January 2022

Be your True Selves!

Peace!  Let there be Light!  Open to seeing beyond what is around you.  Remember what you are meant to be and be that!  Trying to be what you think you should be or what others expect of you is exhausting.  It is much easier to be what you truly are.  Be your authentic self.  Open up to the life you are meant for and not just what you have been conditioned to want.  You will find much more satisfaction in your life and all you do.  The opinions that matter are your own.  They impact you the most.  You must create and live your life.  Those who belong with you will show up and love you just as you are.  If you need to manipulate and convince someone to be with you, they don’t belong with you.  If someone is manipulating you to convince you to do something, you don’t belong with them either.

The Light


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Open to the New Ways!

Peace Brothers and Sisters!  Open to your new life and new ways.  Release attachments to the way things have been.  Reclaim your missing pieces and return to your wholeness.  Repair the fragments you have in your energy.  Be who and what you are meant to be and find your own ways of doing things.  What you need will show up on your path.  You can release all fears.

The Light


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Create your Best Life!


Humans are taught to want things and a certain lifestyle whether or not it is authentic to them.  It doesn’t matter whether or not something is what others want for you.  What do you and your soul truly desire?  Don’t create because another person thinks you should want something.  Tune in and create your best life.  You have no reason to pretend to be another person.  Your gifts, skills and talents are perfect for your life and life journey.  Be your true self.  That will be perfect for you.

The Light Keeper

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Souls Coming and Going

It will seem like the pace of people leaving your planet is accelerating.  The earth is about to do transformational work and the souls leaving are not meant to be here for that work.  You don’t need to worry about their souls.  Various ways will start showing up to move people off the planet in great numbers.  Your world and societies are changing.  We don’t share this information to place you in fear.  The comings and goings of spirits is something that happens on all planets, worlds, realms and dimensions.  The souls will be just where they need to be.  You are celebrated when you come and celebrated when you go.  Your focus is on the work that you are needing to do for the time you need to do it.  Play your part in the transformation and transition.

The Light Maker

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Quiet Time

Peace!  Take time for stillness and time to just be open.  Be in silence.  Allow yourself to be and breathe.  Find a time of day where you can consistently carve out this time.  Find a place where you can feel connected with everything and just be yourself.  This is something you do for you.  Let go of your agendas and to do lists.  Just be in this place for the time you set aside.  It doesn’t need to be a long time.  This is time for you to center yourself and focus yourself.  There is no real right or wrong way to do this.  This is time for yourself to be with yourself.

The Light

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Evolve and Grow!

Peace!  Life as you know it has changed.  Bring everything to its energy level.  Let your true energy guide you.  It is time you stop pretending that you are different from what you are.  Create from alignment and love.  Follow your journey.  You can study the teachings of others but find what works for you.  Do your work and live your life.  When you are on your real path, you will always have whatever you need.  The people and situations that are right for you are on your true path.  It is time for you to evolve and grow.

The Light Keeper


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Attachments and Expectations

In life, we get locked into attachments and expectations of who and what things should be.  There is an expectation of people being who they tell us they are or who we want them to be.  It is important to pay attention to alignment.  Do words and actions match?  If they don’t, you can’t trust the words.  Pay more attention to the actions and behaviors.  If you can see people for who and what they are without attachments, you will know better how to be with them or not be with them.  People show you who they are, even if they try to hide it.  You near the end of one stage and need to move into your next phase.  Letting go of what isn’t aligned with you is the way to go.  That includes people who don’t belong with you.  Pay attention to how things make you and your energy feel.  Trust what you are picking up.

The Light

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Peace!  Let your light and energy shine!  Be who and what you are!  Pursue what is in alignment with you.  Eat and drink energy that belongs in your body.  Only use products that belong on you or in you.  Pay attention to the resonance or dissonance of the people around you.  Stop collecting things because you think you should.  Find work and people that are in resonance with you.  Live your life to the best of your abilities.  Replace your decision of fear with decisions of love.  You can’t control what others do.  You can work on your thoughts and yourself.  You always have choices.  You are never alone.  Help is there for those who ask.  Help may just appear different from what you are expecting.  You will always attract what is in resonance with your true thoughts and beliefs.  You will attract what is aligned with where you are in your life.  Changes in thoughts and beliefs will change what you create.  Nothing is truly stagnant.  Sometimes you are in a still-point to regroup. You are always loved!

The Light


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Clearing Toxins and Preventing Toxic Energy in your Body and Life!

What do we need to do to clear ourselves of toxins in our bodies and energy fields?

Before you ingest anything, tune into it and ask if it belongs in your body.  Before you put anything on your body or use any products on your body, ask if it belongs on your body.  Ask if people or situations belong in your life.  The answers will be very helpful.  It prevents you from putting toxins in your body, on your body or around your body.  Imagine cleansing and purifying energy moving through your body and energy fields.  Release anything you are holding that isn’t yours to hold and send it back to where it belongs.  Pull out chords that don’t belong connected to you and send the energy back to where it belongs.  There are tools you can use like pendulums and muscle testing to help you divine your answers to these questions, until you trust what you are getting by just tuning in.  All of these questions will help you create your authentic life and energy.  They will also help you clear yourself of any toxins in your bodies and energies fields.  We want you to understand that something that is toxic for you, might not be toxic for someone else.  You are only focusing on the toxins you are accumulating for you in this process.

The Light Giver

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Focus on authenticity!  Create your home, work and life authentically.  You have nothing to prove to others.  You are not on the earth to be what others expect you to be.  You are on the earth to be who and what you are meant to be!  That comes from being authentic in all ways.  You hold your own gifts and talents.  Who and what you are is vital to your mix.  Be as you are.  Be what you are!  Create the life and work in alignment with your true self.  All aspects of your life should be from a place of alignment.  You are not here to fix or change others. Let those who belong with you be with you.  Release those who don’t belong with you.  Let that which is yours come into your life.  Release what isn’t yours.  Commit to creating from alignment.  Be in your energy flow.

Some good questions to ask are:  Does this belong in me? (for food, drinks and supplements)  Does this belong on me?  (for anything you put on your body)  Does this belong with me? (for people and anything else you want around you)  Is this for me or mine to be with?  (for anything that you are thinking of bringing into your life)

The Light Catcher

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