December 2021

Follow the Ways of Love and Light!

Fear not those of you who follow the ways of God, Love and the Light!  We are not speaking of theology.  We speak of the God of Love and Light and not one who judges anyone for being who they are.  Seek to develop peace and love within you.  Touch all with kindness.  Stay away from vexing humans.  It is not for you to change or fix others.  Each must be open to finding their way.  Each must make their own choices.  Soon you will see the divide grow more pronounced but don’t fear this.  Maintain your alignment and ask for clear guidance in navigating what is around you.  Open to your guidance.  We communicate through your senses.  Ask for clarity, until you understand the answer.  You are loved.

The Light Brothers

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Aligned Life!

Peace!  Tranquility! Take a moment and breathe!  Let go of your fears!  Let go of all attachments!  Be with the energy of your Source!  Just breathe!  Tune into the energy of your Source and experience it!  Notice any thoughts that come up for you and notice any shifts you are experiencing.  Look at what works for you!  Reconnect to your true purpose and work.  Follow your true path!  All that you need will be there.  That is how the aligned path and aligned life works.

The Norads

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Everything is energy.  It is all about the choices you make.  Who do you choose to be?  Who do you decide to spend time with?  What work do you do?  How do you treat people and other life forms?  Your choices help form your life and experiences.  They impact the world around you and beyond.  You were given freewill to see how you would use it.  We tell you to see people for who they are because it helps you understand the choices they make.  It allows you to know how you want to be with them.  Are they in alignment with what you are meant to be or choose to be?  If you don’t like what you are creating, make different choices.

The Light Master

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Brothers and Sisters,

Create through alignment with your Source.  Bring this alignment in everything you are and everything you do.  Allow those who belong with you to join you.  Release the control and allow the energy to flow.  Trust those who you are drawn to work with to do their work.  Allow the energy to flow.  If you hold tightly to the energy, it can’t flow, create and manifest.  When you are in alignment, you will know because your life will work through synchronicity.  You can release suffering and struggle.  It is simple, set the intention of being in alignment with your Source.  Allow it to be so.  See how your life changes.  See what you are drawn to and what you feel blocked from pursuing.  Work with the flow of energy and not against it.

We use the analogy of the car.  You can drive it, when it is out of alignment but it works so much easier, when it is in alignment.

The Light Keeper

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Return to Your Authentic Path!

Peace and blessings!  Go back to simplicity.  Tune into the energy around you.  Bring awareness to the energy.  All intertwines.  All is what it is.  See and experience all things as they are.  Remember your journey and your purpose for being on the earth at this time. What is your role to play?  Create from awareness.  Create from a place of light and love.  Not all sentient beings are on the path of light and love but we suspect that those who seek out or words are.  Attract those who belong with you into your life.  The earth is changing and you need to find different ways of creating.  Work with those you are drawn to work with.  Be your authentic self and shine that into the world.  Go on your authentic path and all that you need will be there.  Ask for help returning to your authentic path and it will be there.

The Maker

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Law of Attraction in Action!

Peace!  Let kindness in.  Pull away from the things meant to keep you in anger and fear.  What are you doing to create what you value?  If you are following a path of violence, you might want to re-evaluate what you are doing.  You should have other coping skills to work things out by now.  Each must decide to disengage with all of the anger and fear, if that is right for them.  Look at what is important to you and work on creating more of that in your life.  Pay attention to who people are and make your decision from there.  The collective beliefs are creating in a strong way.  You are not here to change them.  Be true to who and what you are.  Stay in your own power and give them back their fears.  If you want kindness and compassion, be kindness and compassion.  What you are, you attract into your life.

The Light Giver

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Stand in your True Power Now!

We send you the blessings of peace and tranquility.  Our wish is that you each reclaim your true power and stand in your true power now.  With all of the fear and anger around, you can choose a different path.  By standing in your true power, those of fear will have no control over you.  In past lives bad things have happened, when those of light relinquished their power.  Stand in the light and be what you are meant to be.  May the blessing of light shine on you!

The Godhead

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When you have trouble understanding someone’s behaviors or motivations, look at their fears.  Their fears are guiding them.  Voter suppression laws are because the people making them are scared they won’t be voted in without stripping people of voting rights and they add laws allowing them to override the results of any elections that they don’t like for the same reason.  They want control of the process.  They want power at any cost because of their fears.  Stripping women, various races and those who are “different” from them of rights is because they are scared that if all people and groups are afforded the same rights as them that they are somehow diminishing their own rights.  It denotes a great lack of belief in freedom and fairness for all.  They also harm themselves in the process.  The reason they fight against climate protection laws is they think they won’t make as much money on clean energy as they do on polluting energy.  What they are not putting in the equation is harming the planet will harm all life on the planet.  They will not be immune from the destruction.  How much money they have won’t matter. All decisions through fear tend to create more harm than they help anything.  That is why we ask you to reprogram yourselves to create through love.  You each need to decide who you are and what is important to you.

The Light

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Returning to your Path and Your Real Work!

Tune into energy that you are called to.  Ask how you may help.  If there are beings you are drawn to, ask how you may help.  Some of you may be drawn to the earth, nature, animals, people, the stars, a combination of various things or something else.  No matter what you are led to, ask how you may help.  You are asking your guides or the spirit of whatever you are drawn to work with.  Physical beings might not know what they need.  The current mantra of many humans is “what is in I for me?”  Better mantras are:  “How can I help?” “Let me work through love.”  You can disagree with others and not turn to violence.  You all have different journeys, so your perceptions will be different.  You can co-exist without harming others or your planet.  Fear is taking you off your paths.  Return to love and return to your paths.  It is time for you all to wake up from the illusions and patterns that no longer serve you.

The Light Keeper

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Work and Purpose!

Peace!  Each of you have your own unique work and purpose.  The first step in finding work and purpose and remembering them is to be your authentic self.  Seek what is buried within you.  Remember your true interests and passions.  Remember what is truly important to you.  That will help you find your way.  Once you are in alignment, you will rediscover your work and purpose. Being authentic will bring you into alignment.

Your earth is about to shift and it is time for you to wake up and do what you were truly brought here to do.  Your full self needs to come forth now.  It is also aligning to have mankind removed from the earth.  You will be reassigned to where you are needed next.  So, this is no cause for fear.  You still have time to do what you were brought here to do.  The common thread for all of you and your work is some form of energy work.

The Light Master

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