January 2021

Changes Taking Place

Peace!  There is an acceleration of change taking place.  There are many disturbing events taking place.  Your sense of urgency is to step in and redirect the changes.  You need to come at this from a place of being in alignment and being in your power.  Man needs to understand cause and effect.  The collective is supporting the issues taking place.  You each hold great power and you need to understand how to wield it.  Institutions hold power because collectively you decide to give them power, as a society.  You do this with an agreement that they work for the people they serve and the betterment of your societies.  When they stop serving the people they represent, it is okay to pull their power and recreate a different system that actually serves the collective.   This isn’t about violence.  You can say no to what doesn’t work for you.  You can say no to violence and to laws that no longer work for you.  Stand in your true power.  Your true power comes from a higher vibration. Contribute lovingly to the world you would like to see.

The Light Giver


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Strive to be Your Best Self

Peace!  Let your light shine.  The world needs more light.  Be who and what you are meant to be.  Don’t try and imitate another.  Your gifts and talents are perfect for you and where your journey needs to go.  You don’t have any real competition.  You don’t need to play dysfunctional games.  You would not be here, if you didn’t have something to contribute and bring into the mix.  Sometimes, you just need to figure out what that is.  You are not here for a popularity contest.  Live a life you can be proud of.  Look for ways to bring your full self to the mix.  The time for hiding is past.  You will attract much easier, when you are your authentic self and others will know how they fit in or don’t fit in with you.  Look at each moment as the only moment.  You don’t know what will come next.  So, be in this moment and experience.  Always bring your best to whatever you do.  Strive to be your best self.  There is way too much mediocrity in the world and people who pander to the lowest energy forms.  You have no need to be that person.  Attract what is yours and belongs with you.  You will be much happier!

The Light

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Reset, Evaluate and Be Where You Need to Be!

Peace!  This is a time to reset and evaluate your life and choices.  What feels like alignment?  What feels like a disconnect?  Are your choices helping you be your best self?  What helps you find the best in you?  Look at when you are your happiest.  You can’t control others but you can find what is right for you.  Find the people and energy which belongs with you.  You will know when you find them.  There will be a sense that comes with the connection.  You will find your way.  Many light workers are placed in areas where they feel a disconnect and cut off.  You are placed where you are assigned for some reason.  All light beings are part of a matrix.  You each need to be where you are needed.  You can connect with your beings who belong with you wherever you are.  Focus is the key to finding your way.

The Light

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