June 2022

Be Willing To Change and Grow!

Peace Brothers and Sisters,

You will not fix, heal or change anything with the same focus and procedures that created them.  You need to be willing to grow and change yourselves.  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result never works.  Complaining without intending to do anything about a situation doesn’t work either.  If you feel strongly about something be part of the solution.  Look at your work and do that.  Let each person play their own part.  Humanity is working its way out of existence.  The focus on self will no longer work.  Shift your focus on the connection with all life and see what is needed.  You may end up being guided to only working on a specific piece but see what comes through and do that.  Ask the Universe or your Guides how you can help.  Open to the answer from there and proceed.

The Light Keeper

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Return to Being Who And What You Truly Are/Create Consciously!

Source what you truly are and return to being that.  The human experiment is winding to and end.  Stop pretending people are credible who keep lying.  People show you who they are, believe them.  Words and actions need to match for someone to be credible.  If their words and actions don’t match, watch what they do instead of what they say.  It is exhausting to be connected with those who lie.  That is not something you look for in leadership.  If those who only seek power stay in power, you can watch democracy’s crumble.  The only real reason to do public service is to help the public and your communities.  If you seek power for greed, you help no one.  Your earth needs you all to help it and protect it.  You must work globally to help each other and to help all have their needs met.  Each of you are creators.  You are constantly creating and those who are in poverty are also creating that.  Help those who are disempowered to create consciously.  We are not asking for you to create for them but to help them shift their creations into alignment with what they truly want.  When you are all consciously creating, you can have a very different world.  Retrieve and integrate your power and energy within you and through you.  You will know how to proceed from there.  Suffering is optional but many of you keep choosing it.  You can make different choices.

The Light Keeper

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Retrieve Your Fragmented Pieces and Energies!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

You have been fragmented to play your human existence roles.  This will no longer serve you or your missions.  Retrieve all of your fragmented pieces, memories and energy.  Integrate them and return to being your whole selves.  You will be able to do your real work again, once you do this.  You have been playing small, as a way of playing a role and fitting in.  You no longer need to play this role.  Mankind is on a trajectory of destruction.  Hiding and fitting in will no longer work.  Let go of all pretenses of being human and return to what you truly are.  It will help the planet you are on for you to remember why you were placed here at this time.  You must each do your true work and be your authentic selves now.

The Light Keeper

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Focus on What You Want To See Grow!

Those who seek to harm will continue to look for ways to harm.  See them for who and what they are.  Believe people, when they show you who and what they are.  It is their power strategy.  When you start a statement with don’t say _________ or don’t think about ________, you are feeding whatever is in the blank.  If you truly don’t want to feed something, place your energy and focus on what you do want to feed and grow.  Focus on growing peace, love, kindness, compassion or anything else you want in your life.  Everything is energy and your focus is a powerful creator.  Make the right choices for yourself.

The Light Giver

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Be What You Are Authentically!

Peace!  Each of you have a true self.  You are currently in the form of humans or other life forms.  They are not what you truly are.  It is time to remember what you truly are and be that.  The human games are not working for you.  Mankind has created elaborate games but they no longer serve.  Patterns are repeated over and over again throughout various incarnations.  Being your authentic selves will help break the patterns and return things back to what they truly are.  You no longer need Karmic loops but that only releases when you stop playing Karmic games.  You always have choices.

The Light Maker

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Vibrational Matches!

Peace be with you!  Blessings, our friends!  Think about what you want to be.  Turn that on within you.  You will attract what is in resonance with you.  That is the Law of Attraction.  You can only attract your vibrational matches.  Things that aren’t vibrational matches for you will not remain.  If you try to hold onto them, there will be conflict.  Be aware of that.  You are constantly attracting and you get to determine what fits and what doesn’t fit.  There is a process of learning.  When you are aware of what is a true vibrational match, you create more fluidly.  When you are constantly trying to make something be a vibrational match, you will have more dissonance in your life.  When you constantly collect things that are not vibrational matches, they will not fit with you.  Even with vibrational matches, you might have conflict at times.  You create what your soul wishes to experience.  Conflict occurs when energies are not aligned with each other.  Be aware of the energy you are with and how it fits with you.

The Light Council

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New Beginnings!

Peace and Greetings!

Here’s to new beginnings!  Retain your minds.  Take back your power.  Reconnect to your source.  You have felt separated for too long.  You have become entrapped in stories.  They are not for you to continue.  There is a massive shift taking place.  You must decide where you are willing to be.  Go back to your true purpose.  Be who and what you are intended to be.  Release your karmic loops.  Each existence and experiences are collected in your soul.  Let go of what no longer serves you.  That should free up a lot of energy for you.  Then, refocus your mind and energy to where it needs to be.

The Light Giver

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Words of Wisdom

Peace be with you!

Start with something and build from there.  You always need a foundation for everything. Each moment is new.  Trust your intuition.  If something feels off, it is off.  You will find change is constant.  When someone shows you who and what they are, believe them.  Watch out for anyone doing the hard sell or telling you only they can fix something.  There are always options.  Find what works for you.  Those of fear are grasping to hold onto power.  They hasten the divide.  The divide is accelerating.  Stay in your power!  Be clear about who you are.  Stop pretending those who are creating harm are powerful.  They are using the power of others.  They are not powerful on their own.  Remember that.  Remember to not get caught up in how things appear.  What you perceive as the physical is only one perceived reality.  There is much beyond what you perceive.

The Light Masters

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Do Your True Work and Help Save Life on the Planet!


We are observing mankind and what you do to each other and your planet.  If you wish to survive as a species and have an inhabitable planet, you must stop your pollution and do a better job of helping each other.  It is not about commerce but about survival of life on your planet.  Those who seek domination are leading your planet to its end.  You must each decide if you will work to help or to harm the future of life on your world.  You must pull your energy from those of destruction and work with those who heal to make things better.  All is energy and your focus will build or diminish the energy.  Start with your focus.  That will guide you in your creation process.  Open to your guidance to direct you.  Your light is powerful.  Shine it.  Be what you are designed to be and not what you have become.  Do the work you are meant to do instead of what others have told you to do.  It will all help your planet progress.

The Galactic Council

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The Importance of Energy Flow!

In the flow of energy, you will find your answers.  When you are in fear you block your energy and the flow.  That is why people of fear want you in fear.  It keeps you small and blocks you from your power.  You must make different choices.   You are ready to take your places.  You must each do your true work now.  It is time!

Open to the flow of your energy!  Be in the flow!  Feel the sense of expansion that comes from this.  You can then experience what you truly need to experience and create!

The Light Keeper

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