongs with you, instead of trying to fit in where you don’t belong.  It makes life easier.  Always be yourself.  It is easier to find those who belong with you, when you are who you truly are and not hiding who you are.  Pursue what you enjoy and what you are good at.  You will do well.

The Light Bringer

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