August 2021

Asking for the Appropriate Help from the Appropriate Beings!

Life comes and goes.  Moments come and go.  Learning to be present and showing up in the moment is important.  Assigning who is meant to do what for you is not as productive as allowing the right being to help you.  We speak here of people who tell God or Angels or any other type of people, life form or energy what to do and how to do it.  There are many other types of life forms that exist.  They help those who call in help.   The payment we ask is appreciation for the help and a willingness to help others.  Pay attention to the assistance that is being requested and don’t impose what you think they need or want.  Listen to the request.

Think about what you want help with or need help with and then ask for help from the appropriate being, life form or energy to come in and help you.  Then, give thanks for the assistance.  When you feel drawn to help another person, being or energy, do so with an open heart.  As we help you, there are other who will need your help. Opening to the appropriate help works out much better than assigning who is supposed to do what.

The Light and the Galactic Forum

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Peace!  Start by being with energy without judgment.  Breathe!  Feel the energy!  Experience the energy!  Does it fit with you?  What do your senses tell you?  Notice how you experience it.  What happens when the noise and chatter enter into the equation?  Realize you can go back to the base energy.  Next tune into what you need to focus on related to your own energy.  This process will help you navigate whatever is taking place or showing up.  It allows you to step back and view what is happening from a different perspective instead of just reacting.  It doesn’t need to take a long time to do this.  It helps you find clarity.

The Light Giver and the Galactic Forum

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Remember Who and What You Truly Are!

Peace!  The time has arrived for each of you to remember what you truly are and to return to your true paths.  The time for hiding your light is over.  Each of you must step into your power and be what you are intended to be.  Part of the experiment of humanity was to hide more evolved souls among less evolved souls and see what happens when you can’t remember what you truly are.  We have seen what we needed to learn from this.  Innately, you are what you truly are within constraints.  You are just blocked from certain aspects of yourselves.  You soon will remember and move back into your place and purpose.  Each must decide the direction that you traverse.

The Light Giver

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Vortexes are energy centers that appear like a fixed tornado.  Those of you who are on certain pathways will find that vortexes will show up in your vicinity.  There are other areas of your world where vortexes have been planted for people of that region.  For those of you who feel drawn to do this, tune into the vortex near you or the vortex that you are meant to connect with and connect with it.  Feel its energy.  By doing this, you will help align your energy and be able to tap into your power and reclaim your power.  You don’t do this from a perspective of trying to drain the vortex.  You do this as a way of becoming part of the vortex or one with the vortex.  Then, you charge the vortex and the vortex charges you.  As you do this process, you will find that your true path and purpose becomes more evident and clearer.  You will also create through alignment.  You will have a better sense of what belongs with you and is yours to have and create.

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Create Investments and Savings through Love and Joy!

Brothers and Sisters,

Live in this moment.  The future is unknow.  You can’t plan for it.  In the old ways you worked and saved to retire and have fun.  You focused on struggling and suffering.  You can still save and invest but do it from a place of joy and love.  Use your savings for future potentials and also enjoy this very moment.  Be kind to each other.  Find peace and kindness within yourself.  Stay away from vexing people as much as you can.  Like attracts like.  The more peace, joy and love you bring into your life, the more you attract into your life.

The Godhead

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We are learning that we can only help humans evolve up to a certain point.  We have implanted more evolved genetics into your species over the centuries, in hopes of helping you evolve.  We find that many of humans keep going to fear as the fallback way of maintaining control.  It has never really worked but it is the pattern that many sustain.  It keeps you from the bounty of the earth and sharing with your brothers and sisters.  Draconian ways only create destruction.  The current path will end the human experiment.  For those of you who wish to evolve, you need to detach from the fear.  We know that you feel you need to be aware of what is happening globally.  Take care of things like getting vaccinations for COVID and doing what you need to do to help keep yourself and others safe.  But, don’t let that be your only focus.  When you say no to the fear, you can focus on other things and create from there.  Be in the energy flow!

The Light Keeper

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Trust Internal Knowledge!

Many of you are focused on figuring things out and trying to fix things.  Many seek to take charge and control. You do this without understanding what might be taking place or forming.  There is no or little trust in the perfection of each soul and each journey.  You haven’t worked on teaching people to create for themselves and on teaching people to stay in their power.  Look at children.  They hold much wisdom.  They only need help in figuring out how to navigate your world and the keys to remembering how to learn.  All of you have very strong likes and dislikes.  Trust that you know what is right for you.  You don’t need others to take over for you.  There is cause and effect.  You may try things and be aware they lead to outcomes.  You are not victims of life.  You have power.  You also have help but you need to ask for it and open to the appropriate help to come through.

The Light

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Energy Transmitions

What do you want to bring into your world?  Create a list of what you want to project.  Then, spend time transmitting that energy through you.  This is not about trying to fix or change others.  This is about helping you to focus on what you want to be and bring into your life.

The Gatekeeper and the Galactic Forum

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Be Your Creator Self!

Peace!  There is a lot of attack energy in your world right now.  The fear level is rising on your planet.  People are always looking at who to blame for any of the problems they encounter.  You are not victims.  You are powerful creators.  If what you are creating isn’t working for you, create something else.  Look at where to focus your minds and energies.  Go back to your own power and stop trying to expect others to use their power to fix your life.  That is your job.  You view religion and God as someone to fix whatever isn’t working for you.  We have the ability to do so but it is better if you shift your energy and focus and create for yourselves.  If you need help, ask for help.  Guidance will be there for you.  Start by pulling away from the chaos and attack energy.  Let go of your fear and access your power from within.  Breathe into you power and open to your energy.  Now, you are in a clear place to create.  Focus your energy on what you want to form.  You are not trying to force the creation.  You are connecting with the energy and allowing it to form.  What shows up will help you fine tune what you need to focus on and refine in your creation.  Creations must be in alignment with what you want to create and manifest.  You need to retrain yourself on how to focus and create.  Pay attention to what is in alignment and what isn’t.  Use your senses to guide you.

The Light Bringer

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Stay in your own Power

Be with energy.  Most of you are in a rush to change whatever shows up without first being with it.  Understand the creation and how it serves you or the situation.  Creation looks for ways to fill a vacuum of space or need.  Some energy is looking for the vacuum, so it can jump in and fill it.  We know your world is looking in horror as the Taliban took over Afghanistan so quickly.  There was no other group moving to step in to lead the country so the Taliban seized the chance to take over.  Domination is the leadership that region understands. The US is fighting that same type of leadership trying to take over the governance but there are other more preferable leaders in the mix who are able to step in.  When you step out of your power and give it to others you assume they have your best interest at heart but that is rarely true.  Most seek control so they can have more than others. When you take things back to the energy level, it all makes more sense.  Hold onto your own power.  Stand in your power!

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