November 2021

Allow what needs to happen to happen!

The process of winning at any cost is a product of fear.  The people doing that behavior are focused on manipulation and control.  You see this with voter suppression laws or creating laws restricting the rights of others.  You also see this with laws forcing others to do what some group wants them to do instead of what is right for the individual or group.  You see this behavior when someone lies to a person or group to get them to be outraged about something that was made up.  The people doing this are not trusting the process or the outcome.  Manipulators are often not following their true path or purpose.  They often stop something from taking place that needed to happen.  Pay attention to when you are forcing an outcome instead of allowing what needs to happen to happen.

The Light

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Enjoy the Gifts in Each Moment

Learn what you find drawn to learn.  Find what interests you.  It is not complicated.  You have minds!  Use them!  You have interests, desires and passions!  Pursue them!  Develop what is within you.  Be in the moment and stop putting things off.  You have this moment.  The next moment is another gift.  Your life is full of teaching moments and gifts.  Appreciate them and value them.  Holding anger and seeking revenge is a waste of time and energy.  See people for who and what they are and decide how you will proceed from there.  It is not about changing others.  It is about finding your own path and creating your own life.

The Light

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Look for the Gift in Everything!

Peace!  Tranquility!  Breathe!  Take some time to fully reset!  Don’t just jump into the day.  Be where you are in this moment.  All things are energy.  Be with what is showing up and see what it is teaching you.  Humans look at something and hurry to fix it.  But what if there isn’t anything to fix?  There are markers and numbers and pain, which make you jump to action.  There are times where that is valuable but others where it doesn’t help.  When something shows up, ask it what it needs.  Don’t assume you know the answer.  Then, go from there.  Pay attention to the signs around you.  All can be used to teach you.  Look for the gift in everything.

The Gate Keeper


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Words and Actions Need to Match!

Peace!  There is a lot of misdirection and obfuscation going on in your world.  People are out and out lying about what they believe and stand for.  They think they need to do this to stay in power or to get others to do what they want them to do.  Words are not important, if they hide the opposite action.  Look at the action that people are taking.  That will show you what they are.  Also, pay attention to your intuition.  It will help you see through the screens that people are working behind.  It is much easier to be with honest people.  Their words and actions match.  You will find that things are less complicated.  Once someone has  shown you who and what they are don’t pretend they are something different.  Trust what you are picking up.  That is different from falling for lies and going to support someone who is manipulating you.  If someone is leading you towards violence and doing things that are based on anger, step away and rethink what you are doing.  Go back to alignment with your source.  Move towards higher vibrational living.

The Light Keeper

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Energy Navigation!

Peace!  You are not alone!  Holiday seasons can be difficult for those of you who feel disconnected from the people and world around you.  Tune into your source!  Connect with those who belong with you and your true source.  People often look in directions where they expect to find answers and they often forget that they might not be looking in the direction for what they seek.  When you open up for the answers, you will find them.  Expand your thoughts and focus.  See beyond what appears to be.  Your answers are around you.  They just might be different from what you expect.  So, when you ask for answers open to what comes through.  Ask for the answers to be clear.  If something shows up, you can tune in and see if that is your response.  We will not be offended.  We wish you much love and happiness.    Whatever shows up, we will be with you, for you and to help you navigate the experience.  Mankind often creates suffering but that doesn’t come from us.  If it is an experience you need, you will be helped through it.  Suffering is always optional for any experience.

The Light Keeper

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace!  In the US, this is a day of Thanksgiving!  Use this and every day to look at what you are grateful for.  What you seek you will find more of.  Where your attention and intention are focused you will find what you are focused on.  Let this be the beginning of even better things for you and your loved ones.  May you rediscover your power and true directions.  May you fully awaken into your magnificence.  May you shine in your life and world as the full source you are and meant to be.

The Light Keeper

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Ways to Change your Life!

Peace!  Let things organically create and manifest.  Your work is to be your best self.  It is not about changing others.  Start with looking at who you are and what you have become.  How would you change things?  Start with what you can control within yourself.  For instance, do you want to be more loving?  Are you always expecting something bad to happen?  How do you handle what you experience?  Those are things you can work on.  How can you use your experiences and reactions to create something wonderful?  Look at those aspects of you and your life and that shows you where to place your energy.  This is a process.  Life is a process.

The Light

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Creations and Manifestations!

What is it you want to create and manifest?  Think about it and focus on the energy of what you desire.  If you desire money, what do you want to do with the money?  If you desire love, how do you want to share that love with the other person?  If you want new relationships, what types of relationships do you want and what do you hope to get from them.  If you want a new job, what do you want from the new job?  All of this will help you create and manifest well and clearly.  Then, create a list of what you want to create and manifest and the impact you want from the creation.  Pay attention to how things show up in your life from this list.  You can fine tune things from there.  Start with statements like: I create and manifest _______ to do ______________.  The wording can change based on what you want to do and how you want it to affect you and your life.

The Light Keeper

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You Hold Great Value!

Peace! Tranquility! Breathe!  Your energy and existence effects the outside world, as much as those of any other energy.  You have the same influence as those of chaos.  What do you want to bring to the outside world?  What do you want to bring to your world?  Everything is energy and all energy is intertwined and connected.  All life holds great value and specific keys to whatever take place.  Don’t think you are unimportant because you actually hold great value.  Take back control of you and your environment.  Be clear about your values and what is important to you.  You make a difference, even when it is difficult to see it.

The Light Giver

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Thoughts on Choices!

Choices you make are key to everything you do and create.  Everything you experience comes from choices.  Your beliefs and thoughts are choices.  Allowing others to make decisions for you are choices.  If you don’t like something make a different choice.  Change your focus.  You hold responsibility for the choices you make or allow others to make for you.  Pay more attention to what you are doing.

The Light Master

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