September 2021

Thoughts to Help You on your Journey!

Start with retrieving your power.  Many of you have been giving your power away.  It has been causing a great disconnect, which is adding to the dysfunction of the earth.  Then, ask that your purpose and work be revealed to you or present itself clearly to you now.  Ask whatever energies or beings meant to work with you to come in and work with you and communicate with you in a way you can clearly understand.  Disconnect from the toxic flow of energy.  Clear the toxins and fear from your energy.  Various things are showing up now to help you on your way.  It may not look good on a human level but it will help you get to where you need to go and be.  Return any energy that you are holding that isn’t yours to where it belongs.  Be your authentic self.

The Light

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Tuning In!

Peace!  We are gathering around the earth from other galaxies, worlds, realms and dimensions to help ascend those ready to ascend and to help in this vital transition.  Those of you who wish to help can do so by adjusting your focus to the God Force, Light and Love!  Check in with your guides and see if they have a specific focus for you within this or something different from what we gave you.  Spend time tuning into yourself and that energy.  From there you will receive further instructions.  We know you want awareness of what others are doing but they are most likely on a very different trajectory than you are.  It doesn’t help you or us to give them so much attention and energy.  This discord you are feeling is an indication of your need to refocus your mind into something more aligned with your true purpose and path.

The Light Giver

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Religion God would create!

I asked the question about what type of religion God would create and this is the answer I received:

If we were creating religion, it would be love and compassion.  You would create community to celebrate the good and support each other through challenges.  You would open to your connection to the earth, the stars, planets and all life.  You would practice respect for all that is.  All aspects of a punishing God would be released.  You would meditate and tune to love, compassion, kindness, joy, happiness.  You would create lives with true values.  Abundance, prosperity and thriving for all would be in the thought process and tenants.  When you harm another or yourself, say you’re sorry, learn from the experience and do better in the future.  When you try something and it doesn’t work, try something else or try it in a different way.  Your lives are gifts of love no matter how your story unfolds.  You each have freewill and choices in what you create and experience.  That is also a gift of love.  That is the religion and practices we would have as your foundation and moral compasses.

God and the Light

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Suffering Thoughts

We have been asked about our views on suffering.  We don’t see the need for it.  You can go through experiences without suffering.  You can learn without suffering or making others suffer. We don’t see it serving much of a purpose.  Religious rituals that are about deprivation or punishment do not bring you closer to God or make you more worthy of ascension.  You can repent and learn from what you do wrong without needing to suffer or harm another.  We understand there are some crimes where the perpetrator needs to be removed from society.  You are not rehabilitating the perpetrator by doing this or using violence against the perpetrator.  You are just removing them so they can’t harm others.  We would prefer rituals of love, kindness and compassion.  We would rather you treat others with love, kindness and compassion.  You each have your own journeys and challenges without adding pain and suffering to the process.  We always say suffering is optional.  It is not preferred by us.

The Light


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Focus, Intention and Attention

Peace!  Look for the miracles that are around you.  What you look for, you will find.  It can be hard to remember that concept when others are foisting their agendas and fears on you.  Look for the beauty and gifts in your life.  What are you grateful for?  What do you value?  As you look for those answers, you help create more miracles, beauty and things to be grateful for in your life.  The balance is out of whack because of the noise.  Those determined to lower the vibration of the earth are loud  They gain power by their attacks and fear.  You see this globally.  You think you need your focus on them to have awareness of what they are doing. This focus on lower vibrational behavior will only get in your way, if your intention is to be higher vibrational.  Your focus, intentions and attentions are where your power lies.  Take back your power now!

The Light and the Galactic Federation


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Twists and Turns of Life!

Peace!  Life has many twists and turns.  You learn to roll with them and navigate them.  It happens no matter what.  It helps in navigating all aspects of life, when you are in alignment, in your power and in your flow.  Approach all that shows up with an openness.  Pay attention to your senses and awareness.  Open to your path showing up and take each step on your path.  You will get where you need to go.  The construct most of you currently live in are diversions from where you need to be focused.  Step back from all of the noise and see where it takes you.  Guidance is there for those who ask for it.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and open to the answers.

The Galactic Forum


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Your Power!

Are you in your Power?  The answer might surprise you.  Tune into the energy of your power and see how it feels.  Is it flowing?  Is it stagnant?  Can you feel it?  Most of you have given your power over to others.  You allow others to set agendas for you and to decide what you should be doing and how you should be.  You allow others to define you.  You have separated from your authentic selves and your energy is stifled.  Tune into your power and allow it to flow and grow.  Allow yourself to feel and experience your true power.  Start working on this process.  When you are in your power, what differences do you experience?  What are your priorities?  How does your life work?  It is time to reclaim your power and to stand in it.  Create from your powerful selves instead of allowing yourselves to be less for others.  You are meant to be powerful creators.  You have just forgotten who and what you really are.

The Light Guard

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Focus and Awareness

Peace!  Cultivate and focus on the energy you want to expand in your life.  Tune into the energy through your different senses.  Don’t rush this process.  Allow the energy to flow and grow within you and around you.  Your focus is key to your creating.  Your senses are key to your awareness.  Remove yourself from all of the noise.  Redirect your focus and energy to where it needs to be.

The Light

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What Type of World Do You Want to Help Create?

Peace!  What type of world do you wish to live in?  What gifts and talents do you bring to the table?  Are you adding to the world you want to live in or are you satisfied with the status quo in  the world that is?  Are you utilizing your gifts and talents?  Think about the answers to these questions.  Many profess to want a world of peace but they add to the anger and fear. Many expect others to fix the problems they see so they complain without doing anything about the issues.  Violence will not solve the issues.  Complaining does little to help solve anything.  You hold no control over other people.  Each of you must make your own decisions.  You are each responsible for being who you wish to be and creating the life that you came here to experience.

The Galactic Forum

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Seek Verifiable Truth and Source Your True Self!

Peace!  Seek verifiable truth and not just opinions.  Seek credible sources.  Just because something is printed, doesn’t mean it is true.  You are products of conditioning.  You are products of your families, friends and societies.  Source your true self.  Remember who and what you truly are and create from that place.  Follow your journey and not the journey and path imposed on you.  Pull away from the noise meant to keep you in your place and block you from your true powerful self.

The Galactic Forum

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