February 2022

Aligned Vibrational Matching!

Peace!  We are happy to be with you!  The world you see around you is a construct.  It is fueled by collective beliefs and thoughts.  You have organizations who fuel what is taking place.  Look at their fears and agendas to help you understand their motivations.  We tech that you must find alignment.  We also say to seek your vibrational matches.  You want alignment in all that is in your life.  You will still face challenges.  Energy is always flowing.  Your main question to everything is: “Is this an aligned vibrational match for me?”  It helps if you keep opening to your aligned vibrational matches.  You will know soon how to discern them quickly.  Your energy will find ways to challenge your commitment to living in alignment with your Source and in focusing on your vibrational matches.  The more you focus on these thoughts and ways of creating, the less challenges will show up.  You will find an easier flow of creation and manifestation and you will be happier with alignment and vibrational matches.  The reason so many create out of alignment and without vibrational matches is because that is what you have been taught by those around you to do.  You don’t need to continue this way.

The Light Masters

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Alignment with Source and Resonance!

Greetings!  We are honored to be with you!  Everything is energy!  All energy seeks its vibrational matches.  You are looking for resonance.  When you are around energy that is not your vibrational match or that is dissonant with you, you will not feel good.  It will feel off to you.  It doesn’t mean the thing not your vibrational match is bad, it just doesn’t belong with you.  Many of you have learned to discount your feelings.  You become numb.  That causes you to exist out of alignment with your source.  This form of existence will not work well.  Some of you feed off conflict but it is not conducive to having your best lives. Start with alignment with your source.  Then focus on attracting your vibrational matches.  Attract through resonance!  Stop discounting how you feel.  There are times, when you need to work through a conflict but it is not for the long term it is for a piece of experience.  Your energy constantly communicates with you.  Pay attention.  You will find things manifest much easier for you and you will be happier.

The Light

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Some Advice from Higher Realms!

Peace and Radiant Light!  Welcome!  We send you blessings!  Let go of suffering and your fear of lack.  Let go of those who impose their will and agendas on you!  Create your life!  Create what you need without expecting others to give to you.  You receive through alignment with what you desire and your beliefs and focus.  Do your work!  If you don’t know what your work is, ask those who work with you as guides to help you know what you work is.  Start with energy and expanding the energy you wish to see more of in your life.   From there see what you are drawn to.  Create and manifest your fondest, best life!

The Light Giver


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Message from Beings Around Our Planet!

Peace!  We are near the earth and around the earth.  We are observers to your planet’s evolution, as well as the evolution of our brothers and sisters among you.  There are many more advanced life forms that exist.  The earth’s life forms are not the most advanced life that is.  There are groups of beings who study all planets with life.  We study the different beings and we also seek to guide your evolution.  Some of you have advanced to be able to consciously create connections with those beings who guide you and work with you.  When we appear to you, we seek forms that won’t scare you.  But that is not how we look.  We choose names that will feel familiar to you.  Our true names and forms may scare some of you or seem out there to some of you.  We are not here to harm but to help those of you who are open to us.  Mankind is at a point of evolutionary shifting.  That is why you see so much fear and those in control trying to preserve the draconian ways, as if they have the answers.  Much of what you know on your planet is about to go away.  Release your fears of what is to be.  All will be as it needs to be.  Spirits will go where they need to go.

Wa Hah

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Transitions and Change!

Peace!  This is a time of transition and upheaval.  It is time when many will leave you planet in great numbers.  Beliefs will change.  The way societies operate will change.  Those who remain will be with each other quite differently.  A new species will take over as the dominant life form.  They bring new values into the equation.  Humans will find it difficult to be with this new dynamic.  Those of the light will be paired among this new group.  You will merge with this new species.  They will heal the planet and restore balance to this world.  Those of greed will not be able to manipulate or harm this new group of beings.  Those of fear will fear and those of love will love.  This new species will not tolerate fear-based ways.  They will work with those coming from love.  It is not for you to fear or respond with violence with this group.  Don’t get caught up in the way things appear.  Tune into the energy.  Connect to them through your hearts and love!

The Light Master


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Start with I Don’t Know!

Sometimes “knowledge” gets in the way of figuring out your answers.  People often think they know how something will be.  Think about something and be with the energy.  Let go of your stories and assumptions.  Start with “I don’t know.”  Be open to how your intuitive answers take shape.  We encourage learning and an openness to learning.  Your answers need to come with starting with the premise of “I don’t know” and go to openness.  You know what feels right for you.  It helps to stop coming from fear.  Come from a place of love.  Open to your answers and try them on.  Detach from the noise that surrounds you and be.  You will know what is right for you.  The answers only need to be right for you and those involved with you, unless you are solving for a bigger issue.  The answers will come for bigger issues with this process also.

The Light


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Energy of Your Space!

What does your home represent?  What do the areas in your home represent?  Feng Shui lays out a map of any physical structure.  But what if you just tune into your space and work with the energy in your space?  Ask it what it needs to support it.  Ask it what it needs to help support you.  Imposing energy doesn’t allow the energy to be or flow as it needs to.  All energy needs to flow.  Stagnation creates various issues.  Instead of exerting control over environments, work with them

The Light Teacher

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What do you want, when you are fully in your Power!

Peace! What do you want to do, when you are fully in your power?  What changes would you make to your life?  Don’t wait.  Move in those directions now.  It is not about waiting until a specific thing happens.  Make decisions of honor and integrity.  Don’t let fear and noise keep throwing you off balance.  Stop pretending those who perpetuate fear and violence are valid leaders.  One person doesn’t solve the problems.  You solve problems by working together.  You need to be part of solutions.  Yes, one of you can be very powerful in moving towards answers but you are more powerful working together.  Those who instigate violence are not in it to help but to destroy something.  Follow what is within you.  Return to your path.  Be your powerful self.

The Light Giver


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Creations and Desires!

Peace! What do you want to create?  What do you desire?  What are your stories and beliefs related to these things?  What you desire holds power.  Your stories and beliefs hold power.  Often people will ask for something but truly want something else.  They think what they are asking for is the way to  get what they truly want.  Find the basic energy of what you desire and create from there.  For example, people ask for large amounts of money, when what they want is freedom, security, a good life.  The meaning of that is different for each of you.  By invoking what you do desire, you can create it easier than working on the how.  Let go of any beliefs you hold on how to get what you desire.  It would be good to do this in a way that is in alignment with your source and authenticity!

The Light Brothers

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Reset Yourself to your true Energy!

Peace! Strip away everything and be in this moment.  Let go of your stories.  Let go of “what needs to be” and “that is just the way things are.”  Be with your energy.  Don’t judge or try to fix.  Tune into what you are and open to why you are here on this planet at this time. Wherever you live feeds your story.  Your spirit is in some part of its physical experiences.  You are where you are and need to be for some reason.  The stories and constructs of society can be part of it or a part that is in the way.  Return to your place of empowerment and create from there.’

The Light Maker


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