May 2022


Peace!  Observe!  Observe others and how you react to stories.  Observe how your body and energy reacts.  Observe when various things pop up and reveal themselves to you. Don’t try and change or fix anything.  Just observe it right now.  Be with people where they are instead of where you want them to be.  Be with yourself where you are instead of where you want to be.  After you have spent time with this observational phase, you can shift to where you would like to focus your energy.  Even observing energy alters it.  Pay attention to what you are thinking about in the specific observational phases.  Pay attention to your judgments.

The Light

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Open to Truth and See Things For What They Are!

Peace be with you!  You have been caught up in the illusions and stories you hear.  Let them go.  Open to truth.  See people and situations for what they truly are.  See beyond the smoke screens.  This is all merely constructs of experiences and perceptions.  You can alter your experiences in all that takes place.  Each of you makes choices.  Which choices serve you and which choices don’t serve you.  Spirits around you are all part of your experiences .  You don’t need to give starring roles to those meant to be bit players.  Each moment builds on the next moment.  The choices are yours.  Let go of what you no longer need.  The stories you tell are merely stories and your perceptions.  Stop allowing things to live inside you and rule you past their usefulness. Once you go through something you can choose to let it go.

The Light Brothers and Sisters

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Reset Your Energy! Be Authentic!

Peace! Know thyself!  Remember who and what you truly are.  Reset yourself.  Let go of all your attachments.  Release your beliefs in the way things should be or the way things are.  Your plan and the Universal plan are not the same thing.  You each need to create your experiences.  You might want to open to guidance and your inner map.  You can speak to your soul and your inner guidance systems to find what is the right answer for you.  Collecting and holding onto possessions will most likely not be your answers.  There is nothing wrong with having nice things and surrounding yourself with beauty.  Do this with what you truly value and appreciate.  Most things go back to simplicity.  Create from a place of focus and simplicity.  All the convolutions will often be in your way.  Focus on what is authentic to you.  That is where you will find your answers.

The Light Brothers and Sisters

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Peace and Focus!

Peace! Peace is our message.  All things are energy.  Your thoughts become your reality and your creations.  You are each a product of your thoughts and energy and the thoughts and energies of those around you and those who have taught you.  What you fed into your mind and energy fields constantly creates.  If you want to change what you are creating, you need to align with what you desire and focus your energy on that alignment.  Your focus, intentions and attentions are your power.  That is something that you have control over.  Work on redirecting your focus and attention where you want to create.  Peace!

The Light Brothers

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Expand Your Peace! Let Go of What isn’t Yours!

Peace! Expand peace within yourself!  Expand peace around you!  Release the energy you are carrying that isn’t yours.  Stop repeating stories that are negative.  Tune into high vibrations.  Send the planet love and support.  Open to your answers.  Let go of attachments to what you want the answers to be so you can receive your answers from a clear place.  These are some of our suggestions for ways you can help your planet and yourselves.  Help is always around you but you must invite it in and be open to it.

The Light Brotherhood

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Transitions and Changes!

Peace! There are events that have been set in motion to alter the planet you inhabit.  There are humans creating other events to deflect your attention into other areas and away from where your focus needs to be.  It is important for you each to bring your focus to where you need to focus and stop allowing your focus to be deflected and commandeered.  Learn to perceive beyond the noise.  There are forces around you prepared to help you.  Invite the forces meant to help you in.  Look at whether something raises your vibration or lowers your vibration.  Look at who and what is focused on raising your vibration or seeking to lower your vibration.  You know by the way you feel around them.  Don’t confuse what feels familiar with your answer.  Pay attention to the signs around you.  It is necessary for you to be aware.  Expand your awareness.

The Light

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Let Go of Trying to Control What You Have No Control Over!

Peace!  Let go of your conflicts.  Let go of your fears!  Open to the love that surrounds you.  Stand in your power.  There is so much around you that you don’t control.  It doesn’t change anything, when you try to control what isn’t in your control.  It will never work.  Focus on what is in your control.  Focus on your purpose and your work.  Let everyone do the work they are led to do and it all works out.  You can do your part to lower the global fear with your focus. You can decide to be your best self.  Those are the things you have control over.

The Light

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Moments in Time and Choices!

The future is just a moment in time.  It is not more important than this moment or the past.  Choices are important in this moment but they are also just a choice with consequences .  You must each decide who and what you wish to be.  Your choices bring you towards or away from your desired directions.  Even allowing someone to choose for you holds consequences.  If you want change, look at options differently.  Try different perceptions and make different choices.  Try them on and see what works best for you.  The mind that created something is not the same mind that changes something.  Find what works for you.  Be honest, so those around you can make the right choices for themselves.

The Light

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Find What is Right For You!

Peace!  You are constantly bombarded with the agendas of others.  Some person or group is constantly trying direct your focus.  They want what they find important to be what you find important.  Always watch out for the hard sales approach.  Those who use fear and pressure to convince you of something are invested in keeping you in fear and lower vibration.  It starts on the energy level and moves into your physical form.  It is past time to reset your energy.  Let go of all the noise.  Tune into where your focus needs to be.  Refocus your mind, body and energy.  Open to what your actual work is.  Create authentically.

We were just asked to address fear from physical attacks.  That is considered a reason to be in fear.  The problem is if you are in fear, you expand fear.  We recognize how violence and destruction create fear but that is its purpose.  You will shift the outcome by standing in your power and expanding your power.  We don’t view life and death as you do. We see the destruction as a means of transition and transformation.  Those of lower vibration want everyone else to be in lower vibration as those of higher vibration want everyone in higher vibration.  But you must each follow your own path and directions for your own journey.

The Light

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Rediscover Your True Work!

Peace!  Open to your true work.  Allow yourself to reconnect with it.  Let your energy flow.  Disconnect from the constructs around you.  Reawaken your energy being self.  Open to the path your energy needs.  Expand your awareness beyond the physical world.  The games of manipulation will no longer be interesting to you.  They are merely games.  Rediscover what is truly important to you and your journey.

The Light

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