October 2021


You make judgments on what you perceive as death.  You grieve the loss of all life, whether old or young.  You hold expectations for what the life was supposed to be.  We have some issues with that.  We don’t see death.  We only see a transition of energy from one form to another.  We see your spirit and energy for what it is.  It is neither male or female.  It is not old or young.  It is timeless.  Each spirit holds some purpose or reason for being where it is and when it is.  Love those around you without expectations.  Allow each spirit to follow its own path and journey, as is right for them.  Enjoy those who are with you, while they are with you.  Many systems are not what you assume they are.  Be there from a place of love and light.  Allow each thing to be what it needs to be for whatever time it exists.  You can grieve or mourn but take each experience for what it is in the moment.  See everything for what it is and not what you want it to be.  Celebrate your life and the lives of those around you.

The Light Keeper

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Things will show up as they need to and not always how you want them to.

Peace!  Place your control into the hands of the Higher Power.  When things are perceived to work out or not work out, there is a group of beings watching out for you.  You don’t know what the different experiences bring to the table or your life.  There are many things that you are not aware of.  Don’t assume you know how things are meant to work out.  When Something doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to, it doesn’t mean you are not good a manifesting.  It may just mean that it wasn’t right for you.  Something better will show up.  Look at ways to create through alignment with source.  Release your ego or the need to prove to others.  Follow your own path and know those who belong with you will show up there.  You also don’t tend to remember what your soul wants to experience and it may look different from what you assume.

The Light Giver

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Changes, Transitions, Transformation and Energy Flow!

Peace!  We see many who seek to fight against what is.  Changes are forming, transitions are taking place and transformation is occurring.  Yet, there are those who resist it.  Fighting against the energy shifts is creating more challenges for your world.  Part of the energy flow is the ability to flow with the energy.  You get to decide what you value and believe in but you can’t stifle the energy from doing what it needs to do.  The energy will find a way to flow and it will create transformation whether or not you are ready for it or open to it.  The transformation is accelerating.  There are a lot of quick decisions being made right now.  How can you reject what you don’t know or understand?  There is much that you are not privy to.  Remember that you are loved and you have powerful beings watching out for you.  So, assume what is taking place is related to the fact that you are loved and being watched over.

The Light Keeper

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Breathing Exercise!

Breathe in light and breathe out density!  Bring your focus to this breathing exercise.  It will help you with your transition and your transformation.  Another way of doing this exercise is to breathe in high vibration and breathe out low vibration.  This will help you shift your energy and life right now!

The Gate Keeper

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Return to Authenticity!

Peace!  Breathe!  Detach from what is around you and remember what you truly are.  Remember what you truly value and what is important to you.  How would you change your life?  What are you collecting that no longer belongs with you?  Release what doesn’t belong with you and create space for what does belong with you.  Release what isn’t authentic to you and return to your authenticity.

The Light and Norads

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Connecting with Those You are Meant to Work With!

Many of you have experienced a sense of disconnect from your guides and the beings you are used to working with.  There were disconnects happening because of all of the denser energy taking over and the anger and fear in your plane of existence.  It is time to re-establish your connection with whomever is meant to work with you.  Do this by inviting whomever you are meant to work with in to work with you, connect with you and communicate with you now.  Before you do this request, clear yourself of your fear and anger and open to the flow of communication between you and those you are meant to connect with and work with.

The Light Giver

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Energy Flow!

I have been dealing with a lot of water energy issues in my home in Florida.  This morning, I started the channel by tuning into the message of the water.  So, here it is.

Water flows!  It is simply the way it is.  If it is blocked, it looks for a way to flow.  It might create flooding, if it is too contained.  If it is stagnant, it becomes unhealthy to drink or use.  When it flows, it becomes healthy for life.  Humans are not different.  You are energy and you need to flow.  When, you don’t have an energy flow, you become unhealthy and your life is worse.  Bring your focus to your energy.  Then, focus your mind on creating energy flow and allowing your energy to flow.  The pain you may experience comes from energy stagnation.  You can shift pain and swelling through energy flow.  You may require other help but start with focusing on your energy flowing.  The reason you might need other help comes from how the energy stagnation impacts you or your life.  What you create, you have the power to recreate.  Your focus is power.  Life is a process.  So, don’t worry when you find something doesn’t work for you.  Know there are many other techniques to try.  This is just one thing for you to work with and work on.

The Light and the Water

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Return to Being your True Selves Now!

Most of you have been altered into products of your society, communities, family and friends.  It is time for you to return to being your true selves.  Remember who and what you truly are.  Return to being your true selves.  Remember what you are passionate about.  Remember what is important to you.  Find your joy and happiness.  Rediscover your true gifts, talents and abilities.  It is important that you remember these things.  Your world doesn’t need souls that comply and work at fitting in.  Your world needs you to be your true selves and bring your true gifts, talents, abilities and skills into the equation.  The time for hiding your true selves is over.  Stand in your power now!

The Gate Keeper

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Experience the Place of Emptiness!

Peace!  Look at the void.  Examine the place of emptiness.  This is the place that just is.  There are no agendas or overwhelm.  It is a place of existence.  We know this place scares many of you.  You think of life as a need to be constantly in motion and busy.  The value you place on things is how much you do or get done.  There is value in doing but there is also value in being.  You have no real competition.  That is a false construct.  You each have gifts, skills, talents and abilities.  Work with those.  Connect with those who belong with you.  Stop collecting those who don’t belong with you. You really do know the difference between who belongs and who doesn’t belong with you.  Find the place of emptiness, potentials and possibilities.  Create from this place.  There is great change coming into your world.  This will help you with what is about to be.

The Light Giver

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Follow your Passions and Interests!

Peace!  What are you truly interested in?  What skills are you drawn to develop?  What have you always wanted to learn or do?  What keeps you from developing these skills and learning what you are interested in learning?  We encourage you to follow your passions.  You never know where they will lead you or how the knowledge and skills may benefit you or your life.  People too often dismiss their intuition.  Pay attention to what you are receiving within you.  You are on your own journeys.  Whatever you need will always be there.

The Light Keeper and the Galactic Forum

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