July 2021

Let Go of What Could Be!

Peace!  Let go of your worry about what is to be.  Many of you fret over what could happen.  You go into the worst-case scenario.  You expend a lot of energy being focused on the harm that can befall your loved ones, the earth or any other scenario. The worst-case scenario could happen or it might not happen.  The worry doesn’t help you fix what is to be.  We see many who are hoarding food because they feel there will be droughts or lack of supplies.  The hoarding won’t make things better.  Keep your sense of love for those around you.  Be willing to help those around you.  Whatever takes place, you are not alone.  You have much love around you.  You will know what you need to do to navigate whatever takes place.  Focus on how you may be of assistance to whatever realm you serve.  Ask what you need to do to prepare for whatever is to be and you will receive your answers.

The Light Giver


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Be your Authentic Energy!

Peace!  Be brave.  It is difficult to be in a world where there is so much anger and manipulation.  Many of you are not from such a way of existing so this world is often much too intense for you.  You must separate yourself from the lower vibrational energy.  Those are not the ones you were sent here to help.  Tune into the energy that you are meant to be. Bring your energy back to that.  When you feel like you are being drawn off course, bring yourself back to what is the right direction for you.  Take time to breathe and re-center yourself.  The chaos may still be there but it will not affect you in the same way.  Be what you are meant to be.  You know longer need to pretend to fit into the world around you.

The Light Keeper


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The Importance of Authenticity!

Be who and what you truly are.  When you are authentic, you create authentically.  You also will draw to you what is yours.  When you pretend to be what others want you to be or you think others want you to be to fit in, it is hard to connect with what is yours because of the smoke screen you have created.  You will find your people, work and life through authenticity.  You have no true competition.  People are taught to put on a show to get something but that is manipulation created through fear.  Create authentically.  You will be happier.

The Light and the Galactic Forum

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Self Healing When Needed

Peace!  Breathe!  Release your tensions and your energy stagnations.  When something is showing up in your body, first tune into it and ask it what it is there to show you or teach you.  Then, be with the energy.  Don’t focus on the energy as being wrong or bad.  It is just energy and your thoughts and the energy inside it are helping to create whatever is showing up.  Hold space for it to be what it is.  We are not opposed to medications or vaccinations.  We are not opposed to surgeries.  There are times when that is the way to go.  There are also many times where you can help your own body heal.  Don’t be afraid to seek medical help. Just tune in and see if the advice is right for you.  We are trying to prepare you for a time where medical help may not be an option.  You need to know how to work with the energy in your human form.  It is good for you to come back to your own power.  Make the decisions that are right for you.  Also, pay attention to how your decisions impact those around you.  There are differences for those in physical forms and those who are in pure energy.

The Light Gate Keeper

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Energy Alignment!

Peace!  There is much in your earth that feels daunting.  Many people worry about survival.  There is a constant fear of not having enough or not having what you need.  Some worry about outcomes.  The what if syndrome can add to fear.  Fear creates the road blocks from what you are meant to have or be.  Be yourself.  That allows you to attract what is yours to have.  Before you focus on creating something, make sure it is something you really want or desire.  Make sure it is in alignment with your soul’s journey and what your soul wants to create.  Let go  of your fear and worry.  Instead, open to the energy that wants to be with you and work with you.  Pay attention to your senses with what shows up.  If something doesn’t feel right, you might be experiencing where you are blocking your energy flow.  You attract based on your energy and limitations you impose on what you think you are allowed to have and create.  So, when something or someone shows up that isn’t right for you, it is because of the energy calling resonant energy or where you are in the moment.  If the energy is not in alignment with you, you need to return to your authentic energy alignment and then what doesn’t belong will go away.

The Galactic Forum


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Transitions and Priorities!

Peace!  Find your truth.  Remember what it truly important to you.  Reset your priorities to be in alignment with what is important to you.  There is a movement to keep humans in fear.  Let go of that energy.  Release your worries.  This is not where you shall remain.  You are nearing the end of this part of the journey.  Many of you will soon be reassigned to other worlds, realms and dimensions.  Various things and situations shall arise to facilitate your transitions.  You need not worry.  Be in the present moment and look at where your focus needs to be.

The Galactic Forum


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Tune into your True Energy Fields

Peace!  Many of the problems with man and society are connected to ego and a desire to control others.  There is an attachment to things being done a specific way.  You need to release that attachment.  Be in the flow of energy.  Allow the energy to be what it is.  You need to let go of your need to control specific outcomes.  Let go of your connection to your physical forms.  Allow yourself to be your true energy self.  Tune into your energy and pay attention to its flows and stagnations.

The Galactic Forum


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Pay Attention to the Messages Around you!

Peace!  You are each barometers.  You must awaken your senses and pay attention to what they are revealing.  Your bodies also hold great messages and wisdom for you.  You must learn to pay attention to the messages you are receiving.  Shut off the external noise around you.  It makes it easier to tune in.  Be what you truly are.  It is time to awaken and be what you truly are.  It is time for you to do what you are meant to do.

The Light Givers and The Galactic Forum


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Shifts and Changes

Peace!  We gather around to observe our brothers and sisters and humanity.  We are watching your progression and regression.  This next piece is more about helping our brothers and sisters relocate to where they can be useful.  You will find it is less stressful where you can do your work with less resistance and push back.  The earth will regenerate from the damage of man but man will not survive the process.  Souls will stay or go.  The souls won’t be destroyed.  They will be reassigned.  The different realms and dimensions connected to your planet will be impacted but not in the same way as your perceived reality.  We realize this message will be intense to most of you but awareness will help you shift your focus where it needs to be now.  Focus on what comes through for you to focus on.

The Galactic Forum


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Returning to Authenticity!

Peace!  The truth will reveal itself.  Let go of all of the noise and the fears.  Detach from the chaos.  Find your center and connect to your place of power.  Be with your energy in its purity.  Start from this place for your next phase.  This will help you return to your authentic selves.

The Galactic Forum

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