March 2022

You have Everything You Need!

Peace! Everything you need is programmed inside you.  It is within your energy and your DNA.  It is just waiting for the right time to activate.  You, as spirits, come into the physical plane in the right timing and placement for what you need to experience or do.  Some of you ask to come in and some of you are sent.  All of you always have what you require to do what you are designed to do and experience.  You are not victims of circumstances.  You are co-creators of circumstances.  That is important for you to each understand.  Many are too willing to give over your power and to believe those who lie to you.  If you are honest, you can tell the difference between truth and lies.  You are ready to awaken, see and know the truth.  You are at the place of great transformation.  It is about to take place, whether you are ready or not.

The Light

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Peace! Messages are all around you.  You need to sit with the messages, as they come.  Try not to impose what you want them to be or mean.  Allow them to be what they are.  The meaning will unfold.  You may feel things in your body.  You may hear the messages.  You may see visions.  Your senses are communication centers for you.  The messages will come through your senses.  If the message isn’t clear, ask for more information.  Ask if the message is related to you or someone else.  You can ask questions for clarification.  Pay attention.  The learning process may be slow but you will find your ability to translate the messages will improve with practice.  For the empaths, you may feel experiences in your body that are intense.  Once you figure out who is going to have the experience, your body will feel better.

The Light


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Building Relationships with Your Own Team!

Peace, Brothers and Sisters and those who read our words.  We welcome you to our transmission.  You each have some being or energy who is attached to you to help you navigate whatever you invite them in to help you with.  Some of you have multiple beings and energies who are meant to work with you and help you.  You have only to invite them in to work with you and help you.  We notice that many of you think someone else’s team knows more than your own team.  Other teams are happy to help but know you will do better cultivating connection with those assigned to you.  Invite them in and cultivate your connection with your team.  As you build your connection and relationship, you will receive clearer information from them.  We also see many of you taking something on and then you spend time trying to get others to take over what you don’t want to do.  Do your own work.  Take responsibility for your own creations.  It is not for other people to do work that you created.  All the help is there for you and will show up, when you need it.  So, stop trying to assign who you want to take over or do aspects of your creation.  Everything you need is always there.  You just need to tune into your answers.

The Light Brothers

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Thoughts, Feelings and Belief Create!

Peace!  Watch and pay attention to what is taking place around you.  Notice what fears come through.  Look at what you control and what is out of your control.  What do you choose to feed?  The ways you focus, speak and think feed energy.  Even when you think a source is giving you information, it is feeding energy and expanding energy.  This is different from your intuition telling you not to go somewhere or to show up somewhere at a specific time.  Your intuitive guidance may protect you or help you be where you need to be, when you need to be there.  Think of what you would like to see more of in your life and focus on expanding that energy.  You are creating with each thought, belief and focus.

The Light

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Creation and Creators

Peace!  You all have the basics of creation.  You have a separation of your “spiritual practices” and your “lives.”  You think they are separate pieces.  In fact, everything you are and do is part of your spiritual practices and life.  If you look at everything through that lens, you would create quite differently.  Looking at all life as your spiritual family would also lead you to behave quite differently.  You don’t control those who behave through fear and greed.  They must find their own way.  You do make your own decisions.  You will meet those you are drawn to along the way.  Teach by being your aligned self.  Bring your focus to where your focus needs to be.  Spend time tuning in with your source each day.  Ask for wisdom to come to you.  You are each a powerful creator.  You are not a victim.  Many play victims and give responsibility for their life and actions to others.  You are each responsible for your actions and decisions, even when you give those decisions to others.  Choose wisely!

The Light Keeper

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Peace!  To the empaths out there, your gift can be challenging.  When you learn to discern what is yours and what belongs to someone else, you will find your gift gets easier.  There are times when spirits will connect with you whom you don’t know.  There is something about your energy that they see and it allows them to find you and be drawn to you.  You may feel something from them like what precipitated  their crossing over.  We realize this is intense for you.  The way to navigate the sensations is first make sure it isn’t your experience.  Check in and see if what you are feeling is for you to get help for.  If it is not yours, talk to what you are feeling.  Ask what the spirit needs.  This applies to living beings who show up and you pick up their energy.  You have the option of sending them away and you can definitely ask them to stop communicating to you by sending you pain.  Work with the energy that is showing up.  It will help you cultivate your abilities and navigate the experiences that are coming to you.

Noah and the Light

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Energy and Self Healing!

Dear Ones,

Everything is energy.  Pain is energy.  Fear is energy.  Love is energy.  Your focus, thoughts and beliefs are energy.  Start with what is in your control.  You are not here to be someone’s puppet.  You are all gifts and miracles.  Even when something shows up in your physical body or life, remember it is all energy.  You can speak and communicate with whatever shows up to understand its message and purpose.  All that is can communicate with you in some way.  You may not understand its message but it everything is always communicating.  Open yourself to learning from everything around you.

There is a time in your future where you will need to know how to self-heal and you may not have doctors or Western medicine, crystals or essential oils to use.  You have to work with what is around you and within you to heal.  Start working with what is around you and within you.  Start working on it now and you shall be ready for what is to be.

God of Light and Life


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Find your calling!

Peace! Today, we would like to help you find your callings.  Pay attention to what you are noticing.  What do you feel and pick up?  What are you passionate about?  What do you really enjoy?  What are ways you want to make something better?  Those are all pieces of the puzzle.  Up to this point, many of you have been raised by loved ones, gone to various levels of school, had some religious training, found jobs, dated and started or had families.  Those are all about fitting into families and your societies.  There have always been threads of your passions in the mix to various degrees.  Now it is time to rediscover your soul’s mission.  Your soul’s mission is your calling.  Be open to remembering what it is.  Ask your guides for help in remembering.  Your life is ready to change.  You will still create what you need to pay your bills.  You may continue to work in your day jobs or change to a better fitting job, as you need them.  Add your soul’s mission/your calling to the mix.  Your soul is probably seeking to get your attention to help you do what it needs.  It is time to open and listen.

The Light Brothers


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New Directions and Changes!

Peace! Take a step back and let go of all attachments.  Open yourself up to receive your guidance.  New directions appear and it is time to allow yourself to stretch and grow.  You will need to release your attachments to the old.  Changes will evolve and manifest whether or not you are ready for them.  The violence and domination behaviors are a huge clue that something major is taking place.  Those of lower vibration are trying to hold onto power and recruit as many followers as possible.  Those of higher vibration are learning to detach and put out high vibrational energy.  The schism between groups becomes more and more pronounced.  It is time to pick your side and decide who and what you are and will be.  We have our preference but you must each decide for yourselves.

The Light Teachers

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Energy Flow and Rhythm!

Peace! Many of you are in a place where you feel stuck and can’t move on.  Things have happened in your life that you can’t release.  This is a place of stagnation.  Stagnation can serve, when you are pushing to move on and the time is not right.  Even within this place you can find energy flow.  All that exists needs some level of energy flow.  It is necessary for all creation.  You are all energy.  Life forces a rhythm on you.  You must each find and return to your own rhythm.  That comes from a place of stillness.  Find what is you and what isn’t you.  Release what isn’t you. That will help you move on and be in your own energy flow.  If you pay attention, you will discover and be able to experience the energy flow of everything around you.

The Light

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