April 2022

Be and Stand in Your Power!

Peace!  Be!  Humans are focused on doing but forget that you are human “beings.”  This doesn’t mean that you don’t do things.  It means you stop looking at everything as a race to get to the next place or opportunity.  Be where you are.  Find your rhythm and balance in everything.  Learn to stop making everything about reactions to what is happening around you.  Societies have built much around your fears.  Try rebuilding on your loves.  Stand in your own power.  Don’t worry about being the best at everything.  It is more important for you to bring your presence into whatever you are doing and your current moment.

The Light Masters

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Return to Your Authentic Selves!

Peace, Brothers and Sisters!

You must each be who and what you truly are.  That is what you are here for, at this time to find your way back to you.  Stop emulating other people or assuming something is better or worse about them or their lives.  No other life form is truly your competition.  Strip away the false constructs you have made related to other people or where you fit in.  Once you return to truly being who and what you are, you create authentically.  The level of fear creations is growing and you can help restore some balance by returning to your authentic selves.  The more of you who return to authenticity, the sooner you restore balance.  What you view as reality is merely a process.  Reality is subjective from our vantage point.  You have a better shot at finding your reality and truth by returning to your true selves!

The God of Light

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Heal Your Soul Wounds!

Peace!  Heal!  There are many traumas that your souls hold onto in your cellular structures and energy fields.  Heal these traumas from all directions of time and space within your cellular structures and energy.  Stop making decision from your wounded selves.  Focus on making decisions from your healthy, loving selves.  It all works out as it needs to.  What appears to be is just a façade.  Follow the energy.  Be with the energy.  You make better decisions when you just don’t react and you consciously focus on the healthy, loving decision.

The Light

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You Are All Love, Stand In Your Own Power!

Peace!  You are all loved for who and what you are.  Life is not a popularity contest.  Our wish for each of you is that you cultivate your happiness.  Let love lead the way instead of fear.  You are each gifted with free will so that you have choices that you make.  I watch as you seek ways to give over your power to those who don’t deserve it.  Retrieve your energy and your power.  Stand in your own power.  Ask for guidance in using your power but ultimately you are responsible for your own choices and creations.  When you each learn to stand in your own power, there will be no more victims.  When you each are in your power, those who seek to dominate others will no longer be able to do so.  You always have choices and now you must make your choices consciously.

The Light and God

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Life and Death

Life and death means something different to humans than it does to spirits.  You are all spirits but you forget that in human forms.  Spirits see physical life as just being on different sides of the veil.  Your sprit takes on different lifetimes and different forms.  You generate different experiences.  You look at your human experiences with judgments.  We only see experiences.  Don’t get caught up in how things appear.  Each experience holds something for the various spirits.  You need to let go of your various judgments.  You are greeted with love when you enter your side of the veil and when you leave your side of the veil.  You may not always be aware of the love we send you and you may be in human families who have a difficult time showing their love but the love is there.  Experience your life and work at being who you wish to be.

The Light

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Time to Evolve!

We are on the earth and around the earth.  We realize that the majority of humans don’t seek the destruction of life on your planet.  There are a select few who through their greed and need to dominate others are placing your planet’s viability in danger.  There is a need to contain such people to save life on your planet.  It is time to evolve or become extinct.  For those who choose to evolve, focus on evolving.  Your affirmation can be:  I evolve now.  You will activate your shifts and development by doing this affirmation.  It will help the souls who make this choice.  Those who make other choices will follow their paths.  You near the precipice.  Make your decision of which way you will go.

Members of the Galactic Federation

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Look Beyond Appearances and Check In for Your Answers!

Peace!  Our message today is one we have said before.  You look at something taking place and think it is your job to fix it.  You get caught up in what appears to be and you think you know what needs to be done without ever checking in.  It is vital that you step back and ask what you need to do to help.  Check in with what your work is.  From there you have a better idea of how to proceed.  The stepping back and tuning into your guidance is quite important. Making assumptions that you know best may not be the best answer to what needs to take place.  The answers you receive may not make sense to you but try them out and see where the lead you.

The Brothers of Light

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Intuitive Guidance!

Peace!  Seek truth!  See beyond propaganda and the noise. Tune into your intuitive guidance.  Release your anger and fear.  People use anger and fear to manipulate people into action but it is not always the best action.  When tuning into your intuition, make sure you are truly listening to your guidance and not just focusing on what you want to hear.  It can be easy to confuse the energies.  Once you get the hang of the difference, you will be set.  It helps to pull the noise out of the equation.  Breathe and open from a place of love.  You will know your right path.

The Light Brothers

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Energy Groups!

Your energy groups are not what you think they are.  They are cross sections in all that is.  It is based on energy and energy alignments.  Working with those of your energy groups is powerful.  It is a strong path of alignment.  Members of your energy groups may be of different species.  Tune in and connect with your energy group and members of your energy group.  Don’t worry about what that is specifically.  That will connect you with what you belong with.  It will help you make your work clearer.  There will most likely be a disconnect from your human existence.  Your needs will always be met through this path.

The Light Brothers

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Let Go!

Peace!  Let go!  Let go of what you have no control over.  Let go of trying to fix things, when you don’t even know what needs to take place.  Ask where your energy needs to be placed and you can focus on that.  There are many things out of your control.  Stop trying to control everything.  There are times when you just need to be in the moment.  Show up from a place of openness.  See what happens.  You will know what you need to do.  Your paths are changing.  The earth shifts are accelerating.  You help more by being in a place of openness and looking beyond appearances.

Uriah and the Light

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