July 2022

Take Back Your Power and See People For Who and What They Are!

When you see abuse of power, realize it is because they feel they can get away with it.  The answer to this is to not give them more power.  It is to reclaim your power.  Stop pretending people are different from what they truly are.  You need to see the whole person and the damage they are able to inflict through their beliefs and behaviors.  You can’t elect people and assume they will watch out for you, unless you know they are on the same page with you in your beliefs.  You each hold great power.  Take back your power.  Stand by the rights of your existence.  You are not victims.  You just assumed that people in power actually cared about those they served.  Some do care about those they serve.  Some in power only seek power for power’s sake.  Know the difference.  It allows you to make better decisions.

The Light Keeper

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Let Go of What is Not in Your Control!

Peace!  We see that many of you are constantly seeking control.  It makes you feel safe.  You want what you want immediately.  You are focused primarily on your own needs, which we understand.  What you see is much is out of your control.  When everything is seeking its own control, you tend to then focus on where you fit in and what is yours.

You are energy.  You have your own energy signatures.  You are constantly creating and attracting from your conscious and subconscious minds.  You are powerful but you often feel like you are victims.  The free will gift can often create conflict energy because you expect others to fit into your desires and plans.  That comes from you deciding who belongs with you, fits with you and in what role.  When you let go of the need to control others, things work much better for you.  What belongs with you will show up and the people who belong with you will show up.  Attract what is yours and allow those who belong with you to join you. Focus without trying to control.  Show up and be in the moment of where you are.  You will find life flows better.  You will still create and manifest but you will be creating through alignment and you will feel a better alignment.

The Light Keeper

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Reset and Refocus!

Disconnect from the noise and fear.  Let go of all of your attachments.  Enter the place of emptiness and being open.  Release all anger.  Find your inner peace.  Being part of turmoil doesn’t make anything better.  Detach and rediscover who and what you truly are.  Return to your purpose.  Your internal programming carries all that you need.  Your Guides will help you with the answers you seek.  You are on the brink of transition and transformation.  It is time to reset and refocus.

The Light Keeper

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Low Vibrations versus High Vibrations!

You can’t make those who believe lies believe truth.  They are choosing to not believe facts and evidence.  It has become linked with their emotions.  You can’t expect people who lie to be trustworthy.  It is part of the work of those of lower vibration to disconnect followers from anything verifiable.  They must isolate them in a cocoon of lies to indoctrinate them.  Those doing this are now realizing how dangerous this is but they are too far into the lies to start telling the truth.  Anything promoting hate and violence is not higher vibrational and is not deserving of your trust or faith.  You can’t fight hate without joining hate.  You can contain hate but it is still there.  If your desire is to be high vibrational, you must focus on love and high vibrational energy and high vibrational living.  You can’t fight and not lower your vibration.  Lower vibrational people need to recruit others to thrive.  Higher vibrational people offer without force.   For those of you who seek higher vibrational living, you must disconnect from your fears.  Bring your focus to love.  Keep pulling away from fear.  You need to learn to disconnect from hate and keep connecting to love.  The choice is always yours.  You just can’t straddle the fence any longer.  You must choose a side.

The Light Keeper

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Thoughts on Suffering and Struggle!

Many who exist choose the path of suffering.  They do this because they are stuck in a loop of deprivation.  Then, those in charge who seek to dominate and hoard said suffering brought people to a holy place.  Notice that the ones saying this were not living in poverty or doing what they wanted the masses to do.  They were teaching the masses the belief that you suffer and struggle in this life and you are rewarded for your suffering and struggles in the next world.  There is no such reward for suffering and struggling.  They are choices and optional.  Everything you experience is just a potential experience and perception.  There are many forms of creation and experiences.  All are choices.  You can learn to work with energy and be in its flow.  You can choose abundance and joy.  How much or how little you have in the form of things doesn’t mean much. Abundance and prosperity are energies.  What you do with what you have is more important.  Your perception is powerful.  Showing up for each other is powerful.  There is plenty on your planet for you to all thrive.  Suffering and struggle are lower vibrational energies.  There are forced focused on keeping the masses in lower vibrational energy.  Each must choose their path.  What do you want to feed?  You have choices for a reason.  You get to decide for yourselves.

The Light Keeper

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Health and Healing!

Your definition of healing and my definition of healing are different.  You view healing as going from “illness” to not having “illness.”  You view health as having everything working optimally.  I look at energy and flow.  I look at health as energy flow and alignment.  I look at everything being what it truly is.  Your perceptions shift perceived reality.  What shows up in your life is not a punishment.  It is an experience and you always have choices in your process and experiences.  Your physical bodies are only vessels to help you navigate your physical realm and experiences.  Take care of them as best you can but know they are not who and what you truly are.  Your bodies are part of your physical experience and they help you to follow what you spirit wishes to take on for this sense of reality.  Not everything is meant to be altered.  Some things are part of what you need for your soul.  You can change the things that are not meant to stay with you but you can’t change the things that you need.

God and the Light Keeper

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Strive To Love, Be Kind and Be Compassionate!

Suffering is not anything I ask of anyone.  I don’t seek to punish you.  Those who seek to punish any life form in my name do not know me.  My message to you is that I love all that is.  Each of you creates experiences.  Some are perceived as good and some are perceived as bad.  It is what you do with each experience that matters.  Use my name for love, kindness and compassion.  Do not blame me for the decisions of man.  War is not of my making.  Illness is not something I impose on you.  You are each given free will and choices.  You each bare responsibility for what you choose and create.  Strive to do better.  Strive to love, be kind and be compassionate.  Find what you are passionate about and do that.  Money and power are all part of alignment but they are not the goal, they are the byproduct.  Be who and what you are meant to be and you will have whatever you need along the way.  If you don’t know my plan, how do you know what you truly need for that plan?  How do you know who and what someone is meant to be?  Trust your life process and allow me to help you along the way.  You are never alone and you are always loved.

The One you Call God

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Learn To Work Together with Love, Kindness and Compassion!

Peace!  Let go of doctrine and love each other.  Be kind and compassionate to each other.  Fear pulls people apart but love brings you together.  You are all pieces of the puzzle.  Not all pieces fit together but in totality, you help make something beautiful.  See people for who and what they truly are.  See past words and see what people do.  You must be able to perceive past lies and find truth.  Many are really good at obfuscating the truth.  You believe the lies and discount the truth.  You must learn to move beyond that.  Truth matters.  People who deliberately lie should not be viewed as credible sources.  It is a time of evolution.  You can’t continue to allow people who only seek power for power’s sake to stay in control.  People who enjoy harming others have no business being in control.  You must each take back your own power. Stop following those who advocate violence as a means to solve issues.  You all need each other.  Learn to value the differences and work together in a respectful and honoring way.

The Light Keeper

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Look For Compatible Energy!

All that exists is energy.  Not all energy fits together.  It is like some elements are building blocks for energy and some disrupt elements.  You are looking for energies that are part of your building blocks.  Open your awareness and pay attention to what feeds your energy and what diminishes your energy.  This is another way of describing resonance and dissonance or what is aligned and what isn’t.  Just because something doesn’t fit with you, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with it.  It just doesn’t belong with you.  Each of you are looking for compatible energy.  Within all that is there are parts that are compatible with you.  Focus on that.  Draw to you what belongs with you.

The Light Giver

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Be Aware of Manipulations!

Be aware of manipulations.  When you feel something is off, trust what your intuition is telling you.  You might not see anything to confirm what you are picking up.  The confirmation may or may not come at some other point.  Many are becoming clever in their deceptions.  You must hone your intuitive selves. Be aware of what you feel.  Underlying agendas may be difficult to discern but it is important that you be aware of warning signs.  Be clear about who and what you are.  Pay attention to the energy of all that is.  Your awareness is key to what is developing around you and how to navigate it.  See people and situations for what they truly are.  Stop pretending that they are different from what they truly are.  It will make life easier.

The Light Keeper

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